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Survival Axes and hatchets
Best axes and hatchets for camping and survival

Prepper's guide to the best axes and hatches for survival
A little axe can cut down a big tree, but is it right tool for
splitting logs, shaping wood, creating a shelter, or processing
game? You'll need a few survival axes, hatchets and tomahawks
for weaponry and for the tasks of being a prepper.

Following is a prepper's guide to the best axes, hatches, and
tomahawks for survival and camping...

Survival Axes, Hatchets and Tomahawks
Proper use of an axe is a survival skill, but also before buying a
survival axe, hatchet or tomahawk, consider your needs:
  • Felling axe ~ extremely sharp for cutting down trees
  • Limbing axe ~ lightweight and shorter than a felling axe
  • Hunting axe ~ chop bone, and speed up game processing
  • Splitting axe ~ heavy hitters
  • Hatchet ~ typically have a hammer head, great for around
    the house, not the best for tree felling though conceivably
    you could
  • Tomahawks ~ for breaching operations, excavation, obstacle
    removal, extraction, and other utility applications.
Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul
Pulaski tool used by firefighters
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SOG Tactical Tomahawk
Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe
Schrade survival hatchet
Gerber Downrange Tomahawk
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Survival axes, hatches and tomahawks
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#5: Schrade survival hatchet.
The Schrade SCAXE2 Survival Hatchet is an inexpensive and small
hatchet/axe for the beginning hunter, camper, and outdoors
adventurer. it not only has an ergonomic handle with rubber grip
tip ensure accurate and safe use, but it also incldes a sheath
blade protection and a convenient means of belt-carry. As well it
has integrated fire-starting striker that stores in the end of the
handle.  This quality ferococium rod has a great hideaway in the
base of the handle, completely out of the way.

While it's much lighter when compared to other hatchets, this
Schrade still packs an incredible hit! With a Titanium Coated
stainless steel head that has a hammer pommel you will be able
to hammer with what's in your hand, this awesome hatchet,
instead of reaching for another tool.

#6: SOG Tactical Tomahawk
You can't go wrong with the SOG Tactical Tomahawk. At around
$30, you will find plenty of use for the SOG Tactical Tomahawk for
breaching operations, excavation, obstacle removal, extraction,
and other utility applications. This is an updated version of the
popular Vietnam Tomahawk. The 2.75-inch axe blade is designed
to fight corrosion and impact damage to insure the strongest

The head of the axe is mounted to the glass-reinforced nylon
handle with heavy-duty bolts and a steel ferrule. The handle has
a no-slip grip and will fit comfortably in your hands

#7: Gerber Downrange Tomahawk.
No moving parts to break or jam, no extraneous gimmicks to get
in the way—just a well thought-out design and three-quarters of
a century of Gerber craftsmanship in your hands. so describes the
Gerber Downrange Tomahawk! This well appointed instrument is
three tools in one ~ an axe, a hammer head, and a serious pry

  • Axe.  The axe head’s beveled edge is capable of chopping
    through drywall and turning walls and doors to splinters.

  • Hammer head. The backside of the ax head functions as
    hammer for getting through hinges, locks, doorknobs and
    anything else that’s there to slow you down.

  • Pry bar. Confidently pry away using the cutaway handle in
    the ax head for leverage.

The Downrange Tomahawk is a modern take on an ancient
instrument of war - specifically designed to accomplish three
breaching tasks. The axe head cuts through walls and rope while
the hammer head is the perfect size for smashing through
obstacles like hinges, door knobs and locking devices. A hefty pry
at the end of the tool can be employed confidently with a
cutaway handle in the axe head - this allows the user to
maximize leverage during the breach.

The good news is that the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is 39%
off (was $328 and now $198.61). The bad news is that you may
have to wait one or two months for the delivery.

#8: Pulaski Axe.
The Pulaski Axe is a forest firefighter's best friend and necessary
if you have a homestead with high risk of brush fires.

With a Pulsaski axe you can chop roots and get the ground down
to soil to make fireline so nothing will burn. It's hard work to
make a fire-line 10 to 20 feet, but if it protects your homestead
it's well worth the effort! It's ideal for grubbing and for chopping.

Happy endings...
Do you have an axe to grind? Get one in your hands!

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#4: Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe.
Pictured above, Fiskars Super Splitting Axe is the best selling
axe in its category. Proudly made in Finland, the axes are
designed to be simple, functional and effective, helping you get
more work done in less time. Unlike traditional axes that can be
heavy, quick to dull and easy to break, X-Series axes combine
perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an
ultra-sharp edge and virtually unbreakable design to maximize
your performance.

This is an excellent prepping axe whether you're chopping
kindling, chopping logs, splitting logs or felling trees.
Above, is a splitwood fire demonstration using the Gransfors Brux small
forest axe.

#1: Gransfors Bruks, Small Forest Axe.
This Swedish survival axe with a wooden handle has a thin
blade and long handle to allow powerful chopping in a packable
axe. The
Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe, pictured top right, is
practical for splitting small sticks or cutting limb wood, but this
limbing axe also fully capable of felling a full-size tree!

Be careful in taking out the razor-sharp axe blade from the
leather sheath ~ it's sharp enough for a shave! Made with
Swedish pride, each axe is hand forged by a blacksmith who
provides a signature with a personalized stamp of approval into
the axe.

Ideal for firewood and splitting kindling, you will be surprised
that this axe makes the work of cutting and processing wood
almost a joy. It will hardly feel like a chore. Yes, it's pricey, but
when it comes to bushcraft, outdoorsmanship and survival, you
won't want to play it cheap when it comes to the axe.

This is an heirloom axe to last a lifetime, which is why it's #1
on our list of survival axes. From it's hickory handle and grain-
leather sheath, this axe is sure to please. It even has a 20-year
no-questions asked guarantee to seal the deal.

#2: Gransfors Bruks Hunter's axe.
Going moose hunting? The best hunting survival axe you can
find for large game to chop bone, speed up game processing is
Gransfors Bruks. The Grunsfors Bruks hunter's axe provides the
optimal tool that's light enough to pack in a backpack or fit on
your belt. This is a tactical survival hunting axe you can pass
down as an heirloom.

This axe gets a perefect 5 of 5-star review. Although fine for
use with wood, the Swedish made
Gransfors Bruks Hunters Axe
is a tool designed specifically for hunters to field dress,
dismember and flay large animals. (Remember, the small forest
axe is optimized for splitting wood.)

The distinguishing feature of this hunter's axe is the “flay poll”.
The poll (side of the head opposite the blade) of the axe is
carefully rounded and burnished to assist in removing the hide
from an animal such as a moose. Experienced hunters know that
if the carcass has been frozen, the hide can be very difficult to
remove. The flay poll assists easily with the task. A hunter can
pull the hide with one hand and strike with the flay poll at the
point where the hide is attached by membranes to the carcass.

Mind you, the flay poll is blunt, so it won't slice meat or hide,
but will break the connective tissues between the hide and the
carcass quite easily. The handle and blade are designed for
chopping through light bones such as the bridge of the pelvis,
and for separating ribs from sternum.

Use it also for chopping the ribs of exceptionally large animals
such as bison, in order to open the chest cavity for field
dressing. The head and handle are angled to enable strokes
that parallel the belly of the carcass. The parallel strokes are
better than downward strokes for any of these butchering steps.
(Please keep in mind that bone becomes extremely sharp once
it’s been chopped!) The head is great for chopping small trees
and that. The handle offers circular grooves which help to
provide a positive grip even when the hands are wet and the
handle would otherwise become slick.

#3: Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul Axe.
You'll feel your "biceps grow by two sizes" with this maul a
reviewer swore "by Odin's beard." This is the firewood cutting
tool of advanced preppers, homesteaders and survivalists. The
Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul comes with a hefty 5-1/2 lbs.
head and 31" handle, making this maul an incredible wood
splitting tool. The poll is designed for pounding on a splitting

The price is just as hefty, but the Gransfors Bruks Spliting Maul
is a superior tool and heirloom quality. Even so, it's also not a
tool for the beginning prepper. It's a heavy hitter! Be sure to
buy this only if you're truly comfortable working with hand tools
and know how to split wood like a pro.
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