ten shelf stable dinners

Ten Dinners
Prepping 101 Series: Food storage dinners

Get started prepping by assembling ten shelf-stable dinners for
your family. While you can enhance the meal with fresh foods or
ong lasting foods from your refrigerator, all the dinners listed
below can sit in your prepper's pantry unrefrigerated. These are
hearty and nutritious meals.

Ten Shelf stable Dinners for Preppers
Here are some ideas for ten shelf-stable dinners for preppers to
get you started:

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #1: Taco Dinner: Gather shelf-stable
    corn tortillas, canned hamburger, salsa and seasoning and
    you have the makings of a delicious shelf-stable meal. The
    Garden of Eatin' Yellow Corn dinner kit includes 12 taco
    shells, sauce and seasoning. To enhance the dinner, you can
    stock: canned olives, a box of Mexican or Spanish rice, and
    whatever fresh foods you may have in the fridge or garden.
    Be sure to stock cheese and onions in your fridge.  Onions
    are best stored in a root cellar, but they do well in the
    fridge. You can wax your own cheddar cheese and it will
    keep aging to perfection! Don't like crunchy tacos? Soft corn
    tortillas last for a long time in the fridge!

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #2: Chicken Alfredo. All you need is
    some pasta sauce in a jar, pasta and chicken chunks in a
    can to make a tasty shelf-stable chicken Alfredo meal. Be
    sure to have freeze dried parsley on hand.

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #3: Spaghetti with meat sauce. Likely
    you have some marinara or spaghetti sauce in your
    cupboards, add some canned hamburger meat, Kraft
    Parmesan cheese, freeze dried parsley, and you're ready
    with a meal.

  • Shelf-stable dinner #4: Bacon Carbonera. Pair a delicious
    Fettucini Alfredo with Hormel shelf-staple bacon, pictured at
    the bottom of the page, or Yoder's canned bacon and you
    have a luscious bacon carbonera Italian meal.

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #5: chicken and sausage gumbo.

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #6: chili beef and bean roadhouse.

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #7: Italian Ravioli! Chef Boyardee
    provides a hearty meal in  a can with overstuffed Italian
    Sausage Ravioli.

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #8: Casa Fiesta or Hormel Beef
    tomales in a can make a simple meal. Pair your favorite can
    with Mexican Rice, pictured right, and any fresh produce you
    may have from you garden or a chunky salsa.

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #9: Goldbaum's Wondermeals. No
    time to shop or cook? Shelf stable chicken dinner or beef
    stuffed cabbage in a box, pictured right, are always ready to
    eat! We're talking a bone in chicken dinner!

  • Shelf Stable Dinner #10: Cheeseburger maracaroni.
    Combine ground beef and your favorite boxed macaroni meal.

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