10 shelf-stable lunches

Ten Lunches
Prepping 101 Series: Food storage dinners

HOW TO START PREPPING: Gather ten lunches! It's totally normal for newbie
preppers to get overwhelmed on where to start with food storage. One way to get
started prepping is to plan your meals ahead by meal categories. Start with one
mealtime: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Then work towards your next goal until you
have a supply of shelf-stable meals on hand for a week.

You'll feel happy when you have gathered ten lunches for your preppers. This list of
ten shelf-stable lunches is just to get your wheels spinning with ideas. Remember
always, the foremost rule of prepping: buy what you eat and eat what you buy!

Ten Lunches for Preppers
Here are some ideas for ten shelf-stable lunches for preppers:

Shelf Stable Lunch #1: Tuna salad and crackers.
Set aside one box of crackers for two or three cans of tuna and a small jar
mayonnaise (and figure out the portions for your family). You'll want a small jar,
because mayonnaise goes bad quickly when its not refrigerated.  Enhance the tuna
salad to your family's preferences, which might include a jar of pickle relish or a can
of olives, freeze dried celery and onions, or whatever you grow fresh from the
garden. You might also select  grab and go tuna salad kits, which are a civilian-style
MRE (meals ready to eat):

  • GoPicnic Meals: GoPicnic has a line of shelf-stable lunches. A classic of the
    ready to eat meals is the tuna and crackers meal which has  a gourmet flair.
    This shelf stable meal complete with zesty lemon pepper tuna spread,
    crunchy multi-grain crackers, Ginger Zip fruit and nut mix, unsweetened
    applesauce, and a long-lasting fleur de sel caramel lollipop for dessert!

  • Bumble Bee Tuna Salad Kits: Pictured at the top right hand of the page,
    Bumble Bee makes tuna salad kits are ideal for a protein rich solution for

For a heartier lunch combo: pair your tuna salad with your favorite can of soup.

Shelf Stable Lunch #2: Peanut butter or sun butter and crackers.
Like the tuna salad idea, set aside a jar of your favorite nut butter and three large
boxes of crackers. For the PBJ fans in your family, try also adding the jelly or fruit
preserve. Who says peanut butter and jelly is only for sandwiches? It might become
a new family favorite. Kids love chocolate hazelnut spread, but with all nuts, be
mindful of allergies and watch recalls as peanut butter is prone to Salmonella.

  • For a heartier lunch combo: pair your nut butter and crackers with a mix of
    dried fruits, such as raisins, dried cranberries, banana chips or dried apricots.
    Nuts and fruit just seem to go together!

Shelf Stable Lunch #3: Canned hummus and pita chips.
Made of garbanzo beans, hummus is an ancient prepper food, and you can learn to
make it yourself or buy hummus ready-made in a can, immediate right. Hummus is
also available as a mix (just add olive oil and water). Because its made with beans,
it's high in protein. Serve hummus with baked pita chips, which have a longer shelf
life than pita bread and add greek olives to nosh! Stacy's Pita chips, pictured
immediate right, are non-GMO. With Izzie sparkling juice, also in a 24-pack, you
have a gourmet lunch! If you are lucky enough to grow your cucumbers or
tomatoes, they will make a perfect accompaniment.

  • For a heartier lunch combo: pair your hummus and pita chip lunch with a heavy
    dried fruit, such as dried apricots, dates or prunes.

Shelf Stable Lunch #4: Bean dip tostadas.
Spread a black bean dip (or your favorite refried beans from a can) on ready made
tostada shells. Garnish with a can of black olives, chunky salsa, and if you are lucky
to have it --  fresh lettuce, tomatoes or cucumbers from your garden! Be sure to
pack some freeze dried cheese, and freeze dried sour cream, all pictured left. Old El
Paso Tostada Shells are available in bulk, immediate left. In all you'll get 144
tostada shells for your prepper's pantry!

  • For a heartier lunch combo: pair your tostada and bean meal with freeze dried
    or canned ground beef, or canned chicken chunks.

Shelf Stable Lunch #5: Hearty Tortilla soup base with canned chicken.
Start with a tortilla soup base, then add a can of chicken to a tortilla soup and
garnish with tortilla chips.

So there you have it:
Get started prepping by assembling shelf-stable lunches for
your family.

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