Italian Food Storage

Italian food storage
Put an Italian flair into your food storage

Bada bing! Italian Emergency food fit for a GodFather.
Mama Mia you'll find some delicious Italian food storage ~ ready-
made just add water meals, or shelf-stable foods that you can
serve with a fine bottle of Chianti. Harness your inner Italian
cooking skills or just add water for these delicious emergency
meals that the bambinos will appreciate...

Italian inspired emergency food options
If you're looking for Italian food in the American tradition, you'll
find some pretty good emergency food options that are all shelf

#1: Augason Farms Italian Variety Kit.
If you enjoy Italian food on a regular basis, you'll love Augason
Italian Style Emergency Food Bucket, pictured right. This
Italian food variety kit is especially comforting in an emergency.
Italian food is a favorite go-to comfort food that's perfect for
everyday use or long term food storage.

With the Italian Style Emergency Food Bucket by Augason Farms,
you get all ingredients you need to prepare pizza, italiano
marinara, fettuccine alfredo, breadsticks and macaroni and
cheese. These delicious meals are easy to prepare and, with an
extended shelf life, offer your family a convenient way to enjoy a
hot comforting meal during an emergency or to fulfill your Italian
food cravings whenever they may arise. Shelf life up to 30 years
based on storage conditions.

#2: Italian Style Pepper Steak.
Mountain House Italian Style Pepper Steak ~ with tender cuts of
steak with red, green and yellow bell peppers, onions and
tomatoes with long grain rice ~ is available in pouches and in a
#10 can.

#3: Fettuccini Alfredo.
If you love the creamy goodness of Pasta Alfredo you can store
plenty of delicious options:

  • Augason Farms Fettucini Alfredo is a freeze-dried fettuccine
    Alfredo dinner that will not only be a hit, but will be easy
    and quick to make. Just add water. The kit inside contains 4
    individually sealed food pouches for a total of 16 servings.
    You get two pounds of food. Try also adding freeze dried

  • Chef's Banquet Cheese bucket right, has two kinds of
    sauces, Alfredo and Cheddar. Imagine the pasta, potato and
    casserole creations you'll be able to enjoy with the Cheese
    Sauce Bucket, right. Zest up your pasta dishes with a little
    help from Chef's Banquet Cheddar and Alfredo Sauce Mixes.
    All the work has been done for you. Pair this bucket with the
    pasta bucket and you're ready to go from dry pasta to cheesy
    sauce bliss with one ingredient: water!

#4: Lasagne.
Lasagne is another of the comfort foods that America has
embraced at its own. In freeze-dried format you will not find the
extremely wide noodles, nor the exact texture that you expect
from mom's home made lasagne, but you will get the savory
flavor you expect.

#5: Pasta.
Use your noodle and store more pasta! Storing pasta is
economical, versatile and stores well. Dried pasta is one of the
ancient prepper foods. Here are som Italian Pastas to store:
  • egg noodles
  • fettuccine noodles.
  • gnocchi
  • lasagna
  • linguine
  • mastocolli
  • orecchiette
  • orzo (rice shaped pasta)
  • penne
  • rotelle
  • rotini
  • rigatoni
  • tortellini (dried)
  • vermicelli

#6: Pasta Primavera.
Another Italian favorite is the Mountain House Pasta Primavera.
You'll find a hearty combination of zucchini, spiral macaroni,
cauliflower, broccoli, red & yellow peppers and green beans in a
creamy, Parmesan cheese sauce.d

#7: Pizza.
If you can make your own crust, then you're golden for pizza!
Emergency Essentials Pizza and Spaghetti Sauce, right, is just
foer you.

#8: Spaghetti.
Spaghetti is an American staple, and you can enjoy this comfort
food in freeze dried format. The texture will be not quite as home
made, but it's certainly a convenient option. The noodles are
shorter and broken, and the sauce is blended. Below are some
great shelf-stable foods:

  • Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and meatballs. Easy-to-serve, kid-
    approved, and classic Americana, Chef Boyardee Spaghetti
    and Meatballs contains no artificial flavors, colors, or
    preservatives. Chef Boyardee meatballs are made with a
    combination of pork, chicken and beef.

  • Mountain House Spaghetti with meat sauce. Tender
    Spaghetti pasta with chunks of beef in a rich marinara sauce.
    A classic dish enjoyed by many ~ delicious, hearty and
    filling. The most popular brand of a freeze dried spaghetti
    meal for camping and prepping. Backpacker approved, you
    can enjoy this meal with confidence.

Give your spaghetti recipe a kick of texture by combining Yoder's
canned hamburger with
Yoder's canned beef chunks.

Mix up the pasta choices too. Spaghetti sauce is great over a
wide array of noodles, such as egg noodles and rotini noodles.
Another way to make spaghetti more interesting is to start with a
base of fettucini and cream sauce before adding your spaghetti
sauce on top. The tangy and creamy is a delicious combination to

#9: Cheese and breadsticks
No Italian meal would be complete without the element of
Cheese and breadsticks to top your Italian meal.

  • Breadsticks. Breadsticks date back to Northern Italy, circa
    1679 with credit given to baker Lanzo Torinese.

  • Saratoga Farms Mozzarella Cheese.  Saratoga Farms Freeze
    Dried Mozzarella Cheese is everything you love about
    mozzarella but with a much longer shelf-life. It's real cheese
    made of skim milk, cheese cultures, salt and enzymes and
    perfect for your food storage.

#10 Pizza Making Kit.
Mamma Mia ~ off grid cooking is good. When you get the special
delivery of the
Patriot Pantry Pizza Making Survival Kit
pictured right, you'll have everything you need to make ten 10-12
inch pizzas! This 10-pack survival pizza kit includes everything
needed for some old-fashioned family fun. From the everyday to
an emergency, any night can be pizza night for friends and family.
You'll get a perfect crust, rich pizza sauce and melty mozzarella
cheese with each complete kit. Just prepare the dough, sauce and
cheese, then build your pizza. Be creative and make your own
signature pizza by adding fresh toppings - especially from the
garden! When you're ready to bake, you have several tasty

If you have power or a generator, a conventional oven works best.
But in an emergency, you can also bake your survival pizza in a
Dutch oven over coals. These survival pizzas even cook well on a
gas or charcoal grill if you have a pizza stone.

Happy endings...
Prego! Add some Italian flair to your food storage.

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