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Emergency thermal bivvy bag
TACT Bivvy
Emergency Bivvy
Emergeny Bivvy
Bugging out with a Bivvy?
SOL Escape Bivvy - Green
Above is a review of the SOL Escape bivvy. It's great for camping and ideal
for your bugout bag.

The Sol Escape Bivvy is great for backpacking, camping and
hunting. Pictured rightin military green, the Sol Escape Bivvy is
great for the bugout bag. The low-visibility OD Green color is
ideal for those times when survival means you don't want to be

One thing to note about bivvy bags is that your body heat may
produce a little condensation.

Happy endings...
While an inexpensive bivvy can cost $10-$15, it's better to
splurge on something more substantial. Think of it this way: it
may be the last man-made gear you own.

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Bivvy bag
Thinking of bugging out with a bivvy bag?

Consider a lightweight bivvy bag for trekking out doors.
You may not have heard of a bivouac sack, but perhaps you heard
about a bivvy bag and wondered exactly what is this thing and
whether you should bug out with one (or drive in the snow).

The idea behind the bivvy is really simple: it's a waterproof and
windproof bag that also helps you retain body heat, which goes a
long way for comfort and it may even save your life.
A bivvy can provide you with ground cover, and a bivvy can be a
beacon for rescue if it's orange. As well you can use a bivvy like a
poncho. As a tarp you can create impromptu shade or build a
shelter from the elements with your bivvy.

It turns out a bivvy bag is an important piece of gear to have in
your car for emergencies if you ever find yourself stranded. It's
also a good thing to take with you in your day pack for an outdoor
day of adventure to improvise shelter if you get lost in the
woods. A bivvy bags is also an important part of your bugout bag
gear in place of a sleeping bag or a tent if you're a minimalist.

Finding the Right Bivvy Bag for Bugging Out
If you're thinking of bugging out with a bivvy bag, be careful to
select the right kind. It turns out there's quite a range of bivvy
bags and there are also a few bivvy tents out there. When
selecting the perfect bivvy bag, there are size and quality issues
to consider as well as color.

SOL Escape Bivvy in Green, right, is the highest quality bivvy
you can get. Green is the ideal color for bugging out. For other
camping and other uses consider Orange.

Bugging out with a Bivvy? Consider the best bivvy bag for your

  • Size: Size matters as part of your overall consideration. It's
    nice to have a small bivvy sack, however, it's important to
    consider your total needs. You can buy an extra large bivvy if
    you are a big person or a two-person bivvy if you want to
    carry the load for two people on your journey. The TACT
    Bivvy, right is compact ~ and that's because it's made of
    Mylar. The TACT Bivvy is a great little emergency bag for the
    price as is the SOL Thermal Bivvy. If you are on a budget,
    this is a good little bivvy to get. Ideally, however, you
    should pack your bugout bag as if it's the last gear you'll
    ever own. The Mylar or metalized material you find in the
    one-night bags, just won't last forever. For something more
    substantial try the SOL Escape Bivvy, which is still compact
    but much more rugged. It also has zippers. It's about double
    the cost, but worth every penny.

  • Quality (Mylar vs. GoretTex): The main distinction of
    quality is the material:

  • Mylar: On the lower end of bivvy bags are those made
    of Mylar or reflective polyester film. Usually those are
    the bivvy's with the word "emergency." The benefits of
    this kind of bivvy is that they are relatively inexpensive
    $10-$20 range and they are ultra light weight. What's
    more, a Mylar bivvy is much easier to use than an
    emergency blanket: learn about Mylar survival bag uses.
    You just unpack the sleeping bag from the included
    stuff sack and slide inside. Mylar is specially formulated
    to help you retain 90% of your body's heat back to you.
    Mylar is tear resistant, but that's the rub as they will
    eventually tear. An inexpensive Mylar bivvy may not be
    for long term use, but instead developed for emergency
    use only. They are still great to have, in your car for the
    odd chance that you get stranded, but you won't
    necessarily want to take them with you every season for

  • GoreTex. If you're a backpacker, you'll want a
    significant quality of bivvy for winter camping. When it's
    frigid cold, you will stuff your sleeping bag inside the
    bivvy to guard against moisture and wind, and to retain
    the heat your body is generating. A high-quality bivvy
    suggested for this kind of use is the SOL Escape Bivvy,
    which is breathable and has a zipper. SOL has several
    versions of their Bivvy's, but you can rest assured that
    the SOL Escape Bivvy will fill your needs in the quality

  • Color: The color of your bivvy is important depending on the
    use as well. You'll want a high visibility orange bivvy under
    normal circumstances so that rescuers can see you; however,
    in extreme crisis in a world without rule of law, you will want
    a subdued bag in olive green so that you can blend in. Right,
    the Titan Bivvy has three color choices ~ woodland camo,
    safety orange and olive earth.

Uses of a Bivvy
Here are some of the uses of a bivvy:

  • Backpacking. Some hardcore backpackers want to pack light
    and carry a bivvy instead of a sleeping bag in warmer
    climates or to sleep under the stars and not have to pack a
    tent. Other backpackers carry a bivvy in addition to their
    sleeping bag for snow camping or rain. A bivvy keeps the
    sleeping bag dry. Choose an orange bag for backpacking so
    that rescuers can spot you more easily. A bivvy bag is good
    in an emergency to help you retain body warmth, particularly
    if you are trekking about in snow country. You would use it in
    addition to your sleeping bag to help retain body heat and
    keep out moisture from the elements. In fact, it was
    mountain climbers who invented the bivvy so that they could
    add a layer of protection for their sleeping bags.

  • Bugout bag. If you don't want to carry a big heavy sleeping
    bag as part of your bugout gear, then get yourself a bivvy
    bag to help protect you from the elements and retain your
    body heat. The Tact bivvy, right, in military green can help
    you hide your position more easily should this be necessary.
    In a world without rule of law it's usually better to steer
    clear of others since you are prepared and they are not. You
    have resources to hide!

  • Day pack. Going on a microadventure? One of the important
    things you can pack in your daypack is a bivvy for outdoor
    adventures. It's comforting to know you can hop in a bivvy as
    emergency shelter to help improve your survival odds when
    you're forced to spend an unexpected night outdoors. Stay
    dry in the Tact emergency bivvy, upper right, which has
    sealed seam edges that provide full protection from rain,
    wind, and snow.

  • Car. A bivvy bag is an important thing to have in your car for
    emergencies if you ever find yourself stranded, particularly in
    regions of the country with heavy snow. If you carry chains,
    make sure to carry a bivvy for everyone in the car. The TACT
    Bivvy Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag, pictured right and at
    the top of the page is now 25% off. Made out of ultra-
    lightweight HeatEcho reflective polyester film, this survival
    blanket sleeping bag weighs just 4.8 ounces. It also
    compresses into a tiny stuff sack, so you can carry this
    sleeping bag with your survival kit everywhere you go
    without weighing yourself down.

  • Homelessness: A Bivvy is a great tool for someone who is
    homeless. A bivvy can keep a person warm and dry on the
    streets at night and provide another layer of comfort
    between the cardboard and concrete or a park bench.The
    emergency thermal bivvy bag, right, is a tear-resistant,
    reusable, bag. It's made of a heavy-duty aluminized PE
    interior material, and comes with drawstring carrying bag for
    convenience. A bivvy bag and cardboard is your friend if you
    live on the street.

The bottomline about a bivvy is that if you can afford it, get a
high quality bivvy and buy it in green or earthy tones for your
bugout bag. You'll appreciate the quality of the
SOL Escape Bivvy
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SOL Thermal Bivvy
SOL Escap Bivvy - Green Best Bivvy for preppers
Titan Emergency Bivvy
Two Person Emergency Bivvy
SOL Escape Bivvy ~ Orange
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