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rice food storage couscous
Rice Select
Stock a variety of rice from Rice Select!

RiceSelect is an excellent addition to your food storage. While it's
available at specialty markets for around $10 a container,
Amazon offers a substantial discount for buying four at a time
and it's delivered right to your door.

Make Rice Select part of your every day food storage

#1. RiceSelect seals their quality product in plastic
It's important to keep your rice in small containers, like the Rice
Select brand, so as to avoid pest infiltration of your food supply.
There's nothing worse than to open up a grain bucket to find an
entire bucket loaded with vermin. Rice select containers allow you
to evaluate the contents. Further, the wide mouth makes it easy
to scoop.

#2. RiceSelect plastic containers are BPA-free, too.
Rice Select does not contain the organic compound BPA
(Bisphenol A), a component in some plastics and in the lining of
cans used for foodstuffs. Studies have indicated that the
compound is being ingested and could be harmful to human
health as well as the environment. No worries, because Rice
Select products don't contain them.

3. RiceSelect product are non-GMO.
RiceSelect products are produced from a non-GMO proprietary
seed grown under strict supervision in the United States. This
complete control through the production process, ensures that
Rice Select product are
not co-mingled with other varieties that
may have GMO traits.

4. RiceSelect has a variety!
You'll find the complete variety of grains to enjoy including rice,
orzo wheat pasta, and couscous. Incidentally, couscous cooks in
just 5 minutes!
  • Arborio Rice
  • Jasmati rice
  • Kasmati rice
  • Orzo tri color pasta
  • Royal blend, including whole grain Texmati brown rice, red
    rice and barley rye
  • Sushi rice
  • Texmati rice varieties, light brown rice, long grain
  • Tri-color pearl couscous
  • Whole pear couscous

5. Rice Select purchased online offers value. RiceSelect is
available in bulk below to save money over the grocery store
prices. They are also availabe with free shipping and you can
subscribe and save even more.

RiceSelect's Whole Grain Lover's Sampler, pictured at the top
of the page, includes:
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Royal Blend Whole Grain Brown and
    Red Rice 28oz
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Royal Blend Whole Grain Brown and
    Wild Rice 28oz
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Texmati Brown Basmati Rice 32oz
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Whole Wheat Organic Couscous 26.5oz

Rice Select Basic Variety Pack, pictured immediate right,
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Texmati White Basmati
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Texmati Brown Basmati Rice
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Jasmati Jasmine Rice
  • One Jar of RiceSelect Texmati Light Brown Rice

Rice Select Couscous Variety Pack, includes:
  • One jar of riceselect original couscous
  • One jar of riceselect tri-color couscous
  • Two jars of riceselect whole wheat organic couscous

The great thing about RiceSelect is that it already comes in a
convenient storage case.

Happy endings...
Rice Select will last significantly longer than the manufaturer
suggests on the packaging. Rice doesn't really go bad unless it
gets moist, gets too much sunlight or a pest gets into your

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