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Bergamot Oil
How preppers can use bergamot essential oil to survive

Bergamot essential oils for prepping
Bergamot is the familiar flavor behind Earl Grey tea and a
powerful herbal remedy for the prepper's medicine cabinet. Not
only because it can help you stay fit and manage stress, but
because it can help preppers manage high blood pressure,
insomnia, digestive problems and panic attacks.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses bergamot for digestive therapy
to enhance energy and soothe indigestion. As well, Italian folk
medicine, uses bergamot for fever and parasitic diseases.
Preppers are discovering the benefits too.

Below are just some of the ways preppers can use bergamot
essential oil to help them not only survive in crisis, but thrive...

Bergamot Oil Benefits for Preppers
Bergamot packs a powerhouse of medicinal value in a tiny bottle
of essential oil at a bargain price. For around $8.95 on Prime, the
bergamot essential oil from Healing Therapies, right, will have
you harnessing your inner "kitchen witch" for medicinal healing,
better sleep and lowered blood pressure. It may also help you
loose weight, avoid cavities, and get rid of bugs.

Here's how bergamot oil can benefit preppers:

#1: Overcome anxiety with bergamot essential oil.
What makes bergamot essential oil so special for preppers?
For starters bergamot can help you overcome anxiety and reduce
coritsol levels. Anxiety can cause disease in certain organs.
Bergamot is a prepper's secret weapon against disease that
combats stress and anxiety and a study in the U.S. National
Library of Medicime, National Institutes of Health confirms that
bergamot is "
useful to reduce anxiety and stress effects."

In times of stress cortisol levels are high as they are also in
times of severe illness. Coritsol is a stress steroid and is helpful
in times of heightened awareness when you are contemplating
fight or flight. Too much coritisol; however, can cause major
changes in your body's metabolism. It can cause diabetes and
obesity. Bergamot can help you regulate cortisol and help you
stay calm.The most significant reason to add Bergamot to your
prepper's medicine cabinet is that it can help you reduce anxiety.
When the stuff hits the fan, you'll want a level head and to make
decisions in a calm collected manner.

Bergamot oil is one of the top essential oils to help you with
anxiety and panic attacks says Dr. Josh Axe...
OxyFresh Fresh Breath
Vetiver Essential Oil for reducing stress
Above Dr. Josh Axe, suggests using Bergamot Oil to overcome anxiety and
panic attack to lift mood and reduce stress. He also recommends Vetiver oil.

#2: Lower your blood pressure with Bergamot oil.
Got stress? Bergamot is a true stress buster! One of the causes
of high-blood pressure is stress, and thankfully bergamot
essential is scientifically proven to calm and reduce stress. Along
with reducing anxiety and stress, bergamot promotes healthy
cholesterol levels and helps improve blood vessel function when
applied topically.

How does bergamot support blood vessel function and promote
healthy blood pressure levels? Bergamot lowers blood pressure by
dilating blood vessels, and simultaneously helping to reduce
inflammation and prevent plaque formation. This increases blood
circulation. Bergamot can penetrate to help dilate your arteries,
decrease and release emotional stress. In addition to releasing
accumulated stress, bergamot essential oil is uplifting and
rejuvenating as a mood enhancer.

  • How to use bergamot oil to lower your blood pressure.
    Add couple of drops of bergamot oil to carrier oil in the palm
    of your hand, then massage directly to your temples.
    Bergamot essential oil can help lower high blood pressure by
    relieving stress and calming agitation through diffusion, but
    it's perhaps more effective as an application to your skin.

#3: Control your blood sugars with Bergamot oil.
Bergamot supports the pancreas in production of insulin, which is
the hormone that converts sugar, starches and other foods into
energy. Lack of insulin is problematic for diabetics. Without
insulin the glucose stays in your blood. Thankfully bergamot can
Bergamot is an excellent remedy for diabetes in part also
because it lowers blood pressure, but that it helps the pancreas
is significant.

That bergamot supports balanced blood sugar and triglyceride
levels, and helps improve blood vessel function is one of many
reasons to stockpile bergamot essential oil and Early Grey tea,
but bergamot and bergamot essential oil also may help you lose
weight. Bergamot stimulates hormone secretion which promotes
stress release. When you're not stressed, you're less likely to
succumb to food cravings.

  • Want to lose weight? Take advantage of bergamot!
    Balanced blood sugar levels are essential for maintaining a
    healthy body weight and bergamot can help. One way to use
    bergamot for weight loss is through diffusion. In stimulating
    olfactory nerves you can reduce cravings.

#4: Use Bergamot for joint and muscle pain.
Preppers can turn to bergamot essential oil for pain relief.
Bergamot essential oil can reduce sensitivity in nerves that lead
to pain Bergamot can help reduce pain from achy muscles and
joints, and sprains, as well as reduce spasms, cramps, and

#5: Use Bergamot oil to control skin inflammation.
Bergamot essential oil reduces inflammation both in joints and
muscles as well as in the skin. Use bergamot oil for a variety of
skin conditions:

  • Psoriasis. Bergamot is great for treating psoriasis. Be sure
    to apply with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil, rose hip
    seed oil or jojoba oil, which are the trifecta of good carrier
    oils for psoriasis. Other good essential oils for psoriasis
    include helichrysum, chamomile, lavender, juniper,
    sandalwood, tea tree, or calendula.

#6: Try Bergamot for digestive support.
The antibacterial properties of the oil are even believed to aid in
stomach viruses and other digestive system infections.
An easy way to take bergamot for digestive support is to sip a
cup of Earl Grey tea. For digestive support you can also rub a drop
of bergmot directly into your abdomen with a carrier oil. Bergamot
bergamot essential oil have helped to heal digestive issues
for the centuries. Traditional Chinese medicine uses bergamot for
digestive therapy to enhance energy and soothe indigestion.
Bergamot oil stimulates digestion to breakdown foods as it
stimulates contractions in the intestines. This speeds the
expulsion of waste and helps with absorption of nutrients.

  • Intestinal worms: Bergamot essential oil can help in the
    treatment of intestinal worms which may develop from
    malnutrition. Bergamot oil effective kills such parasitic
    worms and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

  • Anemia. With malnourishment may come anemia. Here
    again, bergamot essential oil may help in clearing up such
    health issues.

#7: Enhance mood with Bergamot.
Bergamot is a natural anti-depressant. One reason is that the oil
is rich in d-limonene, which is a component of citrus based oils.
With a rich and slightly bitter-sweet aroma, bergamot is an
emotionally uplifting essential oil with calming and soothing

According to a study published in the U.S. National Library of
Medicine, National Institutes of Health, researchers concluded
that aromatherapy use of bergamot was able  "
to drive autonomic
nervous activity toward a balanced state." Bergamot  also has
sedating effect like
lavender essential oil. Use essential oil of
bergamot in diffusers, vaporizers or oil burners for relaxing
inhalation, or topically for massage or bath.

    sad, or experiencing fatigue, take advantage of bergamot in
    one of two ways:
  • Diffuser: Simply use a diffuser to enjoy the aromas of
    about three drops of bergamot for at least a ten-minute
    session. If you don't have a diffuser, you can add a
    couple of drops in your hand and rub your hands
    together and inhale the aroma for a quick pick me up.
  • Bath: Alternatively, you can add ten drops to a bath
    and wash away your sad feelings. You'll soon feel joyful
    and refreshed.

#8: Minimize the appearance of scars with bergamot.
Bergamot is a common ingredient of soaps and lotions because of
the soothing antiseptic qualities. It's booth an anti-inflammatory
and an antibacterial.

  • Bergamot is an anti-inflammatory: Polyphenols are the
    secret behind bergamot's skin healing properties.
    Polyphenols are antioxidants that help prevent premature
    aging and cell damage.

  • Bergamot is an antibacterial. A natural antibiotic bergamot
    is an apolyphenolic antioxidant free radical scavenger.

Make bergamot essential oil part of your skin care routine to
minimize the appearance of scars an liver spots. It's a
"cicatrizant," which means it promotes healing of scar tissue (the
word cicatrix, which means "scar").

Because it's an antimicrobial agent, bergamot can facilitate
wound healing.Bergamot oil can minimize the appearance of scars
as well as even out skin tone by distributing melanin evenly
across the skin, which in turn reduces the appearance of the
discolorations and marks. A caveat is that some people have skin
that's particualrly sensitive to bergamot and can have sensitivity
with bergamot when also exposed to sunlight.

In addition to helping the appearance of scars, bergamot oil can
even help heal cracked skin (like cracked heels). As well, the

antibacterial properties
of the oil also help relieve eczema and
other skin irritations.

Please be careful with application on the skin. Bergamot is
photoxic, which means that for 72 hours your skin may be more
sensitive. In addition to using a carrier oil, people with skin
sensitivites should be cautious about sun exposure.

This citrus fruit comes from a cold compression extract of the oil
from the rind. As with many citrus fruits, components of bergamot
are antibiotic and disinfectant in nature, which help fight the
growth of germs, virus and fungi. They also help reduce
infections, including those of the skin.

#9: Fight cavities, freshen breath with bergamot oil.
An odd use of bergamot essential oil is as a mouthwash to fight
cavities. Who knew that bergamot oil fights cavities? The people
behind Oxyfresh aren't the first to know about it, but likely the
only brand that uses bergamot oil in their products. The reason
bergamot oil can help you fight cavities is that bergamot is an
antibacterial. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria thrives in your
mouth and produce acids. Pictured right, Fresh Breath strengthen
gums, freshen breath and is clinically proven to reduce 85%
Oxyfresh Fresh Breath eliminates bad breath at the
source, doesn’t just mask it.

As an aside, taking bergamot oil orally is not for everyone. There
are potential health risks for women who are pregnant or nursing

#10: Relieve the common cold with bergamot oil.
From its orgins in Bergamo, Italy, bergamot was first sold to help
relieve sore throats and treat parasitic diseases.
That bergamot essential oil helps combat colds and coughs is
another unusual use of this precious oil. It helps sinuses!

  • How does bergamot oil help fight a cold? By loosening
    phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tract, bergamot
    essential oil is a powerful way to relieve congestion. It helps
    promote coughing and sneezing, which is how you expel the
    phlegm and mucus to get better. Think of this home remedy
    and never again suppress a cough when you can let nature
    do its job.

Italian folk medicine uses bergamot primarily for fever reduction.

#11: Bergamot may help fight cancer!
Bergamot has limonene, which may block cancer-forming
chemicals and kill cancer cells according to Dr. Josh
Axe concurs, saying in the video above that bergamot helps the
lymphatic system by detoxifying. As well, someone who has
cancer can benefit from the uplifting effects of bergamot. It's the
d-limonene that helps to release the emotional pain, he says.

Another benefit when used as aromatherapy in cancer patients is
bergamot may reduce the anxiety of radiation procedures,
according to Mix bergamot and
lavender essential oil
as aromatherapy for the cancer patient's maximum benefit.

#12: Bergamot is also an insecticide and pesticide.
A lesser known benefit of bergamot essential oils is that it's an
insecticide. Bergamot is toxic to ants. A little spray of bergamot
can erase the chemical trail ants leave behind to signal other
ants. Bergamot is also an effective insect repellent for
mosquitoes, much like citronella.

Keep away mosquitoes and other bugs with bergamot but stay
out of the sun because bergamot is phototoxic, meaning it's a
potential skin irritant when exposed to too much sunlight and
could cause a skin response that looks a bit like a sunburn.

Bergamot also repels dogs and cats. To use bergamot to repel
cats and dogs you can spray bergamot on garbage cans or along
fence lines or plants where you want to keep them away.

Happy endings...
You will find yourself using bergamot oil as a practitioner in your
family's health. When there is no doctor, it's good to have
bergamot essential oil.

Bergamot essential oil is a great beginner's oil, since it's
generally mild and has many benefits. As well, bergamot blends
nicely with citrus oils, such as sweet orange essential oil, lemon
oil, and it's also wonderful with peppermint essential oil, basil,
and vetiver.

Bergamot is part of the
Healing Solutions Beginners set which
also includes Clary Sage, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit,
Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary,
Spearmint, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree.

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  • NOTE: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does
    NOT recommend that essential oils be taken internally,
    unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also
    qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.

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seeking medical advice when available.
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