food insurance

Food Insurance
Is there such thing as food insurance?

How to get Food Insurance.
Food insurance is not a policy offered for sale, but rather the
peace of mind in knowing that one has secured long term food
reserves. This is why preppers set up a food storage system
and put the
37 critical foods in their pantry.

So what is food insurance?
Consider if someone tried to sell you a $100 food insurance
policy. Insurance is a contract and such contracts are highly
regulated by the government and carefully reviewed and
scrutinized by an attorney team, and ultimately sold through
someone with a property casualty license. Insurance agents are
professionals licensed because insurance is a legal binding
contract that says in the unlikely event X happens, the
beneficiary will receive Y in compensation. An insurance policy
is a piece of paper and nothing more.

The problem with food insurance (if it even existed) is that
you'd never get food, but only the monetary value of food as
specified in a contract.  In other words, you'd likely go hungry
because you might have worthless money in your hand an
nothing to eat in the event there is not enough food to go
around! There might be no infrastructure to support a monetary
fulfilment of the contract. Even if you could miraculously get the
money, you'd likely not be able to buy food. In a time of crises,
food would be priceless.

Wouldn't it be nice to have food insurance, if it existed?
The good news is that Happy Preppers can have such insurance.
Stocking a home with an abundance of pantry items is like
having food insurance. For as little as $100, you can provide
one person in your family with enough freeze dried food to last
7 days. Right, the Alpine Food Kit provides 25 Pouches of meals
in a variety of flavors.

So now you know how to get food insurance. In short, you must

Happy endings...
Even if they call you crazy, keep on prepping and prepare to live
happily ever after! Stash your stuff and survive.

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