gourmet reserves freeze dried food

Gourmet Reserves
Freeze dried foods to enhance your prepper's pantry

Gourmet Reserves by AlpineAire Foods.
The makers of AlpineAire Foods for outdoor enthusiasts created
Gourmet Reserves to address the needs of preppers long term
food storage. The brand has expired, though you can still buy
some of the tasty gourmet freeze dried foods from Gourmet
Reserves in the #10 cans :

  • Gourmet Reserves Texas Barbecue with Chicken and
    Beans. The hickory smoked barbecue sauce mixes sweetly
    with chicken, rice and beans and makes a prepper-meal like
    no other. Texas BBQ Chicken with Beans is made with pinto
    beans, white rice, tomato power, freeze dried chicken, fruit
    juice, pineapple powder, mesquite powder and other quality

  • Gourmet Reserves Wild Thyme Turkey dinner. This
    unusual entree is a wholesome and hearty combination of
    brown rice, wild rice, turkey and select vegetables. Seasoned
    with select spices and finished with a light sour cream based
    sauce, you'll enjoy this gourmet meal, which will add variety
    to the other mundane freeze dried choices on the market.
    The light sour cream sauce makes Wild Thyme Turkey dinner
    so delicious.

You'll never find MSG, artificial colorings or flavorings with
Gourmet Reserves products; however, small amounts of MSG may
occur naturally in autolyzed yeast.

Many Gourmet Reserves entrees simply require adding hot or cold
water and stirring. Entrees come with pre-measured spice packets
to ensure the very best in taste and storage. Oxygen absorbers
are used with every can to seal in freshness and extend shelf life.

Gourmet Reserves uses heavy gauge metal cans to guard against
rust and moisture. Always compare daily caloric counts verses the
competition.Gourmet Reserves offers the most for the money.

Storage Tips for Freeze Dried Canned Goods from Gourmet
  • Avoid storage places that experience temperature build up
    such as attics, garages or car trunks.
  • Ideally, room temperature is best - the cooler the better.
  • Never store your reserves on the ground or concrete floors ~
    moisture can build up inside the containers.
  • Store in a location(s) that is easily accessed for periodic
  • Rotate your food supplies regularly.

Happy endings...
Gourmet Reserves provides a source of interesting varieties of
freeze dried foods and tasty surprises to add to your food storage.

While Gourmet Reserves has the typical beef stroganoff meal,
more interesting varieties include Texas Barbecue Chicken with
beans, Chicken Gumbo, Western Tamale Pie, Sierra Chicken, Beef
Rotini and Apple Almond Crisp which can be a dessert or
breakfast food.

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