vertical gardening

Vertical Gardening
Set up a space-saving vertical garden

Grow up! When you get into vertical gardening, you'll grow up,
quite literatally!

  • ZipGrow: With ZipGrow you improve your vegetation
    production because massive biological surface area means
    higher yields. ZipGrow towers are made from high quality,
    food safe plastics specifically for vertical aquaponic or
    hydroponic farms. Imagine being capable of producing 5
    pounds of sweet basil or 6 pounds of lettuce on a single
    tower! Try strawberries, greens and herbs. ZipGrow towers
    are made in the USA.

  • The Skyscraper Garden, pictured directly below, provides a
    4 ft wide by 6 ft high reuseable structure on which to grow
    organic vegetables or vining flowers. The trellis only
    requires 4 square feet of growing space, it will produce
    more vegetation than a 24 square foot plot! Ideal for
    preppers, this space saving design is also environmentally
    friendly as it saves water and is reusable.

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