information warfare

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What is information warfare?
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Information warfare
Propaganda and disinformation attacks in America

What is information warfare?
An emerging battlefield that should be on the prepper radar is
information warfare, which is a combination of propaganda and
disinformation by an enemy to sow discord and chaos in a
population. The ultimate goal is to undermine a government or
its people and to bring about chaos.

Information warfare is a collective of cyber-terrorism activities
that attempts to undermine the channels of information to build
distrust, to demoralize and to manipulate. Think of information
warfare as half a conspiracy to influence our society, but also a
chess move by a country, which seeks to level the playing field
by infiltrating communications and causing confusion.

Information Warfare
What is information warfare and what does it mean to
preppers? Information warfare is a means of fomenting
opposition through a combination of electronic (cyber warfare)
and human interventions (foreign actors posing to be citizens
with political viewpoints). Knowing that we've been infiltrated
means we must think more critically both as citizens and as

What is informaton warfare?
Closely linked to pyschological warfare, information warfare is  
political espionage that can in part be explained as the "
swords and silent bullets of influence," according to Howard
Gambrill Clark, Ph.D., author of
Information Warfare: The Lost
Tradecraft, pictured right.

Information warfare seeks to have a competitive advantage
through demoralizing a population. In the example of the  
election meddling, the Russians succeeded at positioning "fake
Americans" through social media and other platforms.  The
elaborate misinformation scheme aimed to stage rallies and
inflame debates through social media. It caused the political
parties to distrust each other. In short, Russians were able to
make the American people turn against themselves.

The desired results of information warfare may include
influencing the people to react a certain way, to vote or to
otherwise manipulate them with the aim of confusion.
Operatives are spin doctors exploiting narratives and conflating
ideas as a modus operandi to undermine confidence.

Information warfare differs from
media bias ~ the fake news,
which is a barrage of information disseminated by the media in
aims of a political viewpoint, though the two concepts may
intertwine. Meddling in the elections is only a part of the story.

Information warfare may be achieved by various means:

  • Identity theft. Information warfare poses a threat to
    citizens personally in terms of identity theft, but it has
    more impact on national security. Assassination politics
    come into play ~ this is a mix of encryption, anonymity,
    and digital cash to annihilate a government.Information
    warriors gain access to and use computerized data to
    appear as ordinary individuals. In stealing the identities of
    Americans, the players involved in information warfare seek
    to disguise their true identity to align their allegiances.  
    The identity theft (fraudulent bank accounts, PayPal
    accounts and such) comes into play to create social media
    accounts and selectively place servers and virtual private
    networks on American soil.

  • Social media. Posing as politically active Americans,
    information warfare by the Russians took place on
    American soil. Americans in Russia's information warfare of
    2014-2018 were the unwitting participants in many ways
    on social media. If you were on Twitter and Facebook and
    had interactions about politics, you may have fallen victim
    to the scheme. Fake social media accounts and web sites
    were created by Russians on American soil as one way to
    sow discord with the American people. As well, ads
    purchased by the Russians on Facebook and Twitter were
    intended to sow discord.

  • Research agencies. The allegations presented by Rod
    Rosenstein on February 16, 2018 is that Russians
    interfered in U.S. election in part by operating through a
    shell company. A Russian-based Internet Research Agency
    staffed graphic designers, writers, strategists and a host of
    people to help spread their propaganda and
    misinformation. Some of their employees bought property
    in America and posed as Americans to infiltrate our
    political stage.

  • Staged protests. In place of conventional warfare, the
    goal is not to kill but to sow discord in a population.One of
    the methods to sow discord in a population is to stage
    protests. In a staged protest to incite anger or rouse
    attention, a government may stage one rally to support a
    candidate and another to oppose a candidate.

What does information warfare mean to preppers?
What can prepper's do? As they say, knowledge is power.
Knowing that misinformation exists is a humbling experience. In
an age where terrorists can spew hatred and recruit a following
with a few strokes of a keyboard is shocking.

Preppers can do what every American should do:
What can we do?

  • What Americans can do now is unite! How we react now
    as a society and as a country will determine our fate as a
    democracy. United we stand, but divided we fall. This more
    apparent now than ever! It means that we should be
    extremely mindful of collusion theories and taking sides.
    Everything has changed! Keep from participating in
    inflamed online discussions. Be mindful that he person
    behind the keyboard on the other side might not be an

  • What prepper's should do is read about information
    warfare. Take time to read about information warfare and
    process what potentially this means in your life. Have you
    been betrayed by social media? Think about what
    disinformation has done to your life. Family relationships
    have been altered as hatred or Trump Derangement
    Syndrome has infiltrated every aspect of our society. While
    books like The Plot to Hack America, right, by Spencer
    Ackerman, put President Trump in a negative light, you
    should read such books unfettered and without a
    predetermined bias. The book, published just before the
    2016 elections, illustrates the infiltrating capacity that
    Putin's cyberspies had to influence our American democracy.

  • Open your mind and invite dialog with real people.
    Americans are all victims of this online propaganda. You
    can begin the healing process by having an open dialog
    with your family and friends ~ the real people in your lives.
    Start blocking the online personalities that make you feel
    irate or distrusting ~ or who you feel simply waste your
    time. America is currently one big dysfunctional family. If
    you didn't trust your president before, start trusting him
    now! If you thought the prior administration was evil, give
    it a second chance. Maybe we just have different ideas
    about how to run our country and we should debate them
    instead of hate opposing ideas.

  • Read. Give George Orwell's 1984 a read! Just like the
    book, we've learned the compelling idea that it's possible
    to rewrite history to satisfy the demands of the enemy.
    Don't let the thought police get you! It might also be the
    time to read Stone Soup with your kids.

  • Find trusted sources, but think critically. While you
    should "take with a grain of salt" everything you read on
    the Internet, you must also remember that just because
    something is published on the Internet does not mean that
    it is any less credible than what's published in a
    newspapers or on CNN or FoxNews. To err is human and
    misinformation takes many forms. You can think critically
    when you absorb information to help filter fact from fiction.
    In short, take a deep breath. Just breathe, filter and
    process information! The truth has a familiar sound. People
    are generally good, but a few bad apples will always

  • Trust your gut. Was the information warfare in the U.S.
    really construed by the Russians? Did the FBI construe the
    discord and blame the Russians for their own misdeeds? Go
    with your intuition on this one. You can always trust your
    gut feeling.

  • Always maintain a situational awareness. Robert
    Richardson's Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-
    Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World will provide
    insight and strategies to deal with terrorist attacks. You'll
    gain self-reliance strategies to survive in just about any
    situation through situational awareness. Pictured bottom
    right of the page, this self-reliance guide to surviving 21st
    century threats, including ways to survive cyber-attacks,
    infrastructure shutdowns and communication grid failures,
    is an important read.

Information warfare happens when people who have electronic
influence from foreign soil merge with hostile foreign actors
posing to be citizens on American soil ~ both have political
viewpoints aimed at getting you to distrust those around you.
Remember that it's a combination of propaganda and
disinformation by an enemy to sow discord and chaos, so don't
let it happen!

Did the Russians manipulate us or did they simply
learn "how to" manipulate us?  
It all comes down to this: Did America really get infiltrated by
the Russians or are we living with a big dysfunctional American
family? Perhaps the F.B.I. is blaming the Russians for meddling,
but perhaps the discord would have happened entirely on its
own. One way or another, people are going to disagree. In
America we still have the freedom of speech. Exercise it!

Happy endings...
Our democracy is strong! America is rooted in a constitutional
republic well worth defending. Let freedom ring and keep your
debates civil and keep tempers in check.

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