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In the video above, you'll find tea can be made from the flowers.

Ten things you didn't know about Dandelions

#1: Dandelions aren't native to North America.
Dandelions were brought by the first settlers, who knew their true
value, they are not native to North America. They may have arrived
in America on the Mayflower and brought for their medical value.

#2:  Dandelions kept pioneers healthy.
A diet of dandelion greens, dandelion coffee and teas, helped keep
pioneers as healthy as possible as they travelled. Though they may
not have realized it, dandelions kept them scurvy-free thanks to
the high Vitamin C content, and also helped

#3: Dandelions enhanced meals during the Great
When families had to stretch their dollars during the Great
Depression, they turned to the humble dandelion.

#4: Dandelions are great for your soil.
Healthy soil is loaded with dandelions! It's true that dandelions
improve soil quality by increasing nitrogen and mineral content.
They help loosen the soil to aerate it.

#5: Dandelions make purple dye!
When you think of the dandelion and the perky yellow flower, you'd
think yellow is the only color it creates to make a dye, but did you
know that the leaves have been used to dye purple?

#6: Dandelion will make great tinder.
If you don't wish to make a wish with a dandelion puff, use it for
tinder. Something to try next time you go camping:
light a
dandelion on fire.

#7: Dandelions are everywhere but Antarctica!
The hardy dandelion thrives in cracks of sunshine in sidewalks and
lawns, but did you know it is found on just about every continent?
The only exception is Antarctica.

#8:  Dandelions are masters of survival.
If you don't want dandelions then don't disturb the dandelion, for if
you do it will grow back with a vengeance.

Gardeners looking to banish dandelion weeds don't know it, but
when they disturb the dandelion seeds it actually will produce more
seed to give it a competitive advantage over the other plants in the
area. The dandelion will defend its turf! You might say they are
masters of survival.

#9: Dandelions feed livestock, pets, and insects.
Parakeets, guinea pigs, rabbits, and lizards are among the possible
animals who find sustenance in dandelions. Want to catch a wild
turkey or deer? Lure them with dandelions. Dandelions play an
important ecological role on the prepper's homestead as well. More
than 90 insects feed off them or help spread the pollen.

  • Dandelions promote beehive health! Dandelions are an
    important flower for the health of beehives! They are among
    the first flowers to bloom in the West, (Crocus also blooms
    around the same time). Back East, when settlers first arrived
    on Plymouth rock, there were no dandelions. When word got
    back, emigrants brought them because they bloom nicely each
    Spring and supplemented the food until the fresh crops came
    in. Both bees and humans need dandelions for survival.
    Consider dandelions as a dandy part of your survival

#10: Dandelions have hundreds of varieties.
Think you know about the dandelion? You don't! There are more
than 100 species of dandelions -- some can reach 17 inches in

The list is long of ways you can use dandelions. We've given you
plenty of ideas on how to use dandelions in prepping. Learn to
harvest dandelions and eat them for your health...

Make your survival wishes come true with dandelions!
You know those puffballs earmarked for kids to make their wishes,
well they are actually dried dandelions! Your survival wishes can
come true with the humble dandelion for food, for medicine and for

25 ways to use dandelions in prepping
  1. Dandelion bread
  2. Dandelion bread pudding
  3. Dandelion butterscotch detox tea
  4. Dandelion root coffee
  5. Dandelion greens (southern pan fried dish)
  6. Dandelion juice (cucumber, celery, pear and mint)
  7. Dandelion jelly
  8. Dandelion oil for joint relief
  9. Dandelion lip balm.
  10. Dandelion pancakes (sourdough)
  11. Dandelon macarons (cookies)
  12. Dandelion pesto (for pizza and more)
  13. Dandelion salad by Martha Stewart
  14. Dandelion salve
  15. Dandelion shortbread
  16. Dandelion soap
  17. Dandelion soup
  18. Dandelion smoothie
  19. Dandelion syrup
  20. Dandelion tea (root)
  21. Dandelion tea (flower)
  22. Dandelion tea (leaves)
  23. Dandelion tuna salad
  24. Dandelion violet lemonade
  25. Dandelion wine (recipe from Mother Earth News).

Happy endings...
The dandelion is edible in so many different ways, it's  easy to find,
and it's totally free! Every part of the dandelion is useful
from the
roots to its leaves and flowers
all of it is useful for food, medicine
and dye for fabrics. Now you know that dandelions have many
functions to preppers, and you'll never look at the humble
dandelion as a weed, because it is a lifesaver!

"What is a weed?  A plant whose virtues have not yet been
discovered." ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • A note of caution about dandelions: From weed to wonderful,
    you've just discovered the many reasons to enjoy dandelions
    and how to use them in prepping; however, there is a note of
    caution to heed. There is a lot to know! Dandelions may cause
    allergic reactions, reduce effectiveness of medication, and
    have other adverse reactions. In short, use of this natural
    product isn't right for everyone, for example:

  • If you are nursing or pregnant, you should avoid
  • Ask your pediatrician before allowing your child to
  • If you are allergic to ragweed, daisies, chrysanthemums
    and marigolds, you should not use dandelions.
  • Do NOT use if you have kidney disease, diabetes or if
    you've ever had heart failure.
  • Ask your doctor if you have liver or gallbladder disorders
    or have ever had bowel obstruction. Gastric hyperacidity
    may result.

For most people dandelions are safe and effective!
Let the healing begin! For most people dandelions are a safe and
healthy dietary supplement and can support kidney function and
healthy digestion*.  For thousands of years it has a been a
treasured herb worldwide. Learn all you can about the dandelion.

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at happypreppers.com - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.

* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For
any health or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended
for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or
treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical
advice when available. As a reminder, these statements about extracts have not been
evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
In summary, dandelions are one of natures top healing foods:

  • Dandelions are antioxidant rich. Dandelions are loaded in
    antioxidants, and can enhance the nutrition of a prepper diet
    in uncertain times! Many dietary supplements are available,
    but if you can grow your own dandelions and harvest them
    naturally, you can take advantage of the many health

  • Dandelions prevent scurvy. Thanks to the high Vitamin C
    content in dandelions, pirates worldwide can rest assured
    they can avoid scurvy.

  • Dandelions are loaded in Vitamin K! People who have a
    poor diet likely will have a deficiency in Vitamin K, which
    plays a vital role in bone health. It's a little known fact that
    Vitamin K builds up bones better than calcium. It also
    promotes healthy brain function.

  • Dandelions are a diuretic! On the flip side of all the
    positive effects of dandelion during times of crisis is that  
    dandelion is also a diuretic to help you with weight loss. You
    may not want weight loss during crisis, so you'll need to use

#6: Dandelions help cleanse the liver.
Dandelions have many medicinal uses; however top on the list is
detoxification of the liver. Usually this is done through juicing or
with a tea, but there are many ways to detoxify with dandelions.
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, "
Americans also boiled dandelion in water and took it to treat
kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and upset

You'll find a delightful combination of juicing when you combine
cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, kale, dandelion greens and
lemon. However, if you are using juice as cleanse, then please
take some precautions. Try also drinking Dandelion tea (choose
organic root or whole herb).

#7: Dandelions support kidneys and digestion.
Dandelion root promotes healthy digestive functions.
It's no wonder the
pioneers supplemented their diet with
dandelions they found along the Oregon trail.

Dandelion contains chemicals that may increase urine production.
Cures candida. As a bitter herb to support digestive tract,
dandelion does wonders to get the intestinal tract back from

#8: Dandelions provide alternative cancer healing.
Dandelions are providing new hope for cancer patients.
Dandelions are sought after as a
natural alternative cancer
treatment, because of the plant's ability to decrease swelling

  • How to use dandelion root powder for cancer treatment.
    Dandelions can help cancer patients build their immune
    system and reduce inflammation. Dandelion powder is a
    powerful natural source of vitamins and packs antioxidants.
    To take full advantage of dandelion powder, mix a half
    teaspoon of  powder with water. Never use soft drinks or
    anything hot with the powder. Learn more about natural
    alternatives to cancer. You can survive cancer naturally.
    Dandelion can help, but its not without risks. Consult your

  • How to use dandelion to build your immune system: After
    three or four days of drinking dandelion root powder, you'll
    feel the difference as you build up your immune system.
    Continue for about three weeks. After that, the immune
    system will take control of cancer cells and will stop its
    spreading. You should not expect a miracle because this is
    not an overnight cure so it will take a time until the body
    removes the cancer. Learn more about how to build your
    immune system with dandelion.

#10: Dandelions can help with menopause.
For women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, the
humble dandelion can improve quality of life to provide significant
decrease in symptoms, and allow a good night's sleep. Dandelion
tea can help relieve bloating as it acts as a mild diuretic and
stimulates bile production to help break down fatty acidic foods
which cause bloating.

#11: Dandelions can help controls blood sugars for
Type II diabetes.
Dandelion brings natural blood sugar control! Because it is a
diuretic, dandelion root can help keep blood sugars low. The best
way to
help a diabetic with dandelion is with a dandelion tea,
which will help people with diabetes to remove excess sugar
stored in the body. It also will help stimulate the natural
production of insulin from the pancreas.

#12: Dandelions nourish and heal the skin.
Treat warts with Dandelions! Dandelion blossoms have been
historically used to treat warts, clear skin complexion, and heal
blisters. Tinctures are effective.

#13: Dandelions are caffeine-free.
Roasted dandelion granules can make a coffee-like tea or extend
coffee extender as a caffeine-free coffee substitute. Dandelion
coffee is very popular in Britain and many European countries.

  • To make a dandelion coffee: Use one teaspoon dandelion
    granules per one cup of water. Percolate to brew or pour
    boiling water over the mixture in an open pot. To use in
    combination with coffee to extend your coffee supply,
    substitute one teaspoon of the granules for two teaspoons
    of ground coffee. It's a great way to get decaffeinated!

  • How to Make Dandelion Tea (from the flowers). Boiled or
    infused into tea from root or flowers, there are many ways to
    make dandelion tea. Below is a video on how to make a
    beautiful tea from the flowers. Left is organic dandelion root,
    which you can boil with chicory for a very flavorful drink
    that's much like coffee, but without the caffeine.
Dandelion uses in prepping
Benefits of foraging, growing and using dandelions

The humble dandelion is like a prepper!
If there was ever a flower that represented the prepper, it's the  
dandelion. The humble dandelion is a true survivor! It thrives in
turbulent conditions, wanders with the wind, survives through
both storms and droughts to persevere just about any climate
and condition. When it's all dried up, even then it offers hope and
sends good wishes.  Preppers love the useful dandelion for soaps,
salves, teas, breads and more...

Prepper Uses of the Humble Dandelion
Never look at the humble dandelion as a mere weed.  It is a
lifesaver, it is easy to find and it is free food. Every part of the
dandelion―from the roots to its leaves and flowers―are all useful
for food, medicine and more.

#1: Dandelions are an easy pick for food.
Hunt 'lions for your dinner. Just about every portion of the
dandelion is edible: the roots, stems, leaves and flowers. So go
ahead and forage! As long as they are in the wild, and free from
pesticides and herbicides, they are good to eat.

In fact, modest dandelion was an important food of
Americans and a lifesaving staple of pioneers as they forged the
West. Here's how to harvest just like they did...

  • How to harvest dandelion: Harvest dandelion root at any
    time of the year; however, many claim that early spring and
    late fall is an ideal time, when the plan is dormant and has
    stored its energy in the root.  Native Americans preferred to
    eat cooked dandelions in the spring before the plant was in
    bloom. Here's how to harvest dandelion:
  1. Source your dandelion carefully. Beware of pesticides,
    herbicides,  fertilizers, and pollutants.
  2. Pull from the ground.
  3. Cut off leaves and remove dirt around the root.
  4. Do NOT wash the dandelion root. Just leave the delicate
    root as it is to dry.
  5. Dry the root in the sun for 5-6 days. The root is dried
    and ready when it snaps.
  6. Store the roots in a glass jar in a cold and dark place.
    Dried dandelion root can keep its active chemicals for a
    full year.     

#2: Dandelions are easy to grow and frugal.
Half of being a homesteader is being frugal and the humble
dandelion fits into that lifestyle.

The dandelion is a prolific plant you can have close at hand, so
why not grow them? Dandelions are incredibly easy to grow and
will even thrive in unstable conditions. A treasured herb, you'll
find high prices for dandelions at the grocery stores, and there's
no need to buy dandelion greens at upwards of $3.00 a bunch,
when they can grow so easily at home for free. Give it a try!

#3: Dandelions are a hidden resource.
Preppers hide their bullets, beans and bandages, and sometimes
have a secret garden. Dandelions will make a wonderful crop for
the secret survival garden. While the rest of the world passes
them by, preppers will be foraging them, growing them, eating
them, using them medicinally and surviving.

#4: Dandelions are versatile.
You can eat dandelions raw, boil them, can them, dry or
dehydrate them, juice them. There are many recipes for using
dandelion roots, stems, leaves and flowers from dandelion juices,
teas and coffees, to jams, syrups and wines, and even breads,
pastas and salads.

There is much culinary versatility behind the dandelion because
every part of the plant is edible. Dandelions actually have four
edible parts:
  1. Dandelion roots.  Who knew you could dehydrate dandelion
    roots? You will get a good bit of dietary fiber from the roots,
    and they are sweet like chickory.
  2. Dandelion stems. The stems will produce a milky substance.
  3. Dandelion greens (leaves). Somewhat bitter in flavor, you
    can blanch dandelions to limit the bitterness. Lemons also
    enhance the flavor.Chop dandelion greens into pesto or chop
    them into your salad.
  4. Dandelion florets. The flowers are ideal for tea making.

#5: Dandelions are nutritious.
Popeye should have eaten his dandelions, instead. Highly
nutritious, dandelions pack more nutrition than spinach! This is
dandy to know, isn't it?

Dandelion root has made its way into dietary supplements. In
addition to vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium, they pack a
healthy dose of iron. Who knew?

Add dandelions to your salad, but only after you've washed them
correctly identified them. Beware that dandelions soak up toxins!
So don't eat dandelions near roads or in public parks as
pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants may make them
unhealthy or even dangerous to eat. Consider planting them
yourself! They're nearly impossible to keep out of your garden

Why enhance your diet  with dandelion?
Dr. Axe quickly explains the many benefits of dandelions:
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