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Above, Sensible Prepper opens a 9-volt battery to reveal a surprise and
shows you how to  put this battery to use as a AAA.

Hopefully you'll never run out of AAA batteries, but this hack is
good to know for an emergency. While you're thinking of it, you
may as well stock up on the best selling AAA batteries on
Amazon, right.

Prepper hack #11:
Learn the truth about freezing batteries.
You don't really need to freeze batteries to make them last
longer, unless it's really hot in your home. Batteries will lose only
around 2% of their stored energy a year, but on a hot day in teh
90s or 100s, the same batteries will lose 25%! If you freeze
batteries, make sure to keep them in a plastic bag to avoid
condensation and rusting.

Prepper hack #12:
Extend life of your cell phone battery
Don't you just hate it when you're absorbed on your cell phone
and suddenly you notice your juice is low? The first remedy is to
see what's sucking the most juice. Did you know that your apps
and features display in descending order of how much space is
hogging your system? Check it out, then uninstall apps you no
longer use or turn off the feature.

Here are more ways to extend the life of your cell phone battery:
  • Manually adjust the screen brightness.
  • Set your Twitter and Facebook to "manual." You should
    see an immediate increase in battery life.
  • Close background applications. Make it a regular habit to
    trim the apps that are open, because each of them is
    hogging energy.
  • Toggle between GPS and airplane mode. Keep an eye on
    your cellular coverage, because if you have a low signal it
    will work harder to hog your battery life.
  • Skip the wallpaper and the screen widgets.
Prepper Hack #10:
How use a 9 Volt battery for AAA battery uses.
This may come in handy should you need to use AAA batteries
and all you have is the 9-volt.

Lemons can help you conduct a charge of electricity, however, the
electricity is NOT in the lemon.

Prepper Hack #9:
How to make a potato battery.
If you have both zinc and copper nails handy, along with the
obligatory potatoes, you can make a potato battery and here's
Saltwater battery charger

Included adapters allow for charging AAA batteries and, with
adapters, to operate C and D Sized Devices. With 4 AA batteries,
it charges most cell phones and USB compatible electronic
devices. It will get your walkie talkies back on the air or allow for
cell phone communication when there is no power.

This environmentally friendly, lightweight, high power density fuel
cell has a broad range of applications that require a safe,
portable and reliable power source.  This AA battery charger is
perfect for a variety of applications and charges any Nimh or Nicd
rechargeable battery . GMAG will charge 6 AA batteries in about
two hours and has a charging capability equal to about 90
alkaline batteries for a fraction of their cost.

Prepper Hack #8:
How to make a lemon battery.
Have fun learning the science about how to make a lemon battery
(then teach a prepper kid the trick):

  • Tenergy batteries. Designed for enhanced performance for
    high drain applications such as digital cameras, CD players,
    portable audio devices, hand held games, 2-way radios,
    PDAs, and other portable high drain digital electronics,
    Tenergy Batteries can be recharged (re-energized) for up to
    1000 times, providing big saving by replacing hundreds of
    throw away AA/AAA batteries. That sure comes in handy
    whether it's an economic crisis or a long-term off grid
    scenario, and so it's good to know. Add them to your preps!

Prepper hack #7:
Power up your AA without sunlight.
You can re-charge (re-energize) AA batteries without sunlight,
without AC power. Just add water! How? The Works Package,
Greenivative Magic, is a portable AA/AAA battery charger that's a
saltwater battery charger.
Above, Outside Fun shows how to make a fire from steel wool and a battery.

Prepper hack #6: Solar battery charger.
As a prepper, it's good to be in the know about survival tools and
it's good to know about product that allow you to recharge
batteries with the sun. Okay, we learned above in prepper battery
hack #4 that you re-energize (and not re-charge), but since the
rest of the world is still in the dark we'll use that term that most
people are familiar -- recharge!

There are some cool solar battery chargers on the market. For

  • Crane 11-in-1 Solar Battery Charger: The Crane 11-in-1
    Solar Battery Charger uses sunlight to generate a current
    that charges pairs of batteries in sizes AAA, AA, C, or D. It
    will even charge gum batteries.  Try the Tenergy batteries,
    pictured lower right.
Above Godfather Prepper shows you how to get free batteries for life!

Important note: battery manufacturers warn against recharging
their non-rechargeable batteries. While it is possible, you'll get
only about a dozen recharges. Take heed as charging too long will
cause leakage or worse a little explosion.

Prepper hack #5:
Make a fire from steel wool and a battery.
Did you know you can make a fire from steel wool and a battery?
It's a favorite prepper hack and you should give it a try if you
have a nine-volt battery and some steal wool. It's time to scrub
up on how to use steel wool prepping with this awesome hack:
Above, Science Asylum says, "It's very common language to say "I need to
charge my battery," but that's a total misnomer. Your battery ALWAYS has
the same amount of charge in it. This video should set the record straight!'

So there you have it. You can re-energize batteries. Want to
know how? Here's how to get free batteries for life:
Try the McGyver-like battery trick above. With just a bit of Scotch tape and
some thin cardboard you can transform an AA battery to a C one!

Prepper battery hack #4:
How to re-energize your alkaline batteries.
You may have stumbled across an article or two that tells you
"how to recharge alkaline batteries," but this is impossible. One
does NOT "charge a battery!" Not to say that such authors are
fibbing, but they are not understanding the truth. It's really a
matter of semantics.

You see, the batteries already have a charge, but they don't have
energy. If you want to know the science behind this, then listen to
the crazy words of Science Asylum. He masterfully explains this
Look closely above! Evil Mad Scientist shows you how to position a few
quarters to make up the length difference where the C battery falls short.

Don't have a C battery? The next prepper battery hack discloses
the secret for how to turn a AA battery into a C battery.

Prepper battery hack #3:
Turn a AA battery into a C battery!
It's an easy trick to turn a AA battery into a C battery when you
need it most. All you need is some thin strips of cardboard to
make this happen. Kipkay shows you how in about 30 seconds:
Want to turn pennies into energy? Start with pennies that are newer than
1982. The King of Random explains in the video above.

Prepper battery hack #2:
How to use quarters to turn C batteries into D
You don't often need D batteries, but when you do, and you don't
have them, here's what to do: use quarters to help you out! The
Evil Mad Scientist shares the $1 C-to-D-hack:
Battery hacks for preppers
Battery hacks for emergencies

Prepper battery hacks:
Batteries are an important part of prepping and yet many
preppers haven't given much thought about the importance. Take
charge and learn a thing or two about batteries, so you're ready
for the next emergency! In addition to learning some fun prepper
hacks, this article will answer some of the following questions:

  • What are the best batteries for emergency preparedness?
  • How can you extend the energy inside your batteries?
  • What's the best way to store batteries?
  • How can you recharge alkaline batteries?
  • Can you really make a battery out of a lemon or a potato?

Prepper Battery Hacks
Every prepper should have a battery tester. The battery tester,
pictured right, requires no batteries to operate (other than the
batteries you're testing). The
Ampprobe battery tester tests
standard and rechargeable batteries: 9V, AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V
Button Type.

Below are some battery hacks for preppers, which may come in
handy during a crisis...

Preppert battery hack #1:
the last little bit of juice from a battery by throwing it down on a
carpet or a towel on dirt. You might even try throwing them on
the couch. It will wake up just enough of "juice" inside to get a
little more use out of it. Try this on your remote control next time
it zonks on you.  ANOTHER WAY to make your battery last just a
little longer, especially in cold temperatures, is by warming your
batteries to body temperature. Wrap your batteries in the warmth
of your clothes for ten minutes. Alternatively, roll your batteries
briskly between your hands for a short time ~ the friction will
spark the remaining extra energy. inside. Also, when you return
the batteries to the device, turn them in place to ensure that the
contacts are as clean as possible.

Prepper battery hack #2:
How to make a three-penny battery.
"Is there spare energy hanging around in your spare change?" so
asks The King of Random. You can get energy from pennies? Yes!
You can turn a handful of pennies into batteries that can power
small electronic devices. That's useful information for a prepper
and the King of Random shows how in this fun battery hack:
36 AA batteriers for under $9
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