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BIC lighters belong in your bugout bag
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BIC lighters
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BIC lighter sleeve
BIC lighter sleeve has tools
So how long does a BIC lighter
Standard BIC lighters burn for an hour; while mini BIC lighters will
burn for around twenty minutes, simply because the reservoir of
fuel is much smaller.

Happy endings...
Every prepper knows a BIC is for lighting fires (and not for
cigarettes). A BIC lighter is an important part of your everyday
Zippo makes a great lighter, too. Stock up on BIC lighers and
Zippos and make sure you know how to refill them to ensure you
live happily ever after. Now learn
how to build a fire!

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BIC lighter sleeve
Here's how to refill a disposable BIC lighter:

Bic lighters feed on Butane. You can use a tack or a pushpin to
get the lighter to open so you can fill it with butane. You'll find
three tiny rubber grommets to seal the lighter.

Zippo lighter fluid is good for a BIC lighter refill, but in an
extreme emergency you can also use cooking oil

#5: Easiest and most reliable firestarter.
A BIC lighter is among the most reliable firestarters because it's
so easy to use. It work virtually all the time. Quite simply a BIC
lighter work most of the time and this is an essential feature. A
flick of your BIC and you'll have a fire under normal conditions.
That's the caveat: it won't work well under wet conditions.

While BIC is the easiest and most reliable firestarter, you'll
want to supplement this tool with storm proof matches and a
ferro rod or magnesium firestarter.

#6: BIC could be a bartering tool!
With forethought as a prepper, you can stock up on BIC lighters
because they will be extremely valuable in a long-term survival
situation and you may be able to barter them to get other
supplies. Have a supply of BIC lighters as a bartering tool.
Remember, you can buy BIC lighters in bulk for less than you
could get generic brands at the dollar stores.

#7: BIC for your paracord projects.
A BIC lighter is the go-to for melting paracord to finish projects.
You see, paracord is an awesome survival tool and good to
have, but the ends fray. Here's
how to finish paracord ends
using a BIC Lighter.

BIC is great for sodering theLearn how to make a paracord
lighter wrap in this step by step DIY video tutorial. This is an
easy paracord project which you can do to store some
emergency paracord for camping or in case of an emergency. Or
it just makes a decorative knotted wrap that feels nice in the
hand. Useful for preppers. It is tied using a fish scale braid.
This could also be used as a knife, or walking stick handle wrap.
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BIC Lighter Holder
BIC lighter facts and finds:

  • BIC lighters have been around for more than 40 years. In
    1973, BIC launched its first BIC Butane Lighter.

  • BIC has sold more it's lighters in 160 countries around the
    world -~ in total more than 15 billion lighters!

  • Lighter sleeves can add multi-functional value:
Zippo Three-star American Flag lighter
Zippo lighters: quality since 1932
#3: Survival Experts agree BIC lighters are best!
BIC lighters are extremely popular with preppers and
Survivalists. Check out what the experts have to say...

  • "Don't settle for the cheap imitations; get a real BIC," says
    Dave Canterbury, in his book Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide
    to the art of wilderness survival pictured at the bottom
    right of the page. He suggests getting a BIC in orange, so
    that it's easy to spot in your gear.

  • "Always carry a lighter," says Mykel Hawke, Captain, U.S.
    Army Special Forces, star of Man, Woman, Wild on the
    Discovery Channel, and author of Hawke's Speical Forces
    Survival Handbook (the Portable Guide to Getting out
    Alive), says as it's the easiest way to start a fire.

  • From a survival of the Civil war in Bosnia. "A Generator is
    good, but 1000 BIC lighters are better. A generator will
    attract attention if there's any trouble, but 1000 lighters
    are compact, cheap and can always be traded."

#4: BIC lighters aren't disposable!
You may think of BIC as the brand of disposable lighters, but
you need not dispose of them. You can, with some proper
instruction, learn to refill BIC lighters to use again and again.
What's more, you can refill the lighters with cooking oil if
butane is not available.

BIC is a brand that comes to us from Clichy, France. They're
known for producing a variety of disposable consumer products,
such as pens and mechanical pencils as well as razors and
more. The BIC cigarette lighter is the most famous of the
product disposable lineup.

While the BIC lighter was created to be a disposable product,
many people do not know that  you can refuel a BIC lighter. You
can even refule a BIC lighter with cooking fuel. This may be
useful information in a pinch.

Here's how to refill your BIC lighter:
BIC Lighter
A BIC is more valuable than a generator!

It's BIC deal!
Survival experts agree that a BIC lighter is more valuable than a
generator and this firestarter is a must have as part of your
everyday carry.

A BIC is a big deal for many reasons. Did you know that a BIC
lighter is refillable? Refilling your BIC lighter is a hack worth
knowing about if you're a prepper. Stock up on the bulk deal,
upper right hand corner of this page, for the best deal on a BIC
lighters in bulk and learn the ten reasons to bugout with a BIC

Ten Reasons to Bugout with a BIC!
Why choose a BIC lighter over other kinds of lighters? Here's
the full list of why you should bugout with your BIC lighter.

Why stock up on BIC lighters?

#1: Bulk savings on BIC.
Buying in bulk to save money is always a good idea. Now you
can get
50 BIC lighters for around .81 cents each, so you may
as well stock up.

A BIC lighter will a highly prized trade item that you can barter.
Think about it: a BIC lighter is something that could more
valuable than a generator.

#2: BIC are Reliable and safe.
Flick your BIC ~ the safe, reliable flame that's loved the world
over since 1973. One of the most trusted brands, BIC has sold
more than 15 billion lighters in more than 160 countries, since
first introducing the lighter. BIC ligthers that are sold in the
United States now have enhanced child-resistant features.

Below is a rare ad for BIC proclaiming the safety benefits:
Bulk Deal of 50 Bic lighters
Above, 10 BIC lighter gadgets you didn't know about.

Some of the attachments for the BIC lighter include:

  • Lighter Holder With Spring Assist Knife.  To some it's a
    novelty, to others it's a versatile everyday tool perfect for
    everyday carry. The lighter holder with Spring Assist Knife,
    picture right, is a holder that fits a standard size BIC
    Lighter. (The lighter is not included.) Watch your fingers as
    this little lighter holder is tricky in opening at first. It has a
    belt-clip, which some complain adds bulk, but it's  sturdy
    little knife that's very sharp and the lighter fits snugly.

How to Extend the life of your BIC
For starters, store your BIC lighters in a cool dry place. This will
extend the life as the expiration of the lighter has everything to
do with the evaporation of fuel from your lighter. Generally BIC
lighters store very well on their own and can last years. If you're
stocking up on BIC lighters, buying them in bulk, then you may
like to follow some ideas to get them to last longer.

Below are more tips for extending the life of your BIC

  • Try vacuum packing your BIC. The primary way your BIC
    lighter will loose fuel is from evaporation. Storing BIC
    lighters in vacuum packing can help reduce the evaporation.

  • Low on fuel? Try friction warmth. If you're low on fuel,
    try this trick: warm up your BIC lighter in your hands with
    pressure. This will let you squeeze a little more energy to
    get another few uses of the lighter.

  • Get your BIC lighter wet? If you fall into a cold river and  
    your BIC lighter wet, it won't work immediately. Not only
    will your fingers likely be numb from the cold that you may
    not be able to get enough friction, but the water will
    temporarily damage the device. What to do? Put it in rice!
    That's fine and dandy if your BIC lighter gets wet in a pool,
    but if you're far from home you'll just have to wait and put
    it in the sun. If time isn't on your side and you need to get
    dry, you're out of luck. This is precisely why you'll need to
    make two firestarters part of your everyday carry! A
    waterproof storm match weighs next to nothing, and a flint
    or magnesium rod is always good to have. If that won't
    work, try this:
BIC lighter attachment
Screw Pop
Above, Youtuber WhyKnot shows how to make a paracord lighter

#8: BIC lighters have many uses.
With a BIC lighter you can build a fire to cook food and stay
warm. Another reason to have a BIC lighter is that you can boil
water for drinking and to sterilize. A fire will also help you keep
predators away. For these reasons a firestarter is of utmost
importance to a prepper.

As good as BIC lighters are to have as a survival item, BIC
lighters do have some drawbacks. They're not storm proof or
windproof, and eventually they will run out of fuel, whereas a
flint will continue to draw a spark so that you can build a fire.

#9: BIC Gadgets make them even more versatile.
There are ten BIC lighter gadgets you didn't know existed!

Right is the Screwpop holder, which fits a Standard BIC Lighter.
It's a lighter holder, tamper, reamer, poker and bottle opener
that's engineered for years of use.

The video below has many more gadgets and attachments for
your BIC lighter.
Zippo lighter fluid
BIC Lighters
Lighter Bro
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