Dealing with Lyme disease when there is no doctor

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Lyme disease
How to deal with Lyme disease when there is no doctor

How will you deal with Lyme Disease when there is no doctor?
Did you know that Lyme Disease originated in Old Lyme
Connecticut in 1975? It starts with a tick bite and the Borrelia
infection. Soon after you extract the tiny culprit ~ a deer tick ~
the telltale sign of a bulls-eye pattern rash begins. Flu-like
symptoms, fever, and fatigue set in and this isn't going to be an
easy ride. And that's if you're lucky because at least you know
you have Lyme disease. Many people don't know they have it and
never get the bulls-eye rash.

As the Lyme disease really sets in, your health may decline in
many areas. It's hard to imagine that this tiny creature can cause
you such immense heartache, but it can. Lyme disease is a
complicated illness that can spread to the heart, joints and
nervous system, causing misery for years to come. The
blacklegged deer tick brings combination of possible conditions.

When there is no doctor...
How will you deal with Lyme disease?
Lyme disease is a weird and debilitating disease and modern
medicine has little to offer in relief to the more than 300,000
Americans who get it each year. Most cases go untreated. There
are only 30,000 cases reported annually because most people
who have it don't realize they have it. That sounds like good
news, but the people who have Lyme disease know it ~ and they
suffer debilitating pain.

Get ticked off about Lyme Disease
One tick bite may have multiple infections and could mean:
  • arthritis and joint pain
  • facial paralysis
  • heart disease
  • meningitis
  • mental dysfunction
  • neck pain

Here are your options for dealing with Lyme disease:

#1: Stock fish antibiotics.
It is a personal choice for preppers to stockpile fish antibiotics,  
and something you should only do if you have some medical
expertise. Under normal circumstances when a doctor is available,
you will likely get a prescription of an antibiotic (amoxicillin,
cefuroxime axetil or doxycycline) to help you recover from Lyme
disease. The most popular prescribed antibiotic is doxycycline.
The fish antibiotic version of doxycycline is in powder format and
dosing could be deadly. You may have better luck with the fish
equivalent of amoxicilin in the same pill format, but many people
are allergic. It is a controversial topic, but many preppers
stockpile them even without medical knowledge, just in case.

Aside from the controversy of humans taking fish antibiotics, not
everyone with Lyme disease will respond well to antibiotics
prescribed by a doctor. If there is no doctor to prescribe
antibiotics in the first place, what will you do?

Short of getting yourself a supply of
fish antibiotics, there are
other ways you can prepare for Lyme disease...

#2: Build your immunity.
Even though Lyme disease is caused by bacteria, antibiotics really
arent' much help. They have a very limited efficacy when it comes
to Lyme disease because there are dormant aspects of the
bacteria. The disease knows how to evade antibiotics! When the
bacteria "wakes up" it can wreak havoc on the nervous system.

So while you may have FishMox fish antibiotics stored up, your
best bet is to deal with the problem naturally. Build a protection
against infection.

As a prepper you may have stockpiled
natural antibiotics and
immune building supplies. If you live in tick infested region of the
country (consult the map at the bottom of the page) then you
should invest heavily in products to boost your immune system
with these products in anticipation of Lyme disease and dealing
with pandemics.

Lyme disease targets the immune system and triggers
inflammation and can attack the peripheral nervous system. It
can also attack the central nervous system and cause severe

#3: Learn to manage pain.
Pain is a nasty symptom of Lyme disease that can target the
back, then travel to the arms and legs, and then hands and feet.
Your plans to manage the chronic debilitating pain associated
with Lyme disease should include two basic areas of preparation:

  • Stockpiling mostly natural pain medications. Analgesics are
    the key to dealing with the arthritis joint pain and neck pain
    that may come as an inflammatory response associated with
    Lyme disease.

#4: Deal with depression, brain fog, etc.
Lyme disease comes with an unexpected problem of depression,
dysfunctional mental state, learning disability or brain fog, and
memory loss. Look to natural ways to help cure a depressed mode.

  • St. Johns Wort. St. Johns Wort helps promote a healthy
    brain chemical balance to address symptoms of depression
    and anxiety. The flowers and leaves of the St. Johns Wart or
    St John's wort plant have been used as a natural remedy for
    medical conditions for centuries. Now, modern science has
    established that a natural chemical present in St Johns
    called hypericin is capable of improving mental health and
    overall well-being by helping to balance the chemicals
    present in the brain.

  • Methyl prime. Tick recovery can begin with Methyl Prime* for
    those who suffer from methylation. It offers a combination of
    body rebuilding nutrients. Sufferers of tickborne illnesses,
    like Lyme disease often have a methylation problem,
    especially those with neurological issues that do not respond
    to conventional treatment. Methyl Prime is a breakthrough
    supplement that promotes methlyation to help heal damaged
    neurological pathways. Methlyation is an absolutely essential
    bodily process that's key to overall effective human
    functioning. Methylation is when the body takes a methyl
    group and applies it to immeasurable bodily functions, such
    as neurological pathways, DNA repair, immune response, and
    detoxification, among others.

#5: Learn about Herbal Remedies for Lyme disease
Lyme disease is still a bit of a mystery and it can be a lifetime
journey to find a cure. Supposedly Lyme disease can be treated
with antibiotics, including doxycycline, but such antibiotic
therapies have their limitations. As a patient of Lyme disease you
will soon realize that three weeks of doxycycline is not a cure!
Unfortunately, that's all that conventional medicine has to offer.

If you are ill with Lyme disease eventually you will need to take a
holistic approach to your health and try herbal therapies.
Medications provide only symptomatic relief from pain and not
cure any conditions.

Here are some of our favorite herbal remedies:
  • Black walnut hulls
  • Cloves
  • Wormwood

Want more information on healing Lyme disease. Healing Lyme is
a book offering you herbal hope. It's not necessary to read the
whole book, because you can compare symptoms in the book and
go to the appropriate protocol page.

Finally, know that your own personal treatment will take time
until you find what works for you.

Here are a few facts about Lyme disease:
  • A headache is a strong marker of the disease
  • Knee pain is another common marker
  • Not everyone gets the red-ringed rash, so many people don't
    know they have Lyme disease.
  • Lyme disease doesn't set in if you can remove the tick in the
    first 24 hours. Be sure to have a tick kit handy.

Where in the United State should you worry about
Lyme disease?
Lyme disease is on the rise in the United States.

  • USA Today reports why 2017 could be a bad year for Lyme
    disease in New Jersey. In short, the acorns are plentiful and
    the mice who eat them also abundant. The Blacklegged
    ticks, also called deer ticks, who feed on the mice for most
    every meal are also becoming fertile, thereby increasing risk
    of disease bearing ticks.

Know where infected deer ticks roam...
Blacklegged tick populations in the eastern United States and
parts of the midwest have a high rate of concern, and you will
also find Lyme disease out west in Northern California.

  • Northeast and mid-Atlantic, from northeastern Virginia to
    Maine and Pennsylvania
  • North central states, mostly in Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • West Coast, particularly northern California

Below is a map from the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention on the reported cases of Lyme Disease from 2015:
Prevention of Lyme disease is always the best
One in five ticks in the tick infested regions will carry the
disease. What can a preper do? Here are some tips for dealing
with Lyme disease when there is no doctor:

Be sure to stock essential oils that repel ticks.
Essential oils can help you repel ticks naturally, and here are
some of our favorites:

  • Geranium essential oil. Geranium Bourbon essential oil has
    an uplifting scent for humans, but the strong smell of this oil
    is particularly good to ward off mosquitoes, ticks and even
    head lice.

  • Oregano Oil. Bugs don't like the strong smell of oregano oil,
    especially ticks, so go ahead and wear a little oregano oil
    mixed with a carrier to detract and repel other insects while

  • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil. Lemon eucalyptus oil is an effective
    insect repellent that's safe for humans and pets to get rid of
    both ticks and mosquitoes. It's a great natural choice and
    you'll find that Lemon Eucalpytus oil is also found in many
    deet-free mosquito repellents, including Repel Lemon
    Eucalyptus Insect Repellent, right. It's Deet-free and repels
    for up to 6 hours.

  • Pennyroyal. Pennyroyal essential oil will fend of ticks along
    with chiggers, fleas, files, gnats and mosquitoes, but it's
    powerful stuff. A few drops will go a very long way. Keep
    away from children and pets and don't use while pregnant or

  • Rose geranium oil. Rose Geranium oil has tick repelling
    properties. Ticks will hate it, but you will love it!

Mice aren't so nice: they help spread Lyme disease.
Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness caused by bacterium Borrelia
burgdorferi, but many people don't realize that mice are efficient
transmitters the disease. It's the mice who infect the ticks.

Mild winters in combination with more abundant food source give
mice a rise in population. An increase in mice population brings
on an abundance of ticks who feed on them, which in turn means
there are more infected ticks. You alone can't reduce or control
the tick habitat, but you can
keep mice out of your stockpiles,
and thereby also help keep the mice and ticks away from you. At
least that's a start.

Happy endings...
Lyme disease is no picnic. The good and happy news, however, is
that if you see a tick and act quickly to remove it, you can
prevent getting Lyme Disease. You see, it takes an infected
blacklegged tick at least 24 hours to transmit Lyme disease. If
you remove the tick promptly you may altogether avoid the
dreaded illness.

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physician when available. This information is intended for your general knowledge only
and for when there is no doctor. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice
or treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking
medical advice when available. As a reminder, these statements about dietary
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