preparing for and surviving economic collapse

Surviving the Economic Collapse
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Survive the economic collapse
How to survive an economic depression
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Happy endings...
What will happen if the economy collapses? No one really knows,
but your everyday prepping is something you can do to prepare for
economic collapse and many other catastrophes.

The good and happy news is that the preparations you make to
today will help insulate you whether you face a job loss or whether
the economy just goes into a recession or inflation goes out of
control. Remember that creativity will go far for you in an economic
collapse. Prepare for an economic collapse now while things are still
good. Insulate yourself from an economic collapse by reading

Know how to fatten thy purse!
Now that you have a little time, read the Richest Man in Babylon.,
pictured right. Not your ordinary prepper's guide, this is a book of
parables on money written in the 1920s by George Clason. It's easy
to read and imparts secrets of the ages with regards to finances. In
just 145 pages, you will learn how to "fatten thy purse, control thy
expenditures and make thy gold multiply."

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Economic collapse
How to prepare for the next great depression

Whatever goes up, must come down.
Is an economic collapse imminent? The time to prepare for an
economic collapse is while the economy is good. As the stock
market is rising, that's when you should plan to survive economic
turmoil when it falls. There's still time to stockpile for economic

Are you preparing for a stock market collapse? Are you taking
precautions to insulate yourself from an economic depression?
Have you made a list of things to stockpile? Do you have precious
metal assets you can liquidate to get you through hard times?
Get started in the right direction and learn how to survive an
economic collapse with tips below...

How to prepare for economic collapse
An economic collapse is imminent—whether it happens in 2021 or
2025. Long overdue, the day will come when an economic collapse
us upon our society. Everyone will be scrambling when the day
hits. When that day comes, the time to prepare is gone.

What will happen during an economic collapse?
  • Will things be the same as the Great Depression?
  • Are all credit cards going to be declined?
  • Will your debit cards be suspended?
  • Are trucks going to stop running because of high gas prices?
  • Will looting take the streets?
  • Is Martial Law going to take effect?

While no one has all the answers, we've prepared a list of things
you can do to start feeling more secure about your future. You
can prepare for an economic collapse for 2016-2017 and beyond!
Insulate yourself from an economic collapse with these prepping

How to Prepare for an Economic Collapse
When society and the economy collapses, will you have what you
need? The good news is that it's never too late to start preparing
for an economic collapse.

#1: Learn from others.
You can prepare for economic collapse by studying the past and
learning from others who've endured hard times. Look back to
yesterday's pioneers or today's homeless people. Look to current
events the people of Argentina, Greece or Venezuela, who've
endured economic collapse. Look also to the people of our own
Great Depression.  Did you know that stocks lost 90% in value
between 1929 and 1933. History repeats itself!

Before the storm!
The Prepper's Financial Guide, right, teaches you the other half of
disaster planning―how to survive economic turmoil that hits
regions and nations after the storm has passed. It also provides
a practical guide to living a life of financial independence so you
can weather whatever personal financial problems you may have

Lessons from Argentina,  Greece and Venezuela.
Survivors share their accounts so that you may learn. Read books
to learn from others! Here are some great books to read on the

  • Survive economic collapse, by Piero San Georgio. The
    American Dream of a guaranteed job, a home, and a
    pension, has given way to the nightmare of unemployment,
    unpayable debt, depression, and uncertainty. In Survive The
    Economic Collapse, pictured at the top of the page, Piero San
    Giorgio looks behind the headlines and demonstrates that
    today's economic crisis is no temporary downturn, nor is it
    simply the result of bad policies. The crisis is the beginning
    of the end of a global paradigm when expectations of
    endless economic growth and progress crash up against the
    reality of scarcity and limited resources. You cn survive the
    economic collapse.

  • The Modern Survival Manual (Surviving the Economic
    Collapse), by Fernando "Ferfal" Aguire. Based on the first-
    hand experience of the economic collapse in Argentina, The
    Modern Survival manual (Surviving the Economic Collapse),
    will help prepare your family so you won't have to suffer.

  • American Exit Strategy (The Economic Collapse
    Chronicles) Volume 1: The American Exit Strategy by Mark
    Goodwin, is a new novel about America on the cusp of
    financial annihilation. Hidden within the story is another that
    will blow your mind. It's a must read for preppers!

The Great Depression
Economic collapse has already happened in the United States. It
was called the Great Depression and yet rarely is there a mention
in school of this in social studies or history classes. Ask kids in
middle school or high school whether they've had any education
at all on the Great Depression. You'll soon find they've not had
even an inkling of detail. Wise up and learn!
How did people
survive the Great Depression?

  • Lessons from the Great Depression for Dummies. Lessons
    from the Great Depression For Dummies takes a historic look
    at the events and circumstances leading up to the 1929
    crash and subsequent depression, then the economic
    aftermath-particularly the economic response.

#2: Fill the prepper's pantry with food.
One of the most important things you can do in preparing for an
economic collapse is to stockpile food and supplies. Thankfully,
food storage is at the top on the
prepper TO DO list. Having food
on hand is an equally important preparation for job loss.

How good you'll feel in getting a good price on food today when
the price may skyrocket tomorrow or even be totally unavailable.
It's a fact that a loaf of bread may some day cost $100. You'll
feel even more prepared when you purchase a grain mill and a
hard wheat, and know exactly how to bake fresh bread for your

What to stockpile for economic collapse in terms of food? Begin
preparing for an economic collapse by hoarding shelf-stable foods
that you would normally eat. Add to that
food bars and a buckets
of freeze dried food. You'll never regret these two items. Food
bars don't require cooking and they are a meal replacement.
Freeze dried food will last a 25-30 years.

#3: Stockpile non-food supplies..
Food isn't the only thing to stockpile for economic collapse.
Money may be instantly worthless, but whatever supplies you
have physically now will be imminently useful. Think about the
supplies to hoard that aren't food.

Things that you need everyday may include:
  • dishwashing liquid and detergent
  • laundry detergent (or Zote soap)
  • shampoo and soap
  • scrub brushes and sponges
  • plastic bags
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • feminine hygiene or diapers
  • socks and underwear

Many of the non-food supplies you need can be purchased
inexpensively at the dollar stores. Buy them while they are still
available. Consider our
list of 99 preps that will cost you a buck.

#4: Get your axe ready, and pile up on the blankets.
The work you can do with your axe and the blankets you can pile
on your family will save on your heating bill. You're not going to
want to pay for heating during economic collapse, so make it a
priority to find ways to stay warm in the cold months without
turning up the thermostat.

  • Get to chopping wood and making sure you have seasoned
    wood ready to go for the fireplace.

  • Insulate your home to keep it as toasty and cozy as possible.

  • Buy flannel sheets, wool socks and cozy fleece clothing to
    stay warmer at night.

#5: Buy precious metals
Did you know paper money isn't really money? The United States
people have been duped for decades!

Learn why dollar bills are worthless. Now that you know, you'll
want to invest the fake paper money for real silver, gold,
platinum, copper and even nickel. Silver will always be rare as will
be gold, but did you know that other precious metals, such as
copper will also be good for bartering? Copper is tangible money:
useful for many purposes. The only worth of a dollar is to burn it
for comfort of warmth and light.

#6: Start a mini homestead.
Make do with what you have, but make sure you have something!
One way to do that is to start a mini-homestead. Become a home

  • Grow your own. Even if all you can keep is a mini container
    farm of groceries that will save you money. People of the
    Great Depression bartered and sold apples. If you can plant
    fruit trees on your property all the better. Lemons are
    expensive to buy and free on your tree.

  • Keep chickens. If you already have chickens, make note of
    the ones producing the most eggs, and never sell or eat a
    chicken that produces for you. Eggs can supply a steady
    source of food and if you're lucky, you'll have enough for

#7: Practice bartering.
Practice the art of bartering now to build good relationships and
to get practical now about such matters should the time arise
when it's absolutely necessary for your survival.

To give you an idea of how you can start to barter:

  • Carpooling. Can you give the kids a ride this week and the
    parents of your child's friends the next? You'll both save gas
    and time.

  • Babysitting. Perhaps you can offer a date night to a friend in
    exchange for a reciprocal event next weekend?

  • Food. Does a neighbor have a fruit tree or vegetable garden
    producing crops different from yours? Trade your lemons for
    the neighbor's tomatoes! Pick blackberries from your
    neighbors yard and in exchange deliver a home made
    blackberry pie or jar of jam.

  • Wares. Does a friend have the need for a bike your child's
    outgrown? Perhaps you have a need for the wheelbarrow he
    doesn't seem to be using.

  • Services. Do you have skills you can barter? Perhaps you can
    fix a fence, haul something with your truck, babysit or walk a
    dog in exchange for a haircut, music lessons, tutoring, or
    house cleaning or house sitting? The list of ideas is really

Here's a
prepper's bartering list and more about how to barter.

#8: Break your bad habits.
Are you wasting money? Some of your everyday habits can cost
you the bottom line. Become a penny pinching patriot! Learn
to save money for more preps.

To give get you started saving money, break some bad habits:

  • Stop going to the movies at night. You can see the same
    movie as a matinee and save big bucks. Alternatively you
    can watch movies for free with your Amazon Prime
    membership or get a deal on Netflix.

  • Go natural. Grow your hair long or have longer intervals
    between haircuts, skip the manicure / pedicure, don't get yet
    another tattoo or piercing.

  • Be the resistance. Resist the urge and curb your addiction.
    In other words, quit cigarettes, drink just one beer or glass
    of wine, forgo taking the kids for ice cream, skip the
    baristas, stop getting the morning bagel, bring a lunch to
    work and save money on your everyday bad habits.

  • Become a spendthrift. Check out garage sales and thrift
    stores if you need something.

  • Save money on gas. Are you buying the right kind of gas?
    Are you idling? Before you take your car on a spin, read this
    article to save money on gas. A few simple tips and tricks
    can save you hundreds of dollars on gasoline.

#9: Get on a budget now.
Get comfortable in the art of budgeting, so you really know how
good you have it today:

  • Try the "no spend" method.  Have a "no spend" day,
    weekend or week to see how well you can "make do" with
    what you have. Appreciate everything you have.

  • Give yourself a cash budget for the month.  Put money in
    envelopes or allow yourself to withdraw a specified amount
    once a week. Do not overspend your budget.

  • Learn how to be a prepper on a budget:
  1. 99 ways to save a buck prepping the dollar stores.
  2. How to use Amazon to Get Free Groceries and Preps.
  3. Ten free preps - we promise they won't cost you a dime.
  4. Cash in on your money in the mason jar with a Coinstar
  5. Money Saving Lessons of the Great Depression.
  6. Control your expenses and save money while prepping.

#10: Stop procrastinating.
As a prepper you need to seriously stop your procrastination.
Whatever area that you may be procrastinating, hop to it and fix
the problem.

Do all the things everyone talks about:
  • Get out of debt.
  • Start an emergency fund.
  • Have several hundred dollars cash on hand.
  • Consider gun ownership.
  • Take a self-defense class.
  • Buy silver, gold and other precious metals.
  • Start generating an additional source of income.
  • Be happy that you're a prepper!

Also look into the
Great Depression and start preparing for a
stock market collapse.

Get into prepping for cheap:

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