Prepper uses of Diatomaceous Earth

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The list of uses of Diatomaceous earth is nearly endless. Once you
start using Diatomaceous earth and start talking with other
preppers, homesteaders and natural health followers, you'll wonder
how you ever lived without it.

Happy endings...
Get down to earth! Add Diatomaceous earth to your prepping

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The threesome above, from Fit Life TV, add food grade diatomaceous earth
to their juicing routines.

Benefits of Diatomaceous earth as a supplement:

  • Arthritis relief. As a dietary supplement, Diatomaceous earth
    can help with arthritis. Because it is a  good source of
    minerals and silica, many people report improvement in joint
    and ligament pain. Diatomaceous earth is 86% silica, plus 3%
    magnesium and 2% iron.

  • Build strong bones. Silica is known to help with bone health.
    Silica is converted to calcium to build strong bones.

  • Destroys candida. Candida is the culprit behind gum disease,
    ear infections, respiratory infections and chronic sinus
    infections among other ailments. They are all a condition of
    an overgrowth of candida. The good and happy news is that
    diatomaceous earth destroys candida! Stop the yeast
    madness and learn how to kill fungal infections with
    diatomaceous earth and help from Organic Lifestyle Magazine.

  • Lowered blood cholesterol. Dr. Ray Shelton, M.D.
    recommends diatomaceous earth as a dietary supplement to
    lower blood cholesterol levels. He points to placebo-controlled
    studies that diatomaceous earth "is capable of reducing blood
    cholesterol and positively influencing lipid metabolism in

# 5: Cosmetic uses of Diatomaceous earth.
It seems odd to use Diatomaceous earth as a beauty aid,
considering that it's plankton based substance, but plenty of
homesteaders swear by it. Cosmetic uses of Diatomaceous earth
are many, and here are some of the things to try...

  • Stink less with Diatomaceous earth. You can use it as a

  • Clean your teeth with Diatomaceous earth. For those who
    want an experience different from the old baking soda and
    coconut oil routine, they can try Diatomaceous Earth. Get ou
    your mortar and pestle, becuase has a
    popular recipe for Homemade Diatomaceous earth toothpaste.

  • Keep your nails shiny with Diatomaceous earth. You can
    brighten dull nails by rubbing diatomaceous earth with a bit of
    coconut oil on your nail beds.

#6: Uses for Diatomaceous Earth for pets in your
Keep ticks and fleas away from your pooch and kitty with
Diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle bedding with Diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earthsafe and effective:
  1. as a dewormer
  2. as agent for flea control
  3. to get rid of mange mites, a common external parasites found
    in dogs. Mange is a skin disease caused by the tiny mites and
    can cause severe skin infections if left untreated.

  • How to use Diatomaceous Earth for pets (to get rid of fleas
    and mange mites): Put some Diamaceous earth in a sock and
    use it as duster to rub on your dogs, chickens, goats, or
    horses to help with any sort of bugs they may get. A note of
    caution is that you should wear a dust mask.

#7: Uses for Diatomaceous earth around the house.
By now you're realizing the power of Diatomaceous earth. While
you may no be ready to ingest it yourself just yet, you can warm
up to the idea by using Diatomaceous earth in and around the
house. Here's how...

  • Outside the house. Sprinkle Diatomaceous earth around the
    perimeter of your home to kill ants, spiders and other pests,
    like roaches and prevent them from entering your home. It's
    ideal for your garden. While diatomaceous earth is lethal to
    the bugs, it's harmless to humans and pets, unless your pet
    happens to be a cockroach.

  • Attack the army of ants: To get rid of ants, sprinkle
    Diatomaceous earth directly on the ant hole, rake around
    it and wait a few days. The colony will die off.

  • Banish the bed bugs. Harris Bed Bug Diatomaceous
    Earth Powder, pictured right, effectively kills bed bugs
    with Diatomaceous earth. This illustrates the power of
    Diatomaceous earth.

  • Send the fleas fleeing. To get rid of fleas with
    Diatomaceous earth, vacuum your floors, sprinkle, and
    then vacuum again after 4-12 hours of allowing the
    diatomaceous earth to get at the fleas. Repeat this
    process once a day for about three weeks.

  • Silverfish will sliver away. The small, wingless insect will
    wither away and dehydrate. To get rid of silverfish, just
    dust the diatomaceous earth so they can't hide.

  • Spiders. Diatomaceous earth sucks the fluids of spiders,
    just as it does with bugs.

  • Rid your home of roaches. Cockroaches are virtually
    indistructable, but they have a worthy contender in
    Diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is made of
    exoskeletons and gets into the cockroach like a ninja to
    cut it up from the inside out. You can use sprinkle any
    Diatomaceous earth product in places where cockroaches

Get rid of whatever you need, bedbugs roaches, fleas, ants. While
it's true that flea infestations are not cured over night, if you're
patient and meticulous in dusting with Diatomaceous earth, you
will find your problem resolved.

#8: Organic "crop dusting."
Another way preppers use Diatomceous earth is for "crop dusting."
For herb and vegetable gardening you'll find Diatomaceous earth
indispensible, too. Preppers and homesteaders who have more
than just a garden, will appreciate Diatomaceous earth for the
crops that help them stay self-reliant.

"For crops it's an absolute Godsend. We sprinkle it around the herb
beds, beans, tomatoes, squash, peas and other plants that are
important to us," writes one reviewer. Now that's what we call
organic "crop dusting!" It gets rid of slugs, and other pests.

How does Diatomaceous earth work?
Diatomaceous earth is like ninja against pests, but not mammals.
As you've discovered, this amazing substance gets rid of all sorts
of pesky little critters, and in case you wondered how...

Essentially, Diatomaceous earth is extremely sharp to bugs. Tiny,
but sharp particles scratch away at an insect's waxy layer. Under a
microscope, Diatomaceous earth even looks like shards of glass.

Here's what you'll find in a search on Google:
Diatomaceous Earth will help you keep horses free of internal parasites, and
you as well. Above is
perma-guard fossil shell flour.

#4: Dietary supplement for humans.
Don't be scared to try it. Here are three people who use
diatomaceous earth in their diet (and they will calm your fears):
Above, you'll have a better understanding of Diatomaceous Earth and how it
can help you lead a happier, healthier off-grid life.

How to use Diatomaceous Earth Prepping
That preppers use Diatomaceous earth on the homestead is
something to consider if you're planning an off-grid life.

Below is a list of ways preppers and homesteads can use
Diatomaceous Earth.

#1: Detox and cleanse with Diatomaceous Earth.
Eat dirt ~ it's good for you. As a health supplement,
Diatomaceous earth is amazing. It supports improved health on a
variety of conditions:
  • arthritis (skip to #4 on the list of reasons to use
    Diatomaceous Earth to learn how it helps arthritis).
  • bone strenth: increases bone strength to help easy
  • chronic fatigue
  • digestive aid (Diatomaceous earth will destroy parasites.)
  • inflammation
  • tissue repair

Think of it as an organic recipe for a variety of health issues to
detox and cleanse your body.

  • How to use Diatomaceous Earth as a supplement: Try
    using a food grade Diatomaceous Earth in your smoothie.
    Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is fresh water. They do not
    digest, but they do help you with a powerful negative charge
    to take viruses and bacteria out of the body.

#2: Chicken coop uses of Diatomaceous Earth.
Lots of preppers have chickens in their suburban home. In and
around the chicken coop, Diatomaceous Earth comes in handy.
There are loads of great uses for Diatomaceous Earth with pets,
and especially in and around the chicken coop.

Here are some things to try with Diatomaceous Earth...

  • Improve the egg quality of free-range organic laying
    hens. Want the scientific proof? The Oxford Journals, Poultry
    Science web site published an abstract proving that
    diatomaceous earth is effective in treating parasites to
    increase the feed efficiency of egg production through a
    dietary supplement of diatomaceous earth. Hens were
    heavier and laid more eggs! The eggs were also heavier.

  • Give your girls a dust bath with Diatomaceous Earth.
    Diatomaceous Earth can help keep dust mites down! The
    abstract above proves that the Diatomaceous earth reduces
    the number of mites.

  • Shoo the flies with Diatomaceous Earth. Sprinkle a little
    Diatomaceous Earth around the chicken coop to keep flies

#3: Animal feed supplement.
Below, Perma-guard Fossel Shell Flour is a full 50-lbs of Fossil
Shell Flour for your livestock, but humans can eat it too!  Yes, it's
safe for human or animal consumption and it's organic. This is a
Food Grade Diamomaceous Earth -- meaning it meets all U.S.
Food Chemicals Codex Standards. It's 100% Pure Freshwater
Diatomaceous Earth that also includes a free shaker.
Prepper uses of Diatomaceous Earth
How preppers use Diatomceous earth

Why every prepper should EAT DIRT and use diatomaceous earth!
What is Diatomaceous earth and how can you use it as a
prepper? The short answer is that it's plankton or a type of hard-
shelled algae that's beneficial for your health and is useful for
preppers in hundreds of ways.

A chalky white, naturally occurring substance, Diatomaceous earth
is made up of diatoms, which have fossilized for a thousand or
more years in fresh water lakes. These fossilized diatoms, which
accumulated into huge deposits as time passed, are carefully
harvested then ground into a powder that becomes Diatomaceous

Here's why every prepper should have some diatomacious earth:
  • Increases egg production in hens.
  • Gets rid of fleas on pets and livestock as a dust bath.
  • De-worms your cat or dog and gets rid of parasites as a
    dietary supplement.
  • Detoxes and aids digestion as a dietary supplement in
    humans too!
  • Vanquishes bed bugs in your home.
  • Slugs the slugs in your garden (along with the snails).
  • Makes great cat litter.
  • Is a natural insecticide (diatomaceous earth kills ants)
  • And so much more...

  • NOTE: Diatomaceous earth comes from the cell walls of
    fossilized single-cell diatoms and is not the same as
    Bentonite Clay.
diamotceous earth
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