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Survival fishing kit
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Christian Fish Symbol
Fishing tackle cross body
Survival fishing tin
Camo bucket seat
Tackle organizer
License holder
Survival Fishing kit
Survival Fishing
mylar skirt lure
Splinter Out tweezers to add to your first aid kit
Sit and fish bucket

About the Fish symbol...
Have you ever seen the fish symbol on somebody's car?
ΙΧΘΥΣ is a symbol of Christianity and often encased in a fish
made up of two simple arcs. The story is quite interesting in that
in antiquity, a Christian hoping to communicate with another
Christian and yet also avoid persecution, would draw an arc in the
dirt. If the other person would complete the drawing, a Christian
fellowship would be born!

If the other person didn't complete the design, there would be no
harm as only Christians knew the true meaning of the fish symbol.

Happy endings...
Fishing is among the most basic skills you can have in prepping,
and yet it is often overlooked for survival.

Want more survival fishing ideas? Learn how to fish without a rod.
Here are
10 ways to fish without a rod.

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How to catch fish in a bottle!

More Fishing hacks...

Crazy Russian Hacker helping you with hacks for the fisherman...
How to make a fishing button:
Fishing kit
More advanced?

Make your own fish hook from bone!

#5: Watch survival videos.
Until you gain experience, you can get ideas and learn from
Enjoy this important video on survival fishing...

Above, Blade Headquarters shows you how to forage for the supplies you
need to fish survive in an emergency.

What to include in a mini survival fishing kit?
A mini survival tin is a good thing to carry in your day bag or
bugout bag, but you may be wondering what to include.  You can
make your own or trust others to do it for you. If you take the
route of trusting others, then make sure to get yours from a
quality source, because not all fishing kits are the same.

  • Uncle Flint's Survival Fishing Kit: Made in the U.S.A., the
    survival fishing kit, Uncle Flint's Survival Fishing Kit, has a
    thoughtful collection of emergency fishing gear assembled
    into a convenient tin that's easy enough to stash in your
    vehicle, bugout bag or day bag.

#3: Get your equipment ready.
It's not enough to have your license in the car when the ranger
comes for a visit. Have a waterproof way to hold your license or
you may have a soggy problem on your hands.

Here are more luxuries for fishing:
  • Hip boots are great for clamming and for fishing.
  • Tackle box or fishing bucket.

#4: Know how to cook your fish!
Survival Fishing
What to include in a mini survival fishing kit

You've heard the term, "I'd rather be fishing," and yet not every
prepper knows how to fish or thinks much of it. Every prepper
worth his weight in seasalt should consider taking up the sport.

Fishing is great fun whether at the lake, on the stream or ocean
and kids love to partake. If you're fishing for getting started in
survival fishing, this article is for you. If you're an expert
fisherman, skip to the fun at the bottom of the page...

How to get started survival fishing

#1: Get your fishing license.
While in a survival situation, you won't be needing your fishing
license, you need practice. This may seem rather straight forward,
but what about crayfish, mussels or clams? What about catch and
release? The answer is to check local regulations.

In Texas "
A valid fishing license with a freshwater or saltwater
endorsement is required to take fish, mussels, clams, crayfish or
other aquatic life in the public waters of Texas. A hunting license
is required to take turtles and frogs," according to Texas Parks
and Wildlife.

There are also age requirements. If you are 17 years or younger,
you may not need a fishing license, but you must check with local

#2: Know what you need in a survival situation.
There is a minimum level of fishing gear that you need to fish,
which is why it's so important to have fishing gear as part of your
bugout bag.

You may be able to find garbage that's useful for survival if you
have nothing. Here's how to make fishing lures using what's on
your person and what you find.
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