Improvised weapons for preppers

Daisy red reyder as an improvised weapon
Bear attack
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Bear spray as an improvised weapon
Wasp hornet killer spray as an improvised weapon
spear gun for self defense
Medieval mace
Paintball as an improvised weapon
Duct tape
United States Constitution can defend your civil liberties
Smith Wesson replica airgun
Smith Wesson air pistol
Improvised Weapons
  1. aerosol can
  2. ashtray
  3. bag of dog poop
  4. barette or bobby pin
  5. baseball cap
  6. belt
  7. billfold or wallet
  8. billiard ball
  9. blanket
  10. book of matches
  11. bottle of hot sauce
  12. bowling ball
  13. broom / mop
  14. candle
  15. candy bar
  16. car antenna
  17. cellphone
  18. ceramic plat
  19. chain
  20. chopsticks
  21. clipboard
  22. coffee mug
  23. coffee pot
  24. comb
  25. corkscrew
  26. crutches
  27. cue stick
  28. dirty diaper
  29. dish soap
  30. disposable razor
  31. dog leash
  32. drinking straw
  33. duct tape / electrical
  34. extension cord
  35. eyeglasses /
  36. fire extinguisher
  37. flashlight
  38. fork
  39. Frisbee
  40. frying pan
  41. garbage can
  42. golf bag
  43. hairbrush
  44. hammer
  45. handful of coins
  46. high heels
  47. ice scraper
  48. jumper cables
  49. keys
  50. laptop computer
  51. light bulb
  52. lighter
  53. lipsick / lip balm
  54. mirror
  55. nail file
  56. oven mitt
  57. paper clip
  58. pen / pencil
  59. pillow and pillowcase
  60. ping-pong paddle
  61. pizza box
  62. plastic bag
  63. plunger
  64. pocketbook
  65. poker chips
  66. powder puff
  67. PVC pipe
  68. quart of oil
  69. rearview mirror
  70. roll of toilet paper
  71. rolling pin
  72. rope
  73. rubber band
  74. safety pin
  75. salad tongs
  76. salt
  77. scarf / necktie
  78. scuba tank
  79. seat belt
  80. shoe horn
  81. shopping cart
  82. sneakers / shoes
  83. scoks
  84. staple puller
  85. T-shirt
  86. takeout container
  87. thumbtacks
  88. toothbrush
  89. towel
  90. turkey baster
  91. TV remote control
  92. tweezers
  93. umbrella
  94. water bottle
  95. windshield wiper
  96. wire coat hanger
  97. wrist watch
Prepper's Guide to improvised Weapons
Counter Assault bear spray
List of Improvised weapons
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Now you have the basic prepper's guide to improvised weapons,
you can buy the book. Pictured right is the Prepper's
Underground Guide to improvised Weapons -- how to protect
yourself without a firearm using everyday items.

Happy endings...
Preppers are a creative bunch and know how to improvise
weapons and make things work when they need to make it

The best thing you can do to prepare is to have mental
fortitude and have a plan. Be headstrong. Even without
weapons of any kind, if you have the mental fortitude, and
know and understand things will be difficult and you have a
plan, you can survive! That's what being a prepper is all about.

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Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Even a spice can have tactical in use as a weapon. Cayenne
pepper, for example, is effective in your hand if you are able to
blow it in your assailant's eyes.

The United States Constitution as a weapon
The United States Constitution could save your civil liberties!
We hope you never need to improvise weapons in self defense.
In no uncertain terms, as of this writing, you have the
constitutional right to bear arms in the United States. Learn
more about your
Second Amendment rights:

  • Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia, being
    necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the
    people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

A gun isn't for every prepper. Your survival defense plan
requires you take action and if you don't feel confident dealing
with firearms, consider improvising a weapon! Even Rapunzel
recognized the value of a cast iron skillet for self defense!
Prepping with Improvised Weapons
These improvised tools could save your life

Crazy survival gear? You be the judge!
If you're a prepper clever you can defend yourself with salad
tongs, hairbrushes, and even a dirty diaper! Just about anything
can be improvised into a weapon.

Consider this page as a guide to improvised weaponry and learn
how to protect yourself with whatever you've got. Some tools
require a few modifications to turn them into weapons, but you
can also use ordinary objects in unusual ways to defend yourself.
Turn a sock into a weapon! Take a sock, load it with a soda can,
heavy coins, rocks or a brick and you have a simple improvised

Guide To Improvised Weaponry
With a little prepping and planning we'll guide you to improvised
tools that could save your life.

For starters, check out this video on how to make your own taser!
Improvised Weapons for Preppers
Not every prepper is gun happy, or has a gun as part of their
every day carry. For that matter, not everyone is legally allowed
to own a gun (the 1968 Gun Control Act prohibits certain people
from possessing firearms), and who knows what the future will
bring on gun ownership!

Whatever the reason for not having a gun, if you find the need to
defend yourself without one, you can improvise. To that end, here
are some unusual ideas in survival self defense and how to
improvise a weapon...

#1 Improvised Weapon: ordinary household objects.
Ordinary household objects with a little imagination can become
defensive weapons, and here are some examples:

  • Baseball bat. A swing to the head with an ordinary baseball
    bat will do damage enough, but one young Doomsday
    Prepper had a more sinister idea. He cleverly converted his
    baseball bat into a medieval mace with nail heads.

  • Broken ceramics and glass. The clever prepper in you will
    find use in the sharp edges of a broken plate, ceramic coffee
    cup, drinking glass, beer or wine bottle to ward off a human

  • Fireplace poker. Show your attacker the true meaning of
    "poker face" and hammer some blows to the face. Even
    better if you've allowed time to heat it in the fireplace.

  • Lollypop stick. A tootsie pop with the ball of the candy in
    your palm and the stick pointing outwards can add a
    debilitating blow. Now that's what you call a "sucker" punch!

  • Rolling pin. If in the kitchen during an attack, grab the
    knives, but in case all the good knives are in the dishwasher,
    remember the rolling pin! With a rolling pin in hand you can
    club your attacker to fight back.

#2 Improvised Weapon: duct tape.
Duct tape itself is a survival tool, but it alone can't do much to
thwart an attack, though you can subdue someone you hold
captive (handcuffs or a mouthpiece). When you pair duct tape
with a sharp object and handle, then you have a contender! Here
are some ideas to et you thinking.

  • Broomstick Spear. Duct tape a knife to a broom stick and
    you have spear.  

  • Scissor spear. Duct tape scissors to a rolled up a magazine.
    Open up the scissors and tape it together.

#3 Improvised Weapon: hobby and toy equipment.
Airguns are a good option for preppers not comfortable with fire
arms (and there are a few out there who just aren't "happy" with
guns). We're talking realistic looking BB guns or paint ball. Right,
a Smith & Wesson Replica is BB Pistol and could serve as a

  • Blank firing Pistol. Preppers who don't want to handle a real
    gun, may consider the very realistic blank firing pistol. This
    one fires 5 blanks with all the sound and fury of a real
    firearm. It may be just the convincing that someone needs
    to vacate the premises, providing you with valuable time to
    bugout. Blanks firing pistols, like this one, pictured
    immediate right, a Smith & Wesson, is used in dog training,
    on sets as movie props, or for re-enactments. Fire away and
    send them running!

  • Daisy Red Ryder BB: You'll shoot your eye out kid! Well, at
    least you'll shoot a Zombie's eye out. While the Daisy Red
    Ryder BB is a classic from A Christmas Story, this classic
    design, reminiscent of the airguns you grew up with, could
    provide sufficient realistic reason to run. Intended for
    developing shooting and marksmanship skills, the Red Ryder
    is recommended for shooters aged 10 and up with adult
    supervision. Pictured directly below.

  • Paintball tactical set. With an 11-inch barrel, integrated
    carry handle, and removable magazine that doubles as a tool
    kit, the paintball tactical set can add to the overall military
    appearance of your preparedness. (This item is not for sale
    in some specific zip codes.) Paintball can easily welt and
    bruise an unarmed attacker providing just enough
    discouragement and time for you to retreat and defend with
    lethal forces if necessary

  • Smith & Wesson replica BB pistol. Pictured right, this BB
    gun is a replica pistol based on the S&W Military and Police
    firearm. Preppers uncomfortable with the real deal should
    consider having a replica. It could be the proper persuasion
    for having an intruder leave your property. Oh, yeah, you'll
    poke a zombie eye out, kid.

#4 Improvised Weapon: Watercraft equipment.
On an episode of Doomsday Preppers, Captain Bill Simpson
theorized that his vessel,the Iron Maiden, could be used as a
weapon against pirates. In a drill, he and his crew blasted the
Iron Maiden (90 tons of steel) through some small fishing boats
to prove his point. Also as part of the episode, the Captain had
his crew took aim with some unusual and sea-legal weapons,

  • Flare gun. A flare gun is often fired as signal for rescue, but
    it could put some serious hurt on someone if pressed into
    defensive service.

  • Spear gun (harpoon). A fishing spear has a nasty tip for
    harpooning large fish. When fired, it lodges easily into flesh
    whether a sea creature or a human one.

It proves the point that preppers may need to use a tool out of
context to gain defend property, life and limb.

#5 Improvised Weapon: Animal Repellent Sprays.
If Mace or pepper spray is illegal in your locale, then you should
have no problem obtaining bear spray or wasp spray, which each
have a more powerful range. Ordinarily, you wouldn't carry these
items in your person, but they are good alternate items to own.
In an SHTF survival situation, law becomes invalid: it's do or die.
If that doesn't bode well with you, try Halt Dog Repellent.  

  • Wasp spray. Used in self defense, wasp spray does not
    require a license to purchase or use. Pepper spray in many
    states does require a license. This weird survival tool is an
    option in a world gone mad where the rule of law does not
    apply. The advantage of wasp spray is that you will have a
    longer range of defensible distance between you and an
    attacker. Pepper spray offers a measure of protection for
    civilian use, while Mace is the brand police officers use, and
    may require a license to operate because it has a longer
    range of spray. Always check with local ordinances.

  • Bear Spray. Here again, when the rule of law does not
    apply, bear spray can be an effective measure of self

  • Halt Dog Repellent. Intended to keep dogs at bay, Halt Dog
    repellent could be just what you need to daze and confuse
    an attacker so you can prepare a stronger defense plan or

Weapons that should be in your arsenal (besides

  • Bows and Arrows. Archery is a prepper skill to hone and
    National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers has featured bows
    and arrows as part of the prepper lifestyle. Bows and arrows
    may help you hunt small game in apocalyptic times, and it
    may well help boost your security as it is a silent weapon.

Here's how to make a PVC bow as illustrated by a resourceful
Doomsday Prepper.

  • Croval. Doomsday Prepper Tim Ralston has invented the
    Croval. The Croval is a multi-function tool that takes 13
    different tools that weigh 45 pounds and puts them into one
    tool that weighs only around 5 pounds. Intimidation is the
    idea behind the self-defense weapon aspect of the tool.
    Unfortunately, Tim Ralston is also the guy that lost a digit
    on the episode while demonstrating his firearms.

  • Tactical flashlight. Do you know the real value of a tactical
    flashlight? We'll shine a light on what makes a tactical
    flashlight earn its name:

  • Bezel: Use a tactical flashlight as a club to deliver a smack
    of blow. Thanks to the special design (it should have a sharp
    front edged bezel), you can wham the nose and eyes!

  • Weapon mount: A tactical flashlight can be mounted to
    a weapon for low-light shooting to simultaneously aim
    and illuminate.

  • Blinding light: Finally, a tactical flashlight has an
    intense light, which you can aim directly into the eyes
    to blind your assailant. This blinding light should do the
    trick of disorienting your assailant and thereby giving
    you the advantage to provide a swift kick to the groin
    with your knee.

  • Olight Tactical Flashlight: Olight's Warrior tactical flashlight
    features a crennelated bezel, what you need to fight off an
    attacker. Beware that a tooth bezel on a flashlight may not
    be allowed on airplanes, which means that a TSA
    (Transportation Security Administration) agent may swipe it
    from you. Also, it is not eligible for shipment outside of the
    United States, as it could be illegal to carry such a flashlight
    in certain countries (the UK for example) where it may be
    considered an offensive weapon.

  • Belt: Here's how to use a belt to defend yourself:
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