How to survive a car accident (or vehicle attack) as a pedestrian

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Above, Wiki shows how surviving pedestrian car accidents are possible.

Rule #4: Never underestimate the danger.
Even after the initial impact, the driver could be wielding firearms
or the car could be filled with explosives.

After impact, do what you can to move away from the vehicle.
Perhaps the initial impact of pedestrians isn't the only threat.
There could be a bomb in the vehicle even as fire trucks,
paramedics, and police make their way to the scenes!

Don't stick around to find out if the driver has a gun or a bomb,
and be aware of the types of bombs.

Types of bombs:

  • Stationary vehicle bomb. These are known as "type 1"
    attacks, but include the bombings that occurred at the World
    Trade Towers in 1993 and also the Oklahoma City Bombing
    of 1995.

  • Moving vehicle(s) bomb. Known as a "type 2" attack, these
    kinds of bombs are becoming more sophisticated and may
    include multiple vehicles.

  • Armored vehicle bombs. Known as "type 3" attack, these
    kinds of bombs have a measure of protection for the drivers
    from small-caliber fire. This is what you'd expect to find in
    Iraq and Syria. In America at present, you should be aware
    of Hummers for example.

  • Dirty Bomb: A dirty bomb combines radioactive material
    with a conventional explosive, as with any bomb the farther
    away you are from impact, the better.

What separates survivors from those who don't make it? People
who respond quickly, remain clear in head, focused in their task,
have a distinct advantage in surviving a crisis.

Make it your job to move away from the scene. You can then take
steps to call for emergency help or direct authorities and first
responders if these resources are available.

Rule #5: Understand the panic.
Take swift and immediate action never underestimate the danger
of crowds:

  • Look where the crowds are going. Usually in the panic
    people head in just one direction. Move to the side, if you're
    able, not against the mob or toward the object.

  • Trust your gut feelings. Rely on your instincts as the
    situation unfolds. Instincts is nature's warning call. When
    you trust your gut, you'll leave the area before bombs or
    pandemic dirty bombs ever happens.

  • Before helping others, make sure it's safe to do so.  It
    may be difficult to tell the victims from the person who
    instigated the act of terror. Don't be a dead hero! Take a
    breath and respond first to your own needs,

Rule #6: Have a separation plan.
If members of your family or group inadvertently separate, you'll
need to have plan about how you'll find one another after the
accident. For adults this could mean meeting at the hospital, but
for kids it might be more complicated depending on age.

Often times we tell kids to stay put, so we can retrace their
footsteps to find them; however, it may not be physically
possible for a young child to stay put when the force of the crowd
is directing them away. Once your child makes it to safety, he or
she can use the "hug a tree" method whereby you will use a tree
as a landmark and you will hopefully find your child near a tree
safe and sound.

The incident for survivors can be both surreal and frightening as
the scene before you as it unfolds live could seem more like a
Hollywood movie than reality.

Happy endings...
Fully understand the dangers and act accordingly. Remember,
that you are a prepper whether it's preparing for long-term crisis
or an everyday emergency. Know how to act in all times of crisis.

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How to survive a pedestrian car accident
Above, CNN captured the 2009 Accord at the end of its fiery crash in New
York. The car made a U-turn and entered the sidewalk to kill one injure at
least 22 people.

Rule #3: Protect your noggin.
In the absence of any physical barriers that you can set between
you and the careening vehicle, you should protect your noggin.
Make it your instinct to lift your arms to cover your head and to
move your head away from the projected impact of the vehicle,
and make sure you can avoid the wheels of the car. A better
option is to head for the safety glass of the front window.
How to survive a car accident as a pedestrian

Surviving a car accident as a pedestrian.
Barcelona, Paris, London and New York were locations of vehicle
attacks on pedestrians. These acts of terrorism aren't going
away. As a pedestrian, you must realize that you are a potential
target either of a drunk driver, a careless or distracted driver,
deranged driver or as a random act of terrorism. As well, you may
accept the fact that just walking on the street you could fall
victim to a driver who is having a heart attack or stroke. Stuff

In an instant it could all be over, but with knowledge and
awareness about how to survive a car accident as a pedestrian,
you can be alive to tell about it. Here's how...

Survive a Car Accident as a Pedestrian
Vehicle attacks have been on the rise, and as a prepper you must
have an understanding of how to survive a car accident as a
pedestrian. Here's what a prepper needs to know..

Rule #1: Maintain Situational Awareness.
Situational awareness can help you survive a car accident as a
pedestrian. When you are walking a sidewalk, even one that is
maintained as a pedestrian walkway, you must continually
assess our situation. This is "situational awareness."

Situational awareness is not only about being aware of what is
happening in your surroundings, but it's also about understanding
how this information and the events, along with your actions
could impact the outcome.

Your situational awareness is key to your survival. Survivors
noticed the following:

  • Check the time. Terrorist activity usually happens during
    rush hour and high traffic to maximize casualties. If it's rush
    hour, be on extra alert walking the street.

  • Beware of odd noises. "It sounded like a bomb going off,"
    Dave Willis told Fox News about the car that jumped the
    curb in the Times Square pedestrian incident May 18, 2017.
    Though no bombs were found, the impact was explosive and
    people were screaming. In the chaos was stampeding and
    confusion. CNN reported "screeching tires and screams of

Rule #2: Look for barriers of protection.
As you walk a street with situational awareness, you will have a
general understanding of your surroundings. Should a car, truck or
bus come careening your way, you should have already identified
a few barriers.

To surviving potential car hazards, do what you can to place
objects ahead of yourself"

  • Find a concrete walls. A concrete wall barrier can provide a
    haven in case the driver gets out of the vehicle with a gun.

  • Steel barriers. Street signs, a mailbox  or posts built for
    pedestrian protection can provide a defensible barrier
    between you and the offending car. Below, the picture from
    a CNN news report shows how the vehicle landed on the
    steel barriers.
Image from CNN Video
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