Saratoga Farms freeze dried foods

Saratoga Farms
Gourmet Freeze Dried Foods for Preparedness

What's in your prepper's pantry for variety? Saratoga Farms
offers a boost to your current supply of freeze dried foods with
new meal ideas, such as peaches and cream oatmeal for
breakfast, and Oriental Sweet and Sour for dinner.

Saratoga Farms breakfast, lunch and dinner varieties is a
welcome gourmet addition to your prepper's pantry:

Breakfast Selection from Saratoga Farms

  • Saratoga Farm Peaches and Cream Oatmeal, pictured at
    the top left of the page. Something different for breakfast
    from Saratoga Farms is the sweet addition of peaches to

  • Saratoga Farms Granola with Milk & Cinnamon Apples.
    Pictured at the bottom of the page, Saratoga Farms
    granola will be a welcome additon to your pantry. This
    breakfast granola is immersed in a creamy cinnamon milk
    and doused with cinnamon apple bits.

  • Saratoga Farms Granola with Milk and Blueberries: A
    granola  chock full of blueberries and milk tastes great hot
    or cold. For a flavor that's extra creamy add milk instead of

  • Saratoga Farms Creamy Wheat: Feel like a kid again
    with Saratoga Farms Creamy Wheat breakfast. Creamy
    Wheat Cereal is just as healthy as traditional oatmeal and
    will add variety of texture and flavor to your prepper's
    pantry. Try mixing dehydrated strawberries for an
    unexpected breakfast that tastes almost like dessert.

  • Saratoga Farms Fortified Chocolate or Strawberry Milk
    Breakfast. Shake up your breakfast routine with the
    Fortified strawberry milk breakfast drink, or the chocolate
    variety, pictured at the bottom right hand of the page. This
    breakfast "shake" is fortified, which means that it's full of
    nutrients like Vitamins A & C, B6 & B12, Vitamin E,
    Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, and many others. And
    with its low sugar and fat counts, this breakfast mix could
    very well become the healthiest thing in your prepper's

Lunch Selection from Saratoga Farms

  • Saratoga Farms Bacon Potato Chowder, pictured above.
    Enjoy the luxury of a chowder with a thick and rich creamy
    base and a hint of bacon. It's a satisfying lunch.

  • Saratoga Farms Hearty Beef Rotini, pictured at the
    bottom of the page, the hearty beef rotini will add a
    restaurant quality lunch or dinner option to your table.

  • Saratoga Farms Oriental Sweet and Sour, pictured at
    the top of the page, combines red and green bell peppers,
    carrots, onions, pineapple, mushrooms, and chicken TVP
    crumbles with rice.

Dinner  Selection from Saratoga Farms

  • Saratoga Farms Chili Mac. Kid approved, the Saratoga
    Farms Chili Mac combines the comfort of macaroni and the
    heartiness of chili to create a satisfying meal the adults
    will appreciate too. The dish is the perfect combination of
    noodles, cheese, meat, beans and spices.

  • Saratoga Farms Lasagne, pictured immediate right.
    Satisfying tagliatelle noodles are immersed in a thick red
    sauce with cheese and beef tvp crumbles. Just add hot
    water to your serving of lasagna and mix well and in about
    5-10 minutes you will be eating a meal packed with fiber
    and protein along with a good amount of Vitamin C, A,
    Calcium, and Iron.

  • Saratoga Farms Chicken Alfredo: Full of tender chicken
    and a rich and creamy alfredo sauce, the Chicken Alfredo
    cooks up in as little as 10 minutes with hot water. It's a
    hearty addition to your prepper's pantry.

Other Saratoga Farms Products
  • Enchileda Sauce
  • Country Kitchen Mac and Cheese
  • Rice and Chicken

Saratoga Farms provides a little of the unexpected to help you
prepare for the unexpected. Take a closer look at this brand of
emergency preparedness foods.

Happy endings...
You'll feel good knowing you've stockpiled Saratoga Farms
freeze dried foods for your family.

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