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Shelf Stable Gourmet
Grocery Store Finds for the Gourmet Prepper

the spice of life, and so it is with these suggestions you can
enhance your meals with long shelf life foods available at your
local grocery store or available for delivery to your home.

Shelf Stable Foods for the Gourmet Prepper:

Delicious Grocery Store Food Finds for the Gourmet Prepper
Here is our recommendation of ten grocery store food finds for
the gourmet Prepper:

  • Annie Chun's Miso Soup Bowl: With just a cup of water you
    can enjoy Fresh cooked Japanese style Udon noodles with
    tofu and scallions for lunch. It's 100% natural, vegan and
    has no preservatives or MSG. Sometimes it's best not to
    follow the directions, as with this product which require you
    to drain the water from the noodles. Preppers know the
    importance of saving precious water and nutrients. Just use
    just a cup of water, mix the ingredients and let the bowl
    stand covered for a couple of minutes. Comes in a
    convenient bowl, which means there's no wash up required.

  • GoldBaum's Wonder Meals: Have a fully cooked Bone-in
    chicken dinner with all the trimmings in just minutes. Or try
    the cabbaged wrapped beef dinners, left, over rice. It boils
    in the bag. These delicious all-in-one dishes requires no
    refrigeration. It could be magic, but it is not. The technology
    to make Wonder Meals is more than 75 years in the making,
    yet the machinery, the design and the packaging for these
    meals is cutting edge. Travel conveniently and hassle-free
    with meals that boast a shelf life of up to 36 months.

  • Go Picnic Ready To Eat Salami and Cheese: A balanced
    meal featuring Old Wisconsin Beef Salami Slices, Olive Oil
    and Sea Salt Crackers, Asiago cheese spread, cashew
    medley of dried fruits and nuts and a chocolate cookie
    cluster. The food in GoPicnic meals contains no trans fats,
    no high fructose corn syrup, no added MSG, and no artificial
    colors or flavors. Each item inside is individually packaged
    and does not require refrigeration, heating, or preparation.

  • Look for other Go Picnic varieties, including: turkey
    stick, turkey pepperoni and cheese, tuna and crackers,
    hummus and crackers, and sunbutter and crackers.

  • Gourmet on the Go. From France, Gourmet on the Go ready
    to eat meals from St. Dalfour, include Eat Tuna & Pasta,
    Salmon pasta, whole grain with beans and more savory
    French cuisine in a can.

Fill your prepper's pantry with a variety of foods from freeze dried
meats, vegetables, and fruits; beef jerky and dehydrated
vegetables and fruit; as well as canned goods and shelf stable
meals that are ready to heat and eat or ready to eat straight
from the container. Preparedness is variety.

  1. Canned Meats
  2. Canned liquids (coconut milk, pineapple juice)
  3. Milk and eggs (powdered)
  4. Cheese (waxed and powdered, Parmesean)
  5. Protein bars
  6. Canned, freeze dried and dehydrated meats
  7. Coffee, tea, Ovaltine, Tang and boullon
  8. Oils (coconut, ghee, butter in a can, lard and other oils)
  9. Whole Wheat flour
  10. Cereals, shredded wheat, cornflakes or rice cereal.
  11. Potato flour
  12. Corn as a grain (dried, popcorn)
  13. Corn as a vegetable (freeze dried or canned)
  14. Oats
  15. Bread crumbs and stuffings
  16. Shelf-stable, ready to eat meals
  17. Crackers
  18. Potato flakes and au gratin potatoes
  19. Rice
  20. Pastas
  21. Raisins, dried fruits and fruit strips
  22. Jams and jellies
  23. Canned fruits
  24. Canned vegetables
  25. Beans and legumes
  26. Nuts, seeds, nut butters, seed butters
  27. Honey
  28. Iodized salt, Himalayan salt
  29. Sugar and Molasses
  30. Spices and herbs
  31. Condiments
  32. Chocolates
  33. Vitamins
  34. Vodka
  35. Pemmican and coconut food bars
  36. Dry yeast
  37. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and baking powder

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