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Reasons to use witch hazel
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Witch hazel for the skin
Benefits and uses of Witch Hazel
Above, Herbalist Robin Rose shows some of the many weird and wonderful
ways to use witch hazel as a medicinal plant.

Weird and Wickedly Wonderful Ways to use Witch Hazel:

Weird and Wonderful Reason #1: witch hazel controls
As an astringent, witch hazel treats acne and blemishes by
refining pores, tightening skin and reducing inflammation of
blemishes. The fact that Witch Hazel is a 100% natural
astringent is not so weird, but it is weird to know that the very
same qualities that combat pimples also will help stop bleeding,
cleanse wounds and so much more! Read on about the weird and
wonderful applications of witch hazel...

  • Need a witch hazel astringent? Make your own witch hazel
    astringent to control blemishes, or consider Thayers. Try
    Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera (also
    available in witch hazel with lavender) or try Thayers
    Astringent pads, both pictured left. Undistilled witch hazel
    cleanses and moisturizes skin, particularly when combined
    with aloe vera in this special formula.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #2: relieves a variety of
itchy skin irritations.
Witch Hazel is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that every
prepper should consider. The chemical compound has antibacterial
properties which is helpful in getting rid of acne and cleaning
pores. Effective at reducing, swelling and helping to repair broken
skin, witch hazel contains tannins, which also helps fight
bacteria. (Witch hazel in steam distillate form of an extract, does
not contain tannins.) As a topical first aid, witch hazel provides a
measure of relief for eczema or chicken pox, as well as non-
specific itchy skin ailments by calming inflammation and
moisturizing affected skin; however, it's important to note that
witch hazel has a fragrance chemical (eugenol), which is a
potential source of irritation and allergen.

Consult your physician and consider using witch hazel for soothing
relief for the following conditions:
  • Chicken Pox and Shingles
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea (use only pure witch hazel, undistilled, not mixed
    with alcohol)

Weird and Wonderful Reason #3: witch hazel cleans
wounds, stops bleeding.
For cuts and scrapes, witch hazel comes to the rescue! Witch
hazel is a popular astringent and can stop the bleeding in small
nicks and scratches. Astringents tighten skin and this constriction
helps stop the blood flow on minor wounds.

Witch hazel is a popular wound dressing for minor abrasions for
both humans and pets. Undistilled witch hazel cleanses wounds
and moisturizes the skin to promote healing and is often a
component of veterinary topical applications, including as a body
wash for horses.

What's so weird about witch hazel for cleaning wounds? Well,
many economical preppers buy witch hazel in bulk as a body wash
for horses and dogs and use it on themselves instead of their
pets or livestock, as with AniMedi witch hazel.

  • Bulk veterinary witch hazel. AniMed Witch Hazel, pictured
    immediate left, is bulk witch hazel (86% witch hazel and
    14% alcohol). It is just as effective for animals as it is for
    humans, though you'll have to figure out your dose.

  • Want something for humans? Try Grandpas Witch Hazel
    Soap for every day cleansing, pictured at the top right of the
    page. A pleasant mildly invigorating general-purpose soap
    with witch hazel, this soap has distinctive appeal with no
    added colors or fragrances. It leaves the skin feeling soft
    and gentle and is excellent for bathing, showering, shaving
    and shampooing.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #4: witch hazel cools
Among the wide array of beneficial properties, witch hazel helps
cool sunburns. Apply a witch hazel solution by compress to cool
sunburns for instant relief. In addition to helping heal sunburns,
witch hazel is effective at dealing with windburn, and other
sources of environmental damage to the skin.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #5: witch hazel heals
diaper rash.
Test a small portion of skin before using witch hazel for diaper
rash. While it's generally considered effective, some individuals
experience allergic reactions. Witch hazel remedies redness,
scaring, itching of skin as it provides a seal of moisture effective
at healing a baby's bottom.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #6: witch hazel
comforts bug bites and bee stings.
The possibility of using natural witch hazel instead of a hydro
cortisone to treat bug bites is a preference of many homesteading
preppers. As an analgesic (pain killer), witch hazel removes both
the itch and the sting of mosquito bites and bee stings with
topical application. As well, witch hazel remedies bed bug bites
similarly with the caveat that the witch hazel has levels of tannin
to kill the pain -- as with a witch hazel distillate. (Ordinary witch
hazel from the drug store won't do.) The most natural form of
witch hazel is preserved with benzoic acid (instead of alcohol,
which dry or parabens, which cause cancer).

  • Witch Hazel Distillate. Try the Homestead Company Witch
    Hazel Distillate, pictured immediate right, for cooling,
    soothing and natural relief that's alcohol and fragrance free.
    It's made of 99.85% plant derived from a witch hazel
    distillate (natural plant derived), and Benzoic Acid (a mild

Weird and Wonderful Reason #7: witch hazel repels
It's a little ironic that witch hazel soothes insect bites, as witch
hazel isn't something bugs like in the first place.  Plant Therapy
Insect Shield Synergy Blend is a pure essential oil blend, pictured
left, which contains witch hazel to repel bugs naturally.

  • Recipe for witch hazel bug repellent. Mix a 1/2 cup witch
    hazel distillate with 20 drops of peppermint essential oil into
    a spray bottle. The mixture is kind enough on the skin and
    yet repulsive to bugs. Spiders hate peppermint in particular.
    Spray your  bug repellent in the corner where spiders like to
    hang and you won't see them there again.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #8: witch hazel takes
the sting out of poison ivy or poison oak.
As a topical remedy to relieve itchiness, witch hazel is also
effective in followed by the pain and inflammation of overly
scratched skin, which may bleed. It serves as a natural analgesic
and to stem the bleeding. Witch hazel is sometimes included in
medications as a cure for slowing down or stopping bleeding.
Homesteaders have had a passion for witch hazel and now
preppers are taking notice!

Weird and Wonderful Reason #9: witch hazel relieves
hemorrhoids itching and minor pain.
Witch hazel has many homeopathic, holistic and medicinal uses,
most notably as relief of embarrassing hemorrhoid itchiness.
Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel tightens,
soothes and protects irritated areas, and is  naturally effective for
hemorrhoid relief! As a medicinal substance to (a dressing or
product), witch hazel comforts hemorrhoids itching and minor pain
with a cooling and soothing pH balance.

  • Tucks medicated pads. Tucks Medicated Witch hazel
    hemorrhoidal Pads, pictured left are a number one best seller
    on Amazon. And preppers will appreciate that Tucks
    medicated cooling pads are safe for septic and sewer

Weird and Wonderful Reason #10: witch hazel heals
American Indians used witch hazel because of the amazing
properties of the shrub for healing swellings and bruises. Witch
hazel is sometimes included in medications as a cure for slowing
down or stopping bleeding. Since bruising is bleeding, you can
now understand that use of witch hazel will speed the healing
time of bruises. Witch hazel works to fade or discolor bruising by
shrinking the tissues and stopping the bleeding. Witch Hazel bark
has high tannins and when applied topically to broken skin it
works well to reduce bleeding and swelling. This is the same
reason it is so popular as a soothing relief for hemorrhoids.

  • Earth Mama Bottom Balm, pictured right is an organic
    herbal balm for prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids,
    episiotomy and perineal bruising. It helps relieve itch, shrink
    swollen tissues and speed healing of postpartum bruising, as
    it reduces swelling, slows bleeding, relieves itch and speed
    healing of perineal tissues. With no artificial preservatives,
    paraben-free, cruelty-free, certified vegan, this product
    contains witch hazel!

Weird and Wonderful Reason #11: witch hazel
remedies varicose veins (spider veins).
As a compress, witch hazel reduces the appearance of varicose
veins (spider veins) and other venous conditions. It requires only
a compress of a witch hazel as a solution on cloth or a soothing
tea strain as a compress to start the remedy. Generally varicose
veins look worse than they are medically.

  • Witch Hazel extract. Try Witch Hazel Leaf & Twig Herbal
    Supplement, pictured left. As an internal application, witch
    hazel leaf and twig extract is available as a dietary
    supplement. Take 1/2-1 mL (approx. 14-28 drops) 2-3 times
    a day in a small amount of water to support healthy veins.
    This is a holistically balanced standardized extract. Liquid
    extracts are absorbed faster than tablets or capsules and are
    more potent than tinctures. As with all supplements, this
    product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent
    any disease.*

Weird and Wonderful Reason #12: witch hazel curbs
Certainly one of the more unusual uses of witch hazel in modern
times; however for the early native Americans it was quite
ordinary to use
witch hazel as an anti-diarrheal. Having learned
the plant's properties for fluid retention, Native Americans taught
the early American settlers of the wondrous use of witch hazel to
combat diarrhea.  As an astringent, witch hazel contracts tissues
and this same process reduces fluid secretions. While as a tea,
witch hazel can be taken internally to remedy diarrhea.

  • Witch Hazel Tea recipe: one tablespoon each of dried witch
    hazel (leaf cut), chamomile, mint and thyme. Steep in hot
    water, strainer and drink.

  • NOTE: Steep your tea with edible and organic witch
    hazel, and before doing so consult with your
    practitioner. Ingesting witch hazel is not without a bit
    of caution as tannin compounds could conceivably cause
    kidney or liver damage, interfere with adsorption of
    vitamins and minerals, or cause an allergic reaction.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #13: witch hazel
soothes a sore throat.
Native Americans taught the early settlers to make a tea of this
wonderful shrub, and to drink or gargle it for a relief of sore
throats to ease some of the symptoms of cold and flu. Witch
hazel has been used as a tonic for the centuries as a painkiller
and antiseptic.

Weird and wonderful Reason #14: witch hazel helps
heal cold sores.
For cold sores, witch hazel is a magic healing potion applied at
first hint of the oncoming blister to keep it at bay.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #15: witch hazel
minimizes coughing.
A witch hazel steam bath can loosen phelgm and coughing.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #16: witch hazel eases
menstrual pain.
Taken internally under the directions of a practitioner*, witch
hazel may also help with other ailments, such as menstrual
cramps. Although there is less clinical evidence to support this,
Native Americans practiced this use of witch hazel and shared
this knowledge. The fact that witch hazel has been known to stop
minor bleeding when applied topically, supports this unusual use.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #17: witch hazel
relieves minor burns.
Relief of minor burns can come from a simple solution of witch
hazel applied topically to help reduce the blistering swell. The
astringent qualities of undistilled alcohol free witch hazel work to
decrease inflammation as it cools burned skin.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #18: witch hazel
soothes surgical stitches.
Certainly witch hazel is known to help stop bleeding, which is why
hospitals may routinely use witch hazel pads to sooth itching and
irritations of stitches from rectal or vaginal surgeries.  Adding
witch hazel tea strained to a sitz bath promotes healing, and you
can make a cold compress from the strained herbs.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #19: witch hazel
relieves aching feet.
For dealing with blisters and the grinding wear of walking long
distances, witch hazel comes in handy. As well, witch hazel is
known to relieve joint and muscle soreness.
Native Americans steamed witch hazel twigs and massaged them
into sore muscles to loosen and soothe them.

  • Witch hazel and epsom salt foot soak. In the absence of
    Epsom salt, soaking aching feet in a witch hazel solution can
    relieve them; however, in combination the two can work
    wonders to soothe, soften and relieve the pain! Here is the
    recipe for a witch hazel and epsom salt foot soak.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #20 witch hazel heals
As a mouthwash, witch hazel can promote fresh breath and
healthy gums. Sensitive gum tissues will get a healthy dose of
relief with witch hazel thanks to the anti-flammatory properties.
It's both weird and wonderful. Witch hazel contains a chemical
fragrance (eugenol), which is a natural healer for dental

Take caution in using witch hazel as a gum rub for use in teething
babies. While it might relieve inflammation, your pediatrician may
recommend something as simple as

Weird and Wonderful Reason #21: witch hazel eases
swimmer's ear.
As a society we tend to over medicate children with antibiotics for
any type of ear infection. Before the onset of a fever, take charge
and apply some witch hazel. For swimmer's ear, which pusses,
you can also apply a witch hazel with vegetable glycerine onto a
cotton ball and gently clean the ear canal. This will help draw out
the infection.

  • Got ear wax? For overly waxy ears, you can loosen wax by
    applying a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to help the wax
    work its way out.

Weird and Wonderful Reason: #22: witch hazel
attracts deer.
Perhaps the weirdest of reasons to grow witch hazel is that it
attracts deer and other wildlife. The wintering bloom is
particularly attractive to deer, and a prepper may like to invite a
juicy venison meal to the table.

Weird and Wonderful Reason: #23: witch hazel seeds
are edible!
Native Americans probably watched wildlife nibble on witch hazel
and discovered that they too enjoyed the nuttiness of witch hazel
seeds, which some liken to the flavor of pistachios. This added
nourishment might ultimately aid in survival. Recognized also a
dietary supplement.

According to WebMD, witch hazel is a dietary supplement taken
by mouth for cancer, colitis, diarrhea, tuberculosis (or other
reasons for coughing up blood). An example is to take 2 grams of
dried leaves three time daily as a tea.

Ingesting witch hazel as a tea from the leaves is possible, as
mentioned in #12 above, but it is not without serious caution as
tannin compounds could conceivably cause kidney or liver
damage, interfere with adsorption of vitamins and minerals, or
worse, cause an allergic reaction.

It's interesting to note that Native Americans also ingested witch
hazel and used it topically for medicinal purposes:
  • Cherokee. tuberculosis!
  • Chippewa. emetic
  • Iroquios. bruises, coughs and colds, cholera, dystentary,
    toothaches and more.
  • Mohegans. Bug bites and for dowsing to locate underground
    water. Interestingly, you'll find witch hazel often in the
    woodlands near running water.

Weird and Wonderful Reason #24: witch hazel is a
cleanser around the house or homestead.
Gentle enough to use by itself, you can also combine witch hazel
with other ingredients or herbs for household or homestead
cleansing applications:

  • Cleans dog's ears. Retrieve ear wash with witch hazel and
    tea tree oil creates an environment for healthy tissue
    growth, and helps eliminate head shaking and ear scratching
    caused by dirty, inflamed ear tissue. Removing such debris
    can result in increasing a dog’s hearing, balance, and quality
    of life.

  • Provides for an equine body wash without soap, suds, or
    residue. Refreshmint, pictured right, is a unique blend of
    spearmint, menthol, witch hazel and promises to cut through
    tough dirt, grime and sweat.

  • Replaces chemical household cleaning solutions. Witch
    hazel can also be combined with lemon juice and baking
    soda to create an eco-friendly cleaning agent for your
    bathrooms to replace your everyday household cleaner. Other
    do-it-yourself recipes for witch hazel cleaning products
    include floor cleaner, chrome and class cleaners. Witch hazel
    can remove gummy residues of stickers.

  • Freshens the air. Naturally witch hazel has a sweet aroma.
    Combine a half cup of witch hazel with ten drops of lavender
    essential oil and a half cup of water into a spritz bottle and

Weird and Wonderful Reason #25: witch hazel has
many cosmetic properties.
Since native Americans first introduced the medicinal value of
witch hazel to early settlers, it has become a favorite with
homesteaders, and now urban preppers are finding value as well.
The curative powers of witch hazel abounds in the drug isle of
your favorite store as an ingredient in aftershave lotions, hand
salve balms, blemish control creams, hemorrhoidal wipes and
pads, and foaming facial cleansers.

Witch hazel has many cosmetic applications partly because it is a
natural astringent, and also has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,
antibacterial and anti fungal properties. As a makeup remover,
witch hazel towelettes gently clean refreshes and removes dirt oil
and makeup. As well, witch hazel provides a good source of
flavonoid compounds, making it a popular ingredient in anti-aging

There are many distinctive cosmetic applications of witch hazel,
but it's important to note that some may have severe allergic
reactions to witch hazel. Always test in small doses. While
generally safe for babies and children on the skin, it can cause
stomach upset if taken internally. Here are a few cosmetic
reasons to choose witch hazel:

  • Reduces puffiness of the eyes to brighten the eye area.
    First remove makeup, then apply a witch hazel tea compress
    gently around the eyes, being careful to avoid contact with
    the eyes.

  • Fights dandruff and itchy scalp. Your dermatologist may
    have concerns about witch hazel and this is likely because
    the standard witch hazel contains alcohol; however you can
    find Be sure to use distillate witch hazel, which is alcohol

  • Yields a refreshing scent for soaps, creams and salves.
    Known for its fragrant winter flowers and woody fruit, witch
    hazel has helped cleanse, condition and tone pores without
    leaving residue for centuries in soaps and creams. Often
    combined with castille, oatmeal and aloe vera, homesteaders
    interested in soapmaking should give witch hazel a go! Witch
    hazel also...
  • Bestows natural deodorant qualities thanks to the
    antibacterial properties.
  • Soothes skin from shaving nicks as an aftershave lotion.
  • Helps maintain a youthful appearance as an anti-wrinkle
  • Heals cracked and dry heals as a salve.

Legend has it that witch hazel will mend a broken heart and cool
passions of the heart! So there you have it there are many weird
and wonderful uses for Witch Hazel, including. Remarkable witch
hazel is useful in blemish control and other skin irritations, to
first aid for bruises and swelling, and even cosmetics or
household applications. Witch Hazel is most commonly used as
antiseptic. It can be applied directly to the skin to treat acne,
puffy eyes, varicose veins, and more.

In summary, witch hazel is an effective astringent for insect
bites, minor cuts and minor scrapes, is commonly used to reduce
swelling, and aid aids in the relief of minor skin irritations. Use
Witch hazel for blemish control as an antiseptic, to reduce itch
and soothe irritated skin. So now you know some of the many
benefits of witch hazel and may like to add it to your preps, but
please consult your practitioner.

Happy endings...
Conjure up your own medicinal uses for witch hazel. Grow your
own! Happily it's a low maintenance plant. Plant in the Spring and
be happy you know the 25 uses preppers have for this magical
plant. Make room in the prepper's medicine cabinet for witch

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* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any health
or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended for your general
knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific
medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available. As a
reminder, these statements about extracts have not been evaluated by the United States Food
and Drug Administration.

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Witch Hazel uses for preppers
Benefits and uses of Witch Hazel

You can use witch hazel for what? Bruises?
Witch Hazel: the name itself conjures up images of a wonder
witch named Hazel and her magic potions. It's an odd name for
such an amazing shrub that has so many benefits and uses.

Ever wonder about how to use witch hazel? It's an overlooked
prep for the
prepper's medicine cabinet. Below are some of the
ways preppers use the magic.

Benefits and Uses of Witch Hazel
It's no wonder this magical substance is so popular with
homesteaders and preppers, because you can use Witch Hazel as
topical remedy for mosquito bites, and just about any other skin
irritation, including poison oak, poison ivy and even chicken pox or
eczema, acne and more. Witch Hazel soothes itchy skin making it
ideal for diaper rash, too. You'll find this one potion helpful for so
many conditions. It's an anti-inflammatory, which means it's an
ideal treatment to reduce inflammation or swelling, for such
things as
hemorrhoids or even achy feet.

Witch hazel is also available in a popular rose petal formula.

It may sound as though witch hazel comes straight out of
medieval medicine book, but your great grandmother likely had
witch hazel in her medicine cabinet next to the caster oil and
iodine. If it was good enough for grandma, it's good enough for
you! There are many weird and wonderful uses for preppers and
homesteaders popular in modern times, 25 reasons to be exact.

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