Preventing Powassan Virus

Preventing Powassan Virus
A Tick-borne Illness Worse than Lyme disease!

When the weather gets better, and out come the deer ticks, you
may be worried about Lyme disease, but those little eight-legged
terrors have something new and more worrisome in store for you
in the realm of uncurable diseases. Now you can add another
reason to be scared of ticks:
Powassan virus!

Preppers should be concerned about preventing Powassan Virus,
particularly if they...
  • reside North Eastern United States and the Great Lakes
  • have a residence close to wooded parts of Connecticut,
    Minnesota or Ohio.
  • hunt, hike, camp or travel in the wooded areas listed above

Preventing Powassan Virus
Below are some tips on preventing Powassan Virus from a
prepper's perspective...

What is Powassan Virus and should preppers be concerned?
Powassan Virus is a minimal concern, but preppers who hunt,
camp or hike in deer tick infested parts of the country, should
take particular note of this deadly threat, especially those who
live in the North Eastern United States and the Great Lakes (
Connecticut, Minnesota and Ohio).

The Pawassan Virus is related to
West Nile flavivirus. Powassan
Virus is worse than Lyme disease not only because it can lead to
encephalitis (swelling of the brain), meningitis, and a host of
permanent neurological concerns, but because Powassan Virus
acts faster than Lyme disease, and also has no cure. Powassan
Virus may mimic Lyme Disease, but it can not be cured and it is

What are the symptoms of Powassan Virus?
Symptoms of Powassan Virus come on extremely suddenly and
may include
  • confusion, speech difficulties and memory loss
  • fever, body aches
  • rash
  • headache and stiff neck
  • seizures
  • vertigo, and loss of coordination
  • vomiting, weakness

How can you avoid tick borne illnesses, like Powassan Virus?
While hiking or hunting April through September, take these
  1. Wear long sleeves and pants.
  2. Avoid bushy and wooded areas (wooded parts of Connecticut,
    Minnesota, Ohio).
  3. Protect yourself with bug spray, such as permethrin, pictured
    right or DEET.
  4. Try natural repellents, like Rose Geranium, left, or lemon
    eucalyptus essential oil.
  5. Do a thorough tick check when hiking out doors.
  6. Shower after you've been outdoors.
  7. Spray your pets and check them carefully as well.
  8. Know how to remove a tick:

Powassan Virus Hits the United States
While Powassan Virus affects under 100 people annually, and
Lyme disease has affected more than 20,000, do not dismiss this
extremely rare disease, but don't go into an
Ebola panic. While
you shouldn't panic about this one, you should be aware to avoid
it, particularly if you are  a prepper who hunts, camps or hikes in
the woods.

Don't loose sleep over this one. Just be aware and take the same
preventative measures you do for West Nile Virus and Lyme
Disease. Take measures naturally to get rid of ticks, using such as
using Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

How did the Powassan virus get it's name?
The Powassan virus, which is named after the Powassan, Ontario,
where it was first discovered in 1958.

Happy endings...
Thankfully, setting up the proper precautions to avoid ticks is
easily done by using repellent, wearing proper clothing and simply
avoiding the back country of infested parts of the country in the
North Eastern United States and the Great Lakes (
Connecticut, Minnesota and Ohio).

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Preventing Powassan Virus
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