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Mexican Fiesta Bucket
Mexican Style Rice and Chicken
Pinto bean seasoning
How to plan a Mexican fiesta food storage
Mexican Style Rice and Chicken
Mexican Food Storage
Pack a fiesta in the prepper's pantry

How to plan a food storage fiesta!
Likely your food storage includes rice and beans, but that will
get boring rather fast without a plan. Thankfully, you can live
off the grid in gourmet style with Mexican Food storage fiesta.

Having variety in your food storage will enhance your morale
and there's no better variety than Mexican food combination.
Imagine the delicious combinations, such as tacos, fajitas,
tamales, enchiladas and more all made from food storage.

  • End times doesn't mean boring times. Plan a fiesta! Get
    in the party mode now with Augason farm's fiesta bucket,
    pictured right. While the zombies are eating bugs, you'll be
    enjoying some seriously good eats. The fiesta pail has
    food for lunch and dinner along with amazing appetizers.
    Using your culinary spin: your options are endless. This
    emergency food bucket includes a “Fiesta Menu” with prep
    instructions for favorites such as Chicken Fajitas,
    Vegetarian Tacos, Bean Burritos, Enchiladas, Breakfast
    Burritos, Nachos and Quesadillas. The bucket includes
    Spanish rice, freeze dried chicken, tortillas, corn chips,
    shredded cheese, cheese sauce, salta, enchilada red sauce,
    refried beans and much more.

Get out your tortilla press and learn more easy ways to have a
survival fiesta...

Plan a Mexican fiesta of food storage

#1: Mexican and Spanish Rice.
It all starts with the rice in the prepper's pantry. You can make
your own Spanish rice or Mexican restaurant rice at home. Learn
how to make Mexican rice starting from brown rice or white rice.

  • Long grain brown rice. The Augason Farms brown rice
    bran and germ layers contain more nutrients than white
    rice, making it a naturally healthy choice for your food
    storage supply and everyday use. This rice is nutty and
    delicous. It will stay fluffy after cooking, making it ideal for
    use in salads, casseroles and stir-fry dishes. The brown
    rice is contained in a 4-gallon watertight pail including 262
    servings and 41,920 total calories.

  • Long grain white rice. A classic for preppers is the
    Augason Farms Long grain White rice bucket. You get 28-
    lbs of rice packaged for 30-year shelf life for around $26.14
    (if you have Prime) and it ships free. Be sure to check our
    daily deals section for more great Augason Farms deals.

Try also:

#2: Beans.
Whatever your preference, black turtle beans or pinto beans,
you can't very well have a Mexican fiesta without beans. If you
love pinto beans, be sure to
stockpile pinto bean seasoning
right. You can serve refried beans very easily thanks to the
rehydrated proce

#3: Meats.
Did you know you can eat freeze dried meats straight from the
can or pouch? It makes for a tasty and nutritious snack.

The Wise Foods
rice and Freeze dried meat is a gluten-free
protein bucket with 104 servings. Each grab-n-go bucket is
stackable for easy storage and has a 15-year shelf life. Includes:
  • 12 servings diced freeze dried chicken
  • 12 servings freeze dried ground beef
  • 80 servings white rice.

It's a great start of a Mexican fiesta. Of course the best way to
use freeze dried chicken chunks or beef chunks is for homestyle
Mexican food. Grab a lime if you are so lucky to have some in
your garden, otherwise you can
stock lime juice.

Try Legacy foods freeze dried combo and saute with lime:
Lime Juice
Old El Paso Red enchilada Sauce
Organic freeze dried cooked chicken
Mountain House #10 can - Diced Chicken
Foods with the best shelf life
Rice in the prepper's pantry
Pinto Beans
Black Turtle Beans bucket
Long grain brown rice
Augason Farms long Grain White Rice
More fiesta spices
Fajita spice pack ~ hamburger, steak, fajita

#7: Spices, herbs, sauces and condiments.
Tabasco sauce and  Along with stocking Fiesta brand pinto bean
seasoning for your beans, you'll need spices, herbs and
condiments to round out your fiesta.

  • Herbs:
  • Plant cilantro
  • Sprouts are an excellent addition to tacos!

  • Condiments:

Other Mexican specialities

  • Chili: Armed with a variety of cans of beans (or dried beans
    that you stew), plus some chili powder, cayenne pepper
    and ketchup, you'll have the fixing for a hearty chili. Add
    some freeze dried hamburger and you're in for a post
    apocalyptic treat!

  • Tomales ~ Make your own tomales or open a can of

  • Rice water. Horchata is a milk-like drink made of ground
    almonds, nuts, or rice.

Mexican food storage recipes:

Happy endings...
Live off the grid in gourmet style with Mexican Food storage
combinations. Preppers often store rice and
beans, but you can
really have a gourmet off grid experience if you do a little
advance planning! Having variety in your food storage will
enhance your morale.

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Freeze dried meat options for Mexican Food storage:

Canned meat options for Mexican food Storage:

#4: Cheeses.
When you have freeze dried cheese e on hand you're ready for
just about any meal from Mexican to Italian.

You can store cheese in waxed in your refrigerator for a long
time. Another good idea is to buy a block of cheese at Costco.
Once you open the cheese it will degrade more rapidly, but up
until you open it you'll find it ages nicely.

#5: Canned veggies
Plant a fiesta garden or herb garden of cilantro, green onions,
lettuce, jalapeños, colorful peppers, onions and tomatoes.

If you don't have the space for fresh veggies, you can always
can your own or buy jarred and canned products:

#6: Tortilla fixings.
No fiesta would be complete without tortillas. You can make
home made corn tortillas very easily (just add warm water to
masa harina). Flour tortillas require a little more skill but are
easy to learn how to make.

  • Masa Harina
  • Cast Iron tortilla press
  • Cast Iron tortilla pan
  • Ready made Hard taco shells and tostada shells.

How to make tortillas from food storage
To make a taco you'll need tortillas. Need a lesson making corn
tortillas from your food storage? It's easy if you have masa
harina on hand. All you need is Masa Harina and warm water!

perfect protein. You can add the luxury freeze dried cheese.

  • Easy corn Tortillas with Masa Harina: Make lovely fresh
    corn tortillas with Masa Harina. Masa, is the Spanish word
    for "dough," which you can make easily with just three
    ingredients Masa Harina corn flour, water and sea salt and
    cook them quickly on a griddle.  A lovely golden corn flower
    is behind the "Masa Harina," which is made with dried corn
    kernels that have been cooked and soaked win lime water
    and then ground into masa. Masa Harina is best kept
    refrigerated or frozen. Practice tortilla making with this
  • A good brand of Masa Harina is from Bob's Red Mill.
  • A tortilla press is an excellent addition to a
    prepper's kitchen. Pictured right is an excellent cast-
    iron tortilla press of heirloom quality to enjoy for
    years to come.

  • Corn tortillas: Making corn tortillas is as simple as buying
    masa harina, adding hot water and frying it up! Masa
    Harina is #12 on our list of 37 Foods to Hoard. Need a
    lesson making corn tortillas?

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