Survive cancer - Detoxify

Detox to Survive Cancer
Heal from cancer through detoxifying your body

Detox and help your body survive cancer.
You are on the correct path to healing when you look to nature to
detoxify. Detoxification is half the answer to resolving cancer.

When most people think of detoxification, they think of their
liver. And detoxing the liver is a good place to start, but there are
so many wayst to detoxify other than that. You can see the bist
list of toxins that cause cancer, below and then move towards
getting rid of them.

Changes are simple, too. Like throwing away your aluminum pots
or not drinking out of plastic bottles. Then you can start to think
about everything that touches your skin and get rid of harmful
toxins there, too. So let's begin the quest to detox...

Detox to Survive Cancer

How did your body become toxic?
A body that has become toxic may have had exposure from a
variety of sources. Rethink everything that touches your body
through your skin, scalp and orifices.

Big List of Toxins that Cause Cancer

  • animal fat. Some argue that all animal fat is toxic, but
    certainly too much animal fat is toxic to the body.

  • asbestos. Homes built in the 1970s may have insulation in
    walls and ceilings that contain asbestos. Removal is key, but
    even after removal tiny particles may remain that can make
    a person become sick.

  • alcohol. One of the first things a doctor will tell a cancer
    patient is to stop drinking alcohol and to reserve it only to
    truly celebrate. Excess alcohol consumption can give you a
    magnesium deficiency.

  • antibiotics. Did you know penicillin is derived from a mold
    that inhibits growth of bacteria? Antibiotics have a place;
    however, if you can avoid them you should, particularly if you
    have cancer. Antibiotics can also give you a magnesium
    deficiency which you can remedy with magnesium rich foods.

  • artificial sweeteners. aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup
    and corn syrup, e, saccharine, the list is endless.

  • arsenic. Arsenic is in the air and groundwater, pesticides,
    and is also a factor in certain industrial processes, such as
    mining and smelting and even through tobacco. It's a in
    treatment for Leukemia.

  • Botox injections. Botox is short for Botulinum Toxin and it's
    given for cosmetic purposes to paralyze facial muscles to
    diminish the appearance of fine lines.

  • cell phone and wi-fi interferences. When you go wireless,
    the energy circulates in unhealthy levels.

  • chemicals:

  • bleach. Swimming and absorbing into the skin or
    drinking chlorine in the water supply. Chlorine is a
    chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17.
    Preppers love bleach, but its toxic and overused. Some
    of the problem is also the inhalation of chlorine in
    steam from a shower! The solution is a fluoride and
    chlorine filter, such as the Berkey, pictured right.

  • formaldehyde. Often found in nail polish.

  • chemotherapy. Ask the nurse why he or she can't touch
    drugs and why the drug labeling warns that it'sa human

  • cosmetics. Patients on the Gerson Therapy are forbidden to
    use cosmetics of any kind.

  • deodorants ~ often they have aluminum in them.

  • lotions ~ everything you put on your skin gets into the

  • shampoos ~ everything that touches your scalp enters
    the bloodstream.

  • disinfectants. Disinfectants are filled with nasty chemicals,
    but there is an alternative. Benefect Botanical Disinfectant is
    an alternative to chlorine, ammonia and oxidizers. It isn’t
    corrosive, flammable or reactive nor does it pose a public
    health risk. Benefect Botanical Disinfectant, right, also
    suitable for use around children, pets, the elderly and
    chemically-sensitive individuals. You ydon’t need any
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as: rubber gloves,
    boots, aprons, respirators or face shields to protect yourself
    from the product. Rest assured that while it's safe, it also
    kills more than 99.99% of vacteria, fungus, TB and HIV.

  • Dentistry. Modern dentistry may be doing more harm than
    good, including these toxic procedures.
  • Radiation
  • Root canals
  • Mercury amalgam fillings

  • flea collars. Flea collars contain chemicals that you and your
    family will touch. Instead of flea collars or chemical flea
    repellents at the collar, wash your pet with lavender body
    wash and look to natural solutions to getting rid of fleas.
    You will be amazed at the power of lavender essential oil as
    an alternative. Save the flea collar for a true emergency, like
    an outbreak of the plague.

  • Granite countertops. Granite is beautiful but unhealthy ~
    some granite countertops emit dangerous levels of radiation
    (gas radon), which is the second leading cause of lung

  • gas. Cancer patients should not pump their own gas and
    should stay away from the fumes emitted from gas stations.

  • laundry. Skip the Bounce fabric softener (it repels wasps,
    which is its only redeeming quality).

  • mercury (water). Found often in fish and groundwater, you
    can filter mercury from your water using a Berkey water
    filtration system.

  • mercury amalgam fillings. Even if your dental insurance
    doesn't accept mercury amalgam alternatives, seek
    alternative dental health in this area. It could be the single
    most important thing you do to avoid cancer.

  • microwaves. Throw away your microwave. It's not necessary
    when a convection oven can cook quickly. If you want to boil
    water quickly then get an electric kettle.

    Dr. MercolaThe US Environmental Protection Agency says
    that non-stick pans have  also warns of perfluorinated
    compounds (PFCs) in such things as
  • Soil- and water-repellant carpet and furniture treatments
  • Stain- and water-repellant clothing
  • Protective sprays for leather and shoes
  • Food wraps, pizza boxes, and microwave popcorn bags
  • Paint and cleaning products

  • parasites. A tiny organism that feeds off of you, parasites
    enter the body in many ways, but mostly through
    contaminated food and water. Imagine that you've never
    travelled to a foreign country and yet the restaurant worker
    serving you lunch or dinner has and spreads the parasite to
    you. It happens through microscopic parasite eggs that you
    may touch also through door handles, the restaurant salt
    shaker, or handling your own farm animals. Get rid of
    parasites through a cleanse or Fresh Green Wormwood

  • pesticides and herbicides. Eat only organic fruits,
    vegetables, meats and dairy products. Ask your pest control
    agent for more natural solutions like orange oil. Dump the
    Roundup Ready Monsanto madness.

  • prescription drugs.

  • radiation. Avoid at all costs radiation and ask for an MRI or
    thermography (digital infrared Imaging) if necessary. As a
    reminder, a CT-scan is even more intense radiation!

  • root canals. Root canals are toxic. They trap toxins in the
    empty root. Instead of root canals choose implants or just
    pull the teeth. Here's what Dr. Mercola has to say about root
    canals: he says you should avoid root canals like the plague!

  • stress and negative emotions. Thoughts are things and can
    add toxicity to your life. Cancer patients often have
    experienced extreme emotional trauma five to ten years prior
    to their discovery of cancer, and are toxic from the incident.
    The good news is that Helichrysum Essential Oil can provide
    a role in the recovery and detoxification.

  • sunscreen. sunscreen -- that's right: sunscreen is a toxin!
    Sunscreen causes cancer. It turns out sunscreen gets into
    the blood stream and does more harm than good.  They
    cause cancer! Chooses natural sunscreens, including coconut,
    eucalyptus, jojoba, and shea butter and avoid the parabens
    that sink into your skin and absorb into the blood. Here's the
    double-blind study on sunscreen use and duration of sun
    exposure. The Oxford Journal of National Cancer Institute
    abstract says  "sunscreen use is associated with increased
    risk of cutaneous melanoma, basal cell skin cancer, and
    higher numbers of nevi." In short, the protective effect of
    sunscreen against skin cancer and melanoma, has not been
    demonstrated! The study admittedly also points out that
    "sunscreen may inadvertently prolong recreational sun
    exposure," which also has a causal relationship with cancer.

  • Begin detox by eliminating chemical sunscreens, and
    instead using coconut oil, eucalyptus, joboba and shay

  • water. Water laced with arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, mercury,
    lead can enter your body through drinking and showering.

  • water-repellent items. Both stain- and water-repellant
    clothing contain harmful

  • vaccinations. Dimethylmercury is a silient killer in the
    vaccine your doctor wants to give you.

  • vaping. There is nothing healthy about vaping. Essential oils
    (aromatherapy) are not the vapors we are talking, but the E-
    liquids or "juice" that's laden with artificial flavors and
    chemicals such as propylene glycol, which is a liquid alcohol
    solvent in antifreeze!

Detoxification provides half the answer. Remember, you must
also address deficiencies you may have in your life. Learn to
overcome your deficiencies and
become abundant!

You are on your way to
research natural healing options. If
anyone questions your right to give up the traditional treatment
options, say this: "I've done my research. It's my life. I choose to
live it naturally."

Now that you've learned a bit about how to detoxify, next, you
must nourish the body in the areas for which there is a deficiency.
Indeed you can
survive cancer naturally!

Happy endings...
The answer to cancer is natural healing! Detoxify and then
replenish the body of its deficiencies and live happily ever after.

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