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Government issue magnesium fire starter
Articles For Preppers
Survival Kit
How to build a Survival Kit (pill box, tin, molle, bugout bag, etc.)

There are many kinds of survival kits to build

  • Survival tin: LifePac Survival Kit.Lifepac Survival Kit, pictured left, is great little
    kit in a sardine can filled with life-saving tools, but you could make one yourself!
    Assembling one will probably cost your more in the long rung, so before you
    attempt to create the kit yourself, ask yourself whether you already have these
  • Adhesive Bandage
  • Compass
  • Chewing gum (learn the importance of chewing gum in survival)
  • Duct Tape
  • Energy nugget
  • Fire Starter Cube
  • Fish Hook
  • Fishing Line and Spool
  • Matches
  • Pain Reliever (non-aspirin)
  • Razor Blade
  • Reflective Signal Surface
  • Salt pack
  • Sugar pack
  • Whistle
  • Wire Clip

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Volcano oven
Eight Off-Grid Cooking
Methods, including one
that burns three fuels!
Pioneer Provision List:
Lessons from those who
survived the Oregon Trail.
GI medic first aid kit
Lodge skillet for cornbread
Manual grain mill
Emesis bags
Solar lighting with two
happy uses: a flashlight or
a lantern for reading.
Solar Lantern / flashlight little sun
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Survival Fishing Kit
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