how to shower without electricity

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How to shower without electricity

How to shower without electricity: set up an off grid shower!
Living without power doesn't mean you have stay dirty. Keep
clean and stay healthy by setting up an off grid shower for an
emergency. Below are some off grid shower ideas...

Outdoor and off-grid camping showers
There are many types of camping showers available to preppers.
You can take a basic design to convert to an off-grid shower
system for emergencies.

Setting up an off grid shower is important for many other reasons
besides daily cleanliness:

  • Nuclear contamination. How will you rinse off contamination
    before entering your home from a Nuclear dust following a
    nuclear attack? Anything you bring into your home could have
    nuclear particles and you'll want to ensure those particles
    stay far away from your family. You can set up an off grid
    shower in your garage for such purpose.

#1: Bucket shower (aka Navy shower).
To conserve water, every prepper must learn to take a bucket
shower (also called a navy shower). In the military, this short
shower is a simple system. Get wet, turn off the shower, lather
up, turn the shower back on and quickly rinse. In this way you
don't waste precious water in the cleansing ritual. You'll use only
a bucket of water if you do it accurately.

Transform a sink or bucket of water into instant shower stream
with the
YPS Portable Outdoor Camping Shower, pictured
immediate right, in orange. The shower head has a simple flow
rate that's comfortable and gentle enough for seniors, babies and
pets. You can secure this shower head and attach it to any flat
surface with the provided suction cup. The s-style hook makes the
shower hang safely overhead. It's battery powered and
rechargeable through a USB by laptop, car adapter or computer.
At full charge it allows up to 50-60 minutes of continuous use/

#2: Solar shower.
A solar shower is a good and simple way to keep clean without
running hot water whether you're camping or preparing for a long
term emergency. The
Sunshower solar shower, pictured right, will
ensure you have a quick warm rinse using a gravity system and
the sun. It's the easiest way to ensure you can stay clean in an

Pair your solar shower with a privacy shower tent, like the one
pictured from Texport, right.

#3: Portable tankless water heater.
A portable tankless water heater is how you will warm a camping

  • Camp Chef Portable Water Heater. A portable tankless
    water heater, the Camp Chef Triton Water Heater, pictured
    right, is portable, but you can make it a permanent fixture of
    your backyard or off-grid location. Whether you’re on the
    family camping trip, at the lake, or swimming in the pool,
    sometimes you just need a hot shower. Simply attach a
    garden hose and you will have hot water in no time. The
    Triton Water Heater produces more hot water per minute
    than any other unit in its class. Compare to the Coleman
    Portable tankless water heater.

  • Coleman Portable tankless water heater. With the
    Coleman Portable Water Heater, pictured right in red, you
    can always have hot water whenever and whereever you
    need it. Using technology similar to a tankless water heater
    for your home, this propane-powered heater dispenses hot
    water in as little as 30 seconds.  All you need to do is
    connect the pump to the included 5-gallon water carrier,
    connect the hoses, dial in your temperature and your water
    will be heated up to 54 °F with a maximum temperature of
    125 °F. It's perfect for washing the dishes, making a hot
    beverage, but particularly for taking a shower in the great
    outdoors! You can place the shower head in the adjustable
    holder for use as a sink faucet, or you can detach it for use
    as a handheld sprayer with the 6-foot, non-kink hose. It
    includes a built-in lithium-ion battery that you can charge
    from your car outlet. The included charger powers the electric
    pump and LED display. When you're ready to pack up, you
    just disconnect the hoses and store everything in the mesh
    bag until the next time.

#4: Weed sprayer pressurized shower.
A weed sprayer pressured shower is a step up on the off-grid
living. To make a weed sprayer pressured shower, start with a
brand new weed sprayer, such as the Stanley Lawn &  Garden
sprayer right, consult The brilliant set up will also
involve getting a shower hose, and a low flow shower nozzle, a
valve and a shower wand. It's a fun off-grid project you can do:
Ozark Trail Head Utility Shower Shelter

Happy endings...
Spring flowers, April showers or anytime of the year ~you can
enjoy an off grid shower if you prepare.

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Above, shares an off-grid shower created using a weed
sprayer as a pressurized shower.

#5: Homestead shower.
One of the more sophisticated outside showers is the homestead
shower by They live in a "dry cabin" with
no running water and ingeniously developed an outdoor shower
with just a hint of privacy.
Weed sprayer tank
Camping shower room!
Bring some practical comfort on your next camping adventure with
the Ozark Trail Shower Tent. This outdoor essential can be set up
and taken down quickly and easily thanks to the innovative,
pre-attached instant frame design. A 5-gallon solar shower comes
with it, heating water up to luxurious temperatures using natural
light. This 2-room portable shower tent includes a separate
changing/utility room, so your clothes stay dry. Mesh panels offer
ample ventilation, and a mesh drain in the shower allows quick
water evacuation. Two windows let you make use of natural light
with a towel rack and a toiletries holder for convenience.
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