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How to use lemon essential oil in prepping
Above, Brit +  Co shows how to make a lemon and lavender candle using
a real Meyer lemon peel. Try it with oranges, too.

How to use lemon essential oil to freshen your home:
Lemon essential oil
  • diffuse lemon essential oil to help fight infections and
    clean the air.
  • diffuse lemon essential also to help combat depression.
  • add fresh lemon or food grade lemon essential oil to
    steamed veggies
  • dilute lemon essential oils with water and spray on fruit to
    keep it from browning, which is ideal for school and work

Reason #17: Lemons can conduct electricity!
Should you ever need to generate a little electricity, it's good to
know that lemons can help. Lemons have the ability to help you
conduct electricity. The lemons themselves don't have electricity
in them, but they do have elecrolytes, which is really how a
lemon helps you conduct a charge of electricity!

Reason #18: Lemons help flavor your rice and
prevent stickiness.
Lemons prevent rice from getting sticky. How to do it? Squeeze
lemon into your rice before boiling. This also adds flavor!
Making rice more palatable doesn't seem like a life-saving way
to use lemons, but when food is in short supply you'll want to
maximize your resources. Using lemon on your rice adds
nutrients, keeps it from getting sticky where no one will eat it
and adds value with flavor.

So there you have it: 18 ways lemons can help you survive the
day! What will you do when life gives you lemons? Get creative
and tell us how you plan to thrive with lemons! Who knew
lemons could do so much good? We'd love to hear from you.

Want to plant a lemon tree?
Consider growing lemons for your survival, but be patient
because it takes three to six years for a lemon tree to reach
maturity and produce fruit.  Lemons are sensitive to cold, so
you should plan lemon trees near the south side of your home.]

Don't have room for a lemon tree?
Consider TRUElemon. True Lemon is real lemon that's

  • TRUElemon sprinkle jar: Great for cooking, baking and
    seasoning, TRUElemon in a jar, pictured left, can help you
    replace lemon in recipes or you can use it as flavoring to
    replace salt. Go ahead and give added flavor to your meat
    and chicken. Sprinkle it on fruits, vegetables, and salads.

  • TRUElemon convenient crystallized drink packets: Add a
    touch of lemon to your drinks with TRUElemon drink
    packets.  One packet can fulfill an adult's daily Vitamin C
    requirements. Just 1 packet = 1 Tbsp juice = 1 wedge.
    True Lemon also comes in lime and orange, as well.

Already have a lemon tree?
If you have a lemon tree, be sure to get a manual juice press.
The Breville manual juicer, pictured directly below, is as sturdy
and functional as it is beautiful. Also, a lemon zest, pictured
lower left, will help you take advantage of the flavorful rind.

Plant a lemon tree today and plan for your healthy and happy

Happy endings...
Most growers start lemon seeds indoors, so any season is the
right time to plant a lemon tree! Lemons not only help you
make great tasting water, which is an important aspect of
dealing with off-grid living, but lemons can help you clean, and
avoid scurvy. Lemons can enhance your mood and your health,
making for a happier you!

Here are some bonus hacks:

  • Bed of lemons. Next time you're grilling fish... place it on
    a bed of lemons so it won't stick to the grill. The bonus is
    that you fish will have a lemon infused taste to your fish

  • Lemon pitcher. Keep your pitcher of lemonade or water
    cool on hot day with lemon ice wedges. With a muffin tin,
    place lemon wedges in the center of each cup, fill with
    water and the freeze. The bonus is that it looks really

  • Rock on with lemons. Give your kitchen sink a deep
    cleanse: lemons halves with a bit of rock salt will make
    your sink shine!

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Have fun with lemon peels and lemon zest.

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  • Lemons destroy intestinal worms. Lemon and spearmint
    join forces to combat parasitic infections.

  • Lemons may aid asthma sufferers by reducing phlegm.
    There's no cure for asthma according to WebMD, but many
    asthmatics use lemons to help their condition.

  • Lemon extract may help cure breast cancer. According to
    the Pubmed.gov (the US National Library of Medicine
    National Institutes of Health), the dietary phytochemicals
    of extract of lemon have a variety of anti-tumor properties.

Reason #13: Lemons preserve fruits and vegetables.
Lemons are a short term preservative of sorts:

  • Keep the sliced apples fresh in your lunch. Sliced apples
    will stay fresh and prevent them from browning too quickly
    when you treat them with a squeeze of lemon juice.

  • Lemons prevent boiled potatoes and cauliflower from
    turning brown, too. Just add lemon juice into the water.
    This trick keeps rice from sticking too!

  • Squeeze lemons on avocados or guacamole to prevent
    browning. This will keep your guacamole green, instead of
    getting brown, but it can also add a flavor to your dip.

  • Lemon juice squeezed on lettuce can revive the crisp,
    fresh taste. Allow the lemon drenched lettuce to cool for
    an hour in the refrigerator before serving in your salad.

Reason #14: Lemon up your laundry!
Lemons have loads of laundry uses:

  • Create a bleachy-keen alternative. Soak delicate fabrics
    in lemon juice as a bleach alternative to whiten.

  • Whiten dingy socks. Throw dingy white socks into a pot of
    boiling water with a couple of lemon halves to get them
    white again.

  • Move on from mold and mildew. Rid mildew from fibers
    by making a paste with lemon juice and salt.

Reason #15: Lemons keep insects out of the kitchen.
Bugged by bugs? Keep insects out of your kitchen by squirting
lemon juice at door thresholds and windowsills (ants in
particular don't like them).

Keep insects out of your kitchen by squirting lemon juice at
door thresholds and window sills (ants in particular don't like

Here are more ways lemons can help get rid of bugs...

  • Repels moths: Hang sachets of dry lemon peels  or rinds
    in closets to kee moths from your fine clothes.

  • Keeps away fleas. Fleas don't like lemon juice. Comb
    some lemon juice into your pet.

  • Stops ant armies. Wash your floors with lemon peel rinds
    to prevent the ants from coming marching in! (Roaches
    won't like it either.)

Learn more about
natural ways to get rid of bugs.

Reason #16. Lemons smell nice!
Add the peels into the flames of your fireplace! For a wood-
burning stove, you can place your cast-iron pot with water and
lemon peels to simmer in the lovely smell. Because lemons
smell so nice, lemons are a flavorful addition to pastas, salads
and drinks. The peel of the lemon has been used for centuries
to flavor foods. Make sure your kitchen has a lemon zest to take
advantage of the powerful nutrients of lemon peels.

How to make a lemon candle to freshen the air (idea from
Brit + Co):
Not only do lemons whiten teeth, but lemons improve oral
health. Lemons have been known to relieve tooth pain and
lesson gum bleeding and chance of gingivitis. A bonus is that
lemons freshens breath. Not that a prepper needs fresh breath
for survival, but it certainly is a benefit when keeping in tight
quarters with others. The benefits of fresh breath is really the
bonus. It won't really matter for your survival. The lemon
provides a pH balance to restore your breath immediately.

Reason #11: Lemons promote healthy skin.
As a cosmetic aid and dietary supplement, lemons help improve
skin tone and promote beautiful skin. Lemons are a natural
astringent. aApplied directly to skin, lemons helps minimize the
appearance of scar tissue. Drinking lemon water purges toxins
from the body to promote healthy skin by reducing blemishes
and increasing appearance of wrinkles. The Vitamin C in lemons
neutralizes free radicals as an antioxidant. Some say, this
reduces signs of aging (brown spots).

  • Lemons can soften scaly elbows and chapped heals.
    Exfoliate rough skin by creating a paste with baking soda.

  • Lemons can aid in wart removal. Remove warts with a
    daily treatment of lemon as an acid applied directly to the
    afflicted area.

  • Lemons relieve poison ivy. Because lemon is a natural
    astringent, it helps to relieve poison ivy. According to
    Reader's Digest you can apply lemon juice directly on the
    skin at first suspect of poison ivy. The astrinent qualities
    of lemons help cut through the toxic oils of poison ivy
    minimizing damage to your skin.

Reason #12: Lemons have many medicinal uses.
Of the many reasons to use lemons, we mentioned that lemons
can help with blood pressure, and can help promote healthy
skin, and keep teeth white. There are too many other medicinal
uses of lemons to list. Here are some ways on how to use
lemons to improve your health and well being:

  • Lemons help get rid of cold symptoms. Lemons relieve
    sore throat or a hacking cough:
Above, True Lemon is 100% crystallized lemon for drinking, cooking,
baking and seasoning. It's available also in orange and lime, pictured right.

Reason #8: Lemons balance your pH levels.
Lemons are highly alkaline, meaning they can reduce your
body's acidity. This seems contradictory, because lemons have
citric acid, and yet lemons don't create acidity in the body once
metabolized. They in fact, keep your pH levels in check.

Reason #9: Lemons act as a diuretic.
Lemons remove toxins in your body. Add lemons to your water
because it will help you urinate more frequently! This helps
flush your body of toxins and purify it, keeping your urinary tract
in good health. A prepper needs to maintain optimum health.

As mentioned in reason #7, lemons aid in digestion. Lemons
encourage your liver to produce bile. This acid aids in efficient
digestion to help reduce heartburn and constipation. Basically,
your liver loves lemons! It helps your body detoxify and rid your
body of poisons.

Reason #10: Lemons whiten teeth.
Lemons provide a cosmetic lift to help whiten your teeth. Why
pay for chemical whiteners? Homemade remedies for life shows
several methods on
how to whiten your teeth with lemons.
Lemon Survival Hacks
Got lemons in your larder?

When life gives you lemons - you have a chance for survival!
Lemons in the larder ~ it's a good thing. Lemons offer natural
healing and have a host of properties useful to preppers in
handling chores on the homestead.  

Bright and happy, the humble lemon is a multi-use survival
item. Even if you can't grow lemons in your region, there are
things you can do to ensure you have lemons in the larder and
if you are lucky enough to grow them, then take heed of this
list of lemon survival hacks!

18 Reasons to Have a Larder of Lemons!
When life gives you lemons you can make lemonade and a
whole lot more.

Here's why you need lemons for survival...

Reason #1: Lemons help you clean.
Lemons have saponins, an antimicrobial to help you clean!
Lemons are an
antiseptic, deodorizer, sanitizer and disinfectant.
lemons have antibacterial properties, preppers use
lemons to clean cutting boards and help disinfect knives.

Here are ten ways to clean with lemons:
  1. Scrub cutting boards with half a lemon and salt to sanitize
    them naturally.
  2. Clean your tea kettle. Hard water can leave mineral
    deposits inside your tea kettle. To clean your kettle boil
    lemon peels and allow the water lemon mixture to cool,
    then drain ans rinse.
  3. Keep your coffee pot fresh, too. Get rid of coffee stains
    with salt and lemon.
  4. Cut a lemon in half and put it in the refrigerator to help
    you deodorize.
  5. Put a new meaning to bath scrub by throwing salt into the
    tub and using lemon halves to scrub away at the grime.
  6. Toss a lemon directly into the garbage disposal to
    deodorize your sink and reduce the stink.
  7. Degrease dishes! Lemons will make your dishes sparkle as
    a degreaser.
  8. Sanitize the toilet bowl with Borax and lemon juice.
  9. Toss lemon peels into the fireplace to cleanse the air
  10. Keep metals sparkling clean:
  • Shine chrome with the white inside part of a lemon rind.
  • Use lemons to help remove rust!
  • Remove water spot staining from metal parts in your
    shower by scrubbing with a half of lemon

Reason #2: Lemons prevent scurvy.
The thing that comes to mind most about lemons and survival,
for the average prepper, is that they help prevent
scurvy -- that
dreaded pirates disease. Technically any citrus will do the job
and even seaweed! Argh! If the scallywags only knew they
might have saved their lives.

Reason #3: Lemons help you deal with stress and
An unexpected way that lemons help you survive has to do with
stress and depression.

  • Depression: Lemons provide a boost to your mood, so that
    you're better able to deal with stress that is inevitable in
    prepping for an apocalypse.

Stress causes the body to use up loads of Vitamin C, and
adding lemons to your diet is an easy way to replenish what
your body has used up in a stressful day in an uncertain world,
which brings us to our next reason to stockpile lemons...

Reason #4: Lemons offer antioxidants (Vitamin C).
The power of Vitamin C, an antioxidant present in lemons is
astounding. In fact, lemons, and limes also, are one of the
most important natural antioxidants. Lemons contain ascorbic
acid, which has anti-flammatory effects and enhances iron
absorption. In tandem with iron, this keeps cold and flu
symptoms at bay. The anti-inflammatory properties are also
why lemons are an important part of surviving and thriving with
natural cancer therapies.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that will help neutralize free
radicals and thereby help prevent inflammation. Did you know
inflammation is the body's response to crisis? Health begins to
decay with inflammation, and this is why it's important to have
the power of lemons in your larder.

Vitamin C can reduce associate risks to:
  • alleviate arthritis
  • help heal cancer
  • ear infections
  • prevent heart disease
  • minimize strokes

Reason #5: Lemons boost your immune system.
While the Vitamin C in lemons help to reduce inflammation,
another important antioxidant will help boost the immune
system: d-limonine. The important component of lemons to help
the immune system,d-limonine, is present in lemon oil.  Lemons
have a role in a healthy immune function, and is proving to
reduce respiratory infections.

Rich in flavinoids, lemons work against infections to help you
prevent cold and flu, making them an ideal
natural immune
booster. (Interestingly, "flavinoid" comes from the Latin word
meaning "yellow" and this can help you remember that lemons
are rich in flavinoids.) Flavinoids have antibiotic effects as well.

Reason #6: Lemons improve your blood pressure.
Not only do lemons have Vitamin C, but they also boast loads
of potassium to help keep blood pressure at optimum levels.
Many people get their potassium naturally from bananas;
however bananas don't grow well in the continental United
States and won't be readily available in post apocalyptic times.
That's where lemons come to the rescue for preppers! Lemons
grow easily and produce ample fruit and the potassium to
control blood pressure.

Reason #7. Lemons help fight hunger cravings, aids
in digestion!
Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which can help a prepper fight
hunger cravings. Meals will have to stretch in uncertain times
and this will be a useful distraction. Unfortunately, the flip side
of this is that lemons also help aid in weight loss, which is
something that a prepper would want to avoid in a catastrophic
situation. Read on because a prepper should have lemons in
their preps despite this one disadvantage.
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