overlooked preps

Most Overlooked Preps
Think beyond bullets, beans and bandages

"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." John F. Kennedy.

Beans, bullets and bandages are among the many preps
routinely stocked by preppers. Certainly they are a priority, but
for many preppers who have accumulated a
nice pantry of food
storage, ample arms and ammunition and medical supplies, or
for those who are looking ahead to see what supplies may be
missing from their preps, we've compiled a list of things to

25 Most Overlooked Preps
This list is not for newbies. If you're an advanced prepper,
looking to increase the survival odds, then you should
concentrate on these overlooked preps.

Overlooked Prep #1: Siphon Tubes.
A manual siphon liquid transfer tube pump is an often
overlooked prep for your vehicles, and you should have at least
one in your garage. A siphon tube can help you in two ways:

  1. Getting more gas. The obvious reason to get a siphon
    tube is that you may be caught on the road without a gas
    station, and be able to siphon off gas from another car.
    The ah-ha use for a siphon tube is for your shelter. You
    may need to siphon gas for heating or cooking!
  2. Getting more water. The overlooked use for a siphon tube
    is to get water. You may have barrels of life-sustaining
    water with no access to get to it.

Bottom line: Get two siphon tubes! Get one for water, one for
gas, then mark them. Where you store them is up to you, but in
a bugout scenario by car, be sure to pack them along for the

Overlooked prep 2#: CO Detector.
Most preppers don't realize that the cause of death during an
ordinary blackout is carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

If it burns, it is emitting carbon monoxide! With an increasing
number of state and local governments passing legislation
requiring CO detectors in homes, it’s never been a better time
to safeguard your family against carbon monoxide exposure
than now. Left, the Kidde CO Detector has a carbon monoxide
alarm with digital display to help provide your home with
extensive protection against the dangerous threat posed by this
odorless and colorless gas.

When the power goes down, deadly CO emits from:

* Remember to keep generators at least ten feet from your
house to avoid carbon monoxide

  • While you're at it, check your smoke detector because they
    don't last forever. Maybe instead of changing the batteries
    this time around, you just need to get a new one. Change
    your detectors every ten years or so.

Overlooked Prep #3: Wall mounted can opener.
The dependability of a wall-mounted can opener is something
not to overlook. Since 1938 the swing-a-way can opener,
pictured left, have proven to be the highest quality, most
dependable can openers on the market.  This can opener
mounts to the wall of your kitchen or pantry, and features a
magnetic cling for safe removal of the lid. It boasts a five-year

While you're at it, get a
bucket opener for your food storage,
and military style can openers for your bugout bag.

Overlooked prep #4: Lock box for your keys.
Another prep easily overlooked is a lock box for your keys.
Pictured immediate left is the lockbox that Realtors often have
to show a home while the tenant or owner is away. If you have
a lock box, you won't ever find yourself with no way inside your
home. Of course, you'll have to remember the pass code and
teach the whole family or group. They're also good for stashing
the keys to cabinets for your locked preps.

Overlooked prep #5: Instant Cold Pack.
While many preppers pack hand warmers in their bugout bags,
an Instant Cold Pack, as pictured immediate right, has become
a much overlooked prep in the first aid kit. Designed to last
about 20 minutes, the goal of an instant cold pack is to help
reduce swelling from an injury when an ice pack is not
convenient or available.

Already have one in your first aid kit? Get another! Even if you
already have a cold pack in your first aid kit, likely it's time to
get another. Yours may have expired. They last 18-24 months if
kept in a cool, dry place.

So pack an instant cold pack in addition to the instant hand
warmers, and you will be able to ease your pain and suffering
from injuries while enjoying the great outdoors. This cold
compress offers fast for relief of pain and swelling caused by
sprains, strains, contusions minor burns, toothaches and insect

Overlooked prep #6: Power Inverter.
Can't afford a generator? Here's another way to get some
power! Turn the DC current from your vehicle into AC current for
your survival and communications gadgets. It's the next best
thing, if you don't have a generator.

Pictured left in red you'll find the highest review rating of any
power inverter brand. It's a 300W power inverter with 2 USB
ports and 2 AC outlets. This is a road trip "must-have" with a
wide range of applications for preppers. Full protection features
and auto-shutdown keep your appliance and car from damage.

Overlooked Prep #7: Surge Protector.
The peace of mind a surge protector brings is immeasurable,
especially for those who are
prepping for an ElectroMagnetic
Pulse. During the Solar Storm of 1889, telegraph operators
suffered electric shock because of the sudden flow of electricity
to their equipment. It not only fried the equipment, but sadly it
fried some operators! The same could happen today if you are
using electrical equipment that's not plugged into a surge

Overlooked Prep #8: Cable ties / zip ties.
With duct tape, WD-40 and SuperGlue a prepper can fix just
about anything. Now add cable ties to the list and a prepper is
almost invincible! With cable ties, you can lash furniture and
even make snow tires for a bicycle to survive a
"snowpocalypse." Cable ties are indispensable!

Overlooked Prep #9: Copper.
Copper is an incredibly overlooked prep for the long term
scenario! Not only does copper have a monetary value, and
practical use for preppers to forge tools, but copper also has an
array of healthful benefits! It's also a beautiful metal.

Think of amassing copper as a long-term prepping goal. It's not
going to save your life in a smaller-impact crisis.

Overlooked Prep #10: Pencil Sharpener.
A pencil sharpener is an inexpensive and much overlooked prep.
It will help you make tinder from small twigs. It's so easy to
stash a pencil sharpener into your bugout bag or include one in
Altoids tin survival kit. Keep one in the glove compartment
of your vehicles in addition to your bugout or get home bags.

Want something a little more sophisticated than a pencil
sharpener? Right, pictured in orange, is a Gerber Bear Grylls
tinder box. It has a unique tinder cutter with cover
to house the shavings, and in true survival style it also includes
a magnifying glass and emergency signaling mirror. A prepper
always needs multi-functional items and this one delivers! Go
ahead and use it for your pencils too.

Overlooked Prep #11: Bidet.
When the toilet paper runs out you'll always have a method of
cleansing your backside if you have a portable bidet and access
to clean water! With a bidet you can take the refreshing cleanse
of the genital and anal area. Think of it as a personal shower
for your privates.

Overlooked Prep #12: Water Purification Tablets.
Preppers love redundancy to ensure survival. If one survival
gear fails, you have another option! Preppers usually have
multiple fire starters, but when it comes to their water supply,
they fall short of redundancy. For example, many preppers stock
water filter, such as AquaMira, Katadyn, LifeStraw or Sawyer
for their bugout bag, but they will neglect an easy and
lightweight solution for filtering their water, namely water
purification tablets! They are inexpensive, so lightweight and
practical, that no prepper should be without them.

Many of the mini survival kits on the market will include a fire
starter, tinder and accelerate even a razor blade or a bag of
tea, but often the commercially available kits, and the home
made ones, exclude water purification tablets. You can't boil
much water in that little
Altoids survival tin. Be sure to include
some water purification tablets. Humans are 60% water!

Overlooked Prep #13:  Kleenex (Facial Tissues).
Preppers seem to have the toilet paper situation handled nicely,
but they often forget about the facial tissue. Rubbing your nose
raw with toilet paper adds to the stress of a
situation. While a bandanna or cloth will suffice in an
emergency, having the wherewithal to add comfort of soft
tissues for your sensitive skin is a survival luxury you'll want to

Overlooked Prep #14: Survival Gil Net.
If you watched the survival television series Alone, you will
notice that every contestant brings a survival gil net. Ideal for
bugout bag, a survival gil net may be illegal to use under
peaceful times, but a necessary survival item in crisis. A net
could provide usefulness in catching rabbits, birds and other
small game. Remember that if it isn't with you, it can't save you!

  • Aviators should have a survival gil net as part of everyday

Overlooked Prep #14: Emergency Ladder.
Preppers who live in two or three story homes often forget the
fire escape ladder. Apartment dwellers will have this feature
because for large dwellings a method of escape is required by
law. Read more about
how to prepare for fires.

Overlooked Prep #15: Fire escape mask.
If you work or live in a high-rise, you need a fire escape mask.
Preppers have their gas masks, but they are not very portable
or practical to carry with you in your bag and it's too bulky for
your desk.

A fire escape mask is flat and less bulky than your
gas mask. If
you travel the subways, then stuff one in your briefcase,
messenger bag, purse or backpack. It's a portable mask for fire,
biological, chemical or dust.

Overlooked Prep #16: Oil lamps.
In addition to your solar lighting options, take a second look at
oil lamps. Preppers always have several options for lighting,
including survival candles, solar and hand-crank lighting as well
as oil lamps.

Overlooked Prep #18. Paper log maker.
You want a cozy fire, but don't have money to burn! You can
turn your bills and unwanted paperwork and mailers into a
useful prep: logs for the fire made of compressed paper. The
paper log maker pictured right, is made of steel.  It produces a
fire-ready brick shaped log that is a cost-effective solution to
buying firewood (not cheap these days), chopping down
someone else's tree (anti-social, possibly illegal and not
recommended) or planting a tree and waiting 20 years. You get
everything you need to make clean burning, low-smoke logs out
of newspapers, junk mail, cardboard, wood chips, wrapping
paper and more. It is easy to use, environmentally friendly and
built to last. Way to recycle!

Overlooked Prep #19: Firesafe.
All your important documents could go up in flames if you don't
have them housed in a safe deposit box or home firesafe.
Documents to keep include passports, birth certificates,
marriage licenses, legal papers and social security numbers.
Photos of family members are also incredibly useful for a
catastrophic situation where you might be looking for a lost
family member.

Overlooked Prep #20:  Extra Water Bob.

Why do you need an extra Water Bob? Many preppers own
the WaterBob, pictured left, because it is ideal for last minute
water storage; however, preppers often overlook that they could
have one in every bathroom. Every prepper should own one of
those for every tub in the house.

Every prepper should own a Waterbob, not just those who live
in threat of hurricane season. As a prepper, you may already
own WaterBob for hurricane season if you live in hurricane alley,
but even if you do, you may want two (or three) depending on
the size of your home! You would be wise to fill all the bathtubs
of your home immediately following an EMP. Overlooked prep.

Overlooked Prep #21: Bear Spray.
If you have plans to bugging out in bear country, then a 'must
have' is bear spray. Thankfully you can use bear spray against
bears, mountain lions, moose, wolves,  and attack dogs too.
Even if you don't live in Bear spray is a multi-use prepper item
use it also like
mace for humans!

Did you know that bear spray comes out orange? The colorant is likely the
biggest deterrent! Bears don't like unfamiliar things and will run away.
Now's your chance to run to safety as bears are curious and will likely want
to look back to see what happened.

Overlooked prep #22: Spare Sump Pump.
El Niño An extra sump pump is especially important for preppers
who live in a snow region, have a basement or who live next to
rivers or creeks, or anywhere water could flow and be stagnant,
such as a low lying property. Remember, everyone lives in a
flood zone! All it takes is a major snow melt or rapid downpour
to cause trouble.

Why an extra sump pump? You won't want to discover your
sump pump is dead at the next major storm because that's
when they tend to sell out.

If you don't already own a sump pump, you may as well buy
two. In this way you'll know how to operate them and you won't
need to bother with the different fittings. Right, is the top
selling sump pump. The Superior Sump Pump pictured right,
comes equipped with a powerful 1/4-horsepower motor that can
pump 30 gallons per minute. It has an excellent track record
with nearly 1200 satisfied customers and a near perfect 4.5-star

Overlooked Prep #23: Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush.
Here's an easy way to prevent fires: get yourself a dryer vent
cleaning brush! You can clean your dryer vent tube for around
$15 to remove lint easily to reduce fire hazards.

  • Bonus idea (metal braided washing machine hose): If
    you own your washing machine and dryer set, you'll want
    to get a dryer vent cleaning brush to avoid a house fire,
    plus consider metal braided washing machine hoses fr your
    washing machine. The rubber ones crack easily and leak, so
    you'll help prevent your home from flooding.

Overlooked Prep #24: downspout for water.
While you can use a downspout extension to divert water away
from the foundation or connect to drainage pipe and catch basin
to control drainage, a downspout has a more important use for
preppers: collecting rainwater for survival!

Whether you choose to divert water into 55-gallon drums or into
an above ground pool, having the necessary mechanism for
diverting the water is essential.

Overlooked Prep #25: Flat Tire Repair in a Can.
Quick Spair is like magic in a can to quickly inflate a tire so you
can get to safety. Essential for emergency flat tire repair, Quick
Spair both repairs punctures and inflates tires in seconds to get
you to safety. It's emergency flat tire repair in a can.

BONUS: Medical preps you may have

Want more? There are so many medical preps, you could own.
Here is a list of just a few:

  • Ammonia Inhalants. To revive someone in an emergency,
    the way smelling salts revived people of the past,
    ammonia inhalant is an unusual addition to your medic
    bag. Don't overlook this important addition to your
    prepper's first aid and medic bag.

  • Lidocaine. Lidocane Plus, pictured right, which contains
    Lidocaine, is a pain management treatment that's available
    with or without a prescription. Lidocane Plus, numbs the
    pain without use of alcohol, petroleum jelly or menthol. It
    soothes with aloe vera gel! What's more, Lidocane Plus®
    contains the maximum amount of Lidocaine Hydrochloride
    (4%) permitted by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration
    (FDA). Lidocane Plus, goes on cool absorbing into damaged
    tissue, providing safe, effective relief almost instantly. The
    amount of Aloe Vera in Lidocane Plus® along with the
    Lidocaine Hydrochloride 4% will sooth and heal burns
    faster than any ointment found today.

  • Stethoscope. A Stethoscope can cost as little as $11! If
    you don't own one as part of your preps, then now's a good
    time to get one (see the best selling stethoscope, pictured
    left). Why would you want to have a stethoscope if you
    don't already know how to use one? Because you may run
    into someone who has the skills, but who has no
    equipment! A first responder, paramedic, nurse, or doctor
    may be in your vicinity and you can barter this person's
    skills for the food or equipment he or she may not have.

    Incidentally, here's how to use your stethoscope to
    auscultate. The YouTube video is intended for nursing
    students, but certainly it gives a good idea of how you can
    use it.

  • Sterile Splinter removal. Individually wrapped, use
    Medicpoint Splinter-Out sterlie splinter removal kit which
    has a sterile point to gently loosen the skin around a
    splinter until it can be lifted out.

Now that you have your beans, bullets and bandages, start
stocking up on these overlooked preps.

Happy endings...
You'll never be able to get everything on your list, so rest
assured you can use your prepping skills for bartering,
improvising and making do without!

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