Bathtub water storage

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bathtub water storage
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Bathtub water storage
How to turn your bathtub into an emergency water reserve

WaterBOB turns your tub into water storage on the fly!
With a little pre-planning you can turn any bathtub into a fresh
water reserve to prepare for an emergency. A waterBOB reservoir
lets you store up to 100 gallons of water in a standard tub for up
to 16-weeks. Below is the best last-minute water storage idea:
the WaterBob...

Last Minute Water Storage: Waterbob
WaterBOB turns your bathtub into an emergency water storage.
The only caveat is that you must plan your fresh drinking water
for an event, such as a
hurricane. It's temporary water storage,
but it's an excellent solution for anyone short on space.
Unfortunately, directly after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma,
these devices were completely sold out. Price gouging also
happened. The supply and demand pricing is going in a downward
trend ~ the device normally around $25 was last seen on Amazon
in mid September 2017 was $159, but in January 2018 the price
came in around $34.95.

How to turn your bathtub into a water reserve
Most people don't think of storing water for emergencies and rely
on local stores for their bottled water, but supply and demand can
get the best of them. Ordinary citizens become victims ofprice
gouging and shortages.

It's important as always to prepare! A hurricane, tropical storm,
flood or storm surge can interrupt or even contaminate your water
supply. Water stored in an open bathtub, with dirt, soap film and
exposure to debris will spoil and become useless. With the
waterBOB never risk ingesting contaminated water, and don't
need to head to the store for bottled water. In around 25 minutes
you can fill the tub with the lifesaving water you need.

All this is great news for urban preppers who may not have room
store large water tanks.

After a disaster, and when the bottled water runs out, you can
turn to the waterBOB for your emergency water.

WaterBOB is Emergency Drinking Water Storage with a
capacity to 100 Gallons. Pictured below, waterBOB helps you
store water in your bathtub for an impending emergency. For
example, use it directly after an earthquake when water could be
in limited supply or before a hurricane so your family always has

The waterBOB is easy to attach to your faucet and fill in minutes.
Made with a food-grade plastic, make sure you fill the tub with
cold water only.

A hurricane, tropical storm, flood or storm surge can interrupt or
even contaminate your water supply. Water stored in an open
bathtub, with dirt, soap film and exposure to debris will spoil and
become useless. With the waterBOB you and your loved ones will
never have to risk ingesting contaminated water. The waterBOB
keeps water fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, washing and
sanitation for up to 12-16 weeks!

So there you have it ~ if you have a bathtub you can fill it with
lifesaving water in a waterBob or AquaPOD.
Waterbob ~ bathtub reservoir
Waterbob bathtub water storage
The AquaPod emergency water storage kit is another option,
which also sold out after the two big hurricanes of 2017. AquaPod
works similarly to the waterBob, but includes an important
device: a
zip tie.

The major advantage of the zip tie is that it allows you to walk
away while the bathtub is being filled. The water can take around
25 minutes to fill. The zip tie allows your hand to be free. Other
than that, the AquaPod emergency water storage kit operates
about the same.
bathtub water storage
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Happy endings...
Never be without water. When you know in advance that getting
fresh drinking water will be a concern because of interrupted
services, you can feel good knowing you have a waterBOB or

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