cooking with food storage

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Cooking with Food Storage
How to combine foods to create tasty new meals

Variety will certainly be the spice of life in uncertain times. How
learn to combine foods in your storage to create some favorites.
Below are some ideas for cooking with food storage.

Ideas for food storage combinations:

  • Cheesy Chili Mac: Macaroni & cheese (freeze dried) + ground
    beef (freeze dried) + can pinto beans + chili powder =
    Cheesy Chili Mac, a prepper favorite. Garnish with freeze
    dried cheddar cheese.

  • Crab cakes: Canned crabmeat + eggs (freeze dried and
    reconstituted) + bread crumbs (freeze dried). If you have
    them, add dehydrated celery and onion too. Serve with pasta
    noodles garnished with freeze dried cheeese and a dash of
    olive oil. Substitutions: You can also make tuna cakes and
    use crushed buttery crackers for the bread crumbs.

  • Clam Chowder: Creamy potato soup (freeze dried) + clam
    juice + clams = Manhattan Clam Chowder prepper style. If
    you have them, add dehydrated celery too! Instead of adding
    water, add the clam juice!

  • Potato skins: Potato slices (freeze dried) + Bacon bits +
    cheddar cheese (freeze dried) = Prepper's Potato Skins. Bake
    them in a solar oven. Top with freeze dried sour cream! If
    you are lucky enough, garnish with chives from your herb

  • Shepherd's Pie: Sloppy Joe Mix (freeze dried) + peas
    (canned or freeze dried) + carrots (freeze dried) + mashed
    potatoes (freeze dried potato gems) = Prepper's Shepherd's
    Pie. Incidentally, Future Essentials Sloppy Joe Mix is a
    wonderful way to add variety to your meals. It comes in a
    number 2.5 can (an everyday can size).

Happy endings...
What will you cook when the stuff hits the fan? Cooking with food
storage is a skill you should hone today, so you're prepared for
whatever comes your way.

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