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Above, WaysAndHOw shares how to make lemon essential oil.

Happy endings...
Historically recognized as a cleanser, the power of lemon essential
oil has many healing properties that preppers will appreciate.
Lemon oil is one of the most famous oils to have on hand and can
be used for multiple household benefits.

Along with the health benefits, lemon essential oil is a great
addition to any prepper supply cabinet because it's so versatile.

A tiny bottle of lemon essential oil can invigorate the mind, cleanse
your home and keep the family healthy. You'll want to stock up on
this inexpensive prep.

More essential oil articles...

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* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any health
or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended for your general
knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific
medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available. As a
reminder, these statements about extracts have not been evaluated by the United States Food and
Drug Administration.

Warnings about essential oils and pregnancy: As with all essential oils, do not use internally unless
you have express approval from a certified practioner. Essential oils for consumption must be food
grade and are taken with caution only and never during pregnancy. Consult with a physician or
healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or are nursing. Also, do not use essential oils in eyes or
on eyelids, and keep of reach of children.
Essential oil diffuser necklace
Wood and Poly Cutting Board
Above, Aromahead Institute shares a simple way to clean your sponge with
a lemon essential oil.

#7: Enhance mood with lemon oil!
Lemon essential oil has anxiety reducing properties. During hard
times a prepper may need a fresh perspective to enhance mood
and lemon essential oil can help. Lemon oil is an aromatic mood
booster. Some hospitals today use lemon oil as a natural method
to help calm frightened or depressed patients. Lemon oil has a
powerful, fresh and purifying citrus scent that is energizing and
uplifting. Lemon Essential oil is great in your diffuser. Just add a
few drops to the water and enjoy.

  • How to use lemon essential oil to boost mood. If you don't
    own a diffuser, you can dab lemon essential oil behind your
    ears or enjoy the refreshing scent in a diffuser necklace.
    Don't dab to your temples as you may inadvertently get the
    oil into your eyes. Wash away the stress with drops into the
    seams of your clothing.

#8: Sanitize a toothbrush with lemon essential oil.
Your toothbrush is a great place for germs to hang out but
thankfully lemon essential oil can help you boost your oral health
in part by sanitizing your toothbrush. Thankfully lemon oil comes
from the rind and not the acidic juice of the lemon, so it's great
for oral health.

Preppers will love using lemon essential oil to sanitize a
toothbrush and it's very easy to do. For starters, be sure to have
a food grade version of lemon essential oil.

  • How to sanitize your toothbrush: To sanitize your tooth
    brush using lemon essential oil, first wet the brush and flick
    off the extra moisture. Next, sprinkle a few drops on the
    bristles and allow to dry. Before you use the toothbrush
    again, be sure to rinse. Now you're ready to use your

#9: Polish wood with lemon oil.
An odd way to use lemon essential oil is on your butcher block
table, which is really just a large cutting board. Not only will you
remove the bacteria from the surface, but you'll polish the wood
in the process. Clean your floors or any wood surface with lemon
essential oil.

#10: Use lemon oil as a dishwasher rinse aid.
Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your dishwasher rinse
cycle and you'll notice your dishes have a fresh scent. You can
also rotate the experience and use
sweet orange essential oil.
With either you'll have spot-free dishes.

  • How to make a dishwasher rinse from lemon oil. To make
    a lemon essential oil dishwasher rinse, just mix a few drops
    of lemon essential oil with white vinegar and pour into the
    rinse bin.

#11: Get rid of flem with lemon essential oil.
According to Dr. Josh Axe, lemon essential oil stimulates
lymphatic drainage. This is how lemon essential "
Reduces the
accumulation of fluids that can cause you to cough," he says.

Researchers found considerable evidence that essential oils, like
lemon essential oil "...
have potential to be developed as
preventive or therapeutic agents for various oral diseases,"
according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National
Institutes of Health.

#12: Lemon essential oil helps improve concentration.
Who knew that lemon essential oil could improve concentration?
A study conducted on schoolchildren in Turkey confirms use of
lemon essential oil aroma in improved academic achievement.
Use lemon oil in aromatherapy to study for your HAM radio
license. Research has also shown that lemon essential oil can
enhance your ability to concentrate. Use a personal inhaler
necklace to enjoy the benefits.

#13: Treat candida with lemon essential oil.
Another way to use lemon essential oil (citrus limonum) in
prepping is as an antifungal to treat candida. It's certainly not
the first essential oil you'd think of using as an antifungal
(usually that honor goes to teatree oil), but lemon oil is an
effective way to get rid of toenail fungus and candida.

Described as "opportunistic fungi," candida can cause a number of
health concerns, including cancer. If you are concerned about
candida, see your physician, but also learn how to treat candida
naturally using lemon essential oil,. Consult
Web site, which has ideas on how to use lemon essential oils in
skin absorption, inhalation and ingestion. According to an
abstract published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health, "
Several essential oils, including
eucalyptus, pine, cinnamon and lemon, have been shown to be
effective against Candida strain."

#14: Remove nail fungus with lemon essential oil.
Lemon essential oil is an antifungal and you'll want to keep some
around in your essential oil "family doctor" kit to treat candida
and nail fungus.

Just like a fancy pedicure might use lemon juice in a foot bath to
prevent fungal infections , you can use lemon essential oil.A few
drops of lemon essential oils at bedtime will help heal a nail
fungal infection, but it won't happen overnight. Be patient! Other
effective oils for nail fungus are
lavender essential oil and more
tea tree oil.

#15: Banish boils with lemon essential oil.
Boils are a kind of skin abscess or skin infection that can benefit
from use of essential oil as a healing agent. Boils are often
painful infections under the skin around hair follicles. Boils are a
bacterial infection and naturally lemon essential oil is an
antibacterial to help banish the boils.

Preppers use lemon essential oil quite routinely for the skin as an
antiseptic. You'll find recipes for poultices, salves, and tinctures
in addition to soapmaking. Lemon essential oil can help with a
variety of skin ailments, including boils. Want proof? See pictures
of a nasty
abscess cured with lemon essential oil. Combine lemon
essential oil with
rosemary essential oil and tea tree oil.

  • How to use lemon essential oil to treat boils: Refreshing,
    lemon essential oil can has the surprising use of treating
    cuts and boils. Although lemon isn't what most people will
    grab when they have a cut because it's highly potent. For
    sensitive skin, dilute lemon essential oil before using on
    your face or neck. Try a carrier oil such as jojoba,
    fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed or almond oil.

#16: Heal cuts and scars with lemon essential oil.
Lemon oil also has first aid applications including as an antiseptic
for cuts, but it may not be the first thing preppers turn to when
we have ample stockpiles of hydrogen peroxide and honey, for
example. Remember to dilute the intensity of lemon essential oil.

Lemon essential oil also can minimize the appearance of scar
tissue becuase the oil boosts collagen production. As with acne,
add a few drops to a cotton ball and apply directly to the scar
tissue. Results won't be immediate, but  with daily use you'll see
Lavender essential oil is another good "go-to" essential oil
for reducing scarring

#17: Soothe acne, nourishe skin.  
Lemon essential oil acts like an astringent to shrink pores and
simultaneously nourishes your skin because it's loaded with
antioxidants and has hints of Vitamin C. The antibacterial
properties in lemon essential oil fight bacteria that causes acne.
Energize your skin and cleanse with lemon essential oil. Put three
drops of lemon essential oil on a cotton ball and apply to clean,
dry skin of acne affected areas. Skin will appear brighter and look
rejuvenated as you work to soothe the underlying acne.

  • Caution:  Lemon Essential Oil is non-toxic, but may cause
    skin irritation in some. It's phototoxic meaning it should be
    avoided prior to exposure to direct sunlight because of a
    notable toxic effect to the skin that may happen with
    exposure to light. Some people are susceptible to damage,
    such as sunburn or blisters after using lemon oil! Be sure to
    test lemon oil before applying to your face. You can test the
    inside of your wrist before applying lemon essential oil to
    your face. As with any essential oil, avoid using lemon oil
    near eyes and wash hands after use so that you don't
    inadvertently get oil in your eyes.

#18: Use lemon oil as a cleansing agent.
Lemons themselves are antioxidant powerhouses! Well known as
an anti-bacterial and cleanser for de-greasing, deodorizing, and
disinfecting household cleansers, you'll find many uses for lemon,
but you may not always have access to lemons. That's when
you'll want to reach for a bottle of lemon essential oil. Keep some
in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. Recipes for home made
cleaning supplies typically include lemon essential oil.

  • How to use lemon essential oil as an all purpose cleaner.
    Many people combine vinegar with lemon juice to create a
    cleaner. If you're out of lemons, try 15-20 drops lemon
    essential oil with a cup of vinegar and use it in your spray
    bottle. Not only will this effectively cut through grease, it's
    all natural and non toxic. You'll remove mildew, too.

  • Crayon removal. If you have a waxy crayon mess on the
    walls, thanks to the kiddos, you can douse a cotton ball with
    lemon essential oil and rub the area to lift the waxy residue.
    This is not exactly a lifesaving prepper skill, but if you can
    save money on new paint, you'll have more money for your

#19: Use lemon oil as an air freshener.
Lemon essential oil neutralizes odors naturally so you can use
lemon essential oil as an air freshener. Diffuse lemon oil to clear
cigarette smoke and other unpleasant aromas. Lemon essential
oil is a great beginner's oil  as an airfreshener to give your home
a natural and clean smell. If you don't have a diffuser yet, you
can use a spray bottle with distilled water.
If you enjoy combining essential oils, try adding lavender and
lemon to the diffuser; or mix equal amounts of lemon and
peppermint to freshen the air. Lemon essential oil blends well
with other citrus essential oils, including
sweet orange essential
oil. Try also combining with lavender oil or thyme oil.

#20: Lowering blood pressure.
Essential oils of all kinds will help lower blood pressure, but
lemon essential oil, sweet orange essential and lavender
essential oil in particular help.

Lemon essential oil to prevent scurvy!?
Maybe not. Though lemon essential oil was a staple on 17th
century Royal Navy ships to help prevent scurvy, they actually
didn't have an essential oil. They had lemons and when lemons
were in scarce supply they turned to limes. It's the citrus that
helps prevent scurvy and not the rind.

Lemon essential oil can help treat infectious diseases. Lemon
essential oil is especially important for treatment of colds and
fevers. Lemon oils boost the immune system by stimulating
production of white and red blood cells.

According to Web MD, lemons, not the rinds are used to aid
digestion and help in the prevention of a variety of illnesses.
  • common cold and flu,
  • H1N1 (swine) flu
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Meniere's disease
  • Stomach upset and vomiting from pregnancy
  • Managing kidney stones
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Aid digestions, reduce hay fever symptoms, reduce pain and
    swelling (inflammation)
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve the function of blood vessels, and
  • increase urination to reduce fluid retention.

  • Food poisoning. Egyptians prized lemon essential oil as an
    antidote to fish and meat poisoning.

  • Hair. Lemon Essential Oil has been used as a beauty aid
    since antiquity. It's used not only for clarifying the skin, but
    also for cleansing hair. Add a few drops of lemon essential
    oil with lavender essential oil to your comb or brush.

Lemon is an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal that's worth
stockpiling and you can also make your own!

How to make your own Lemon Essential Oil:
Lemon essential oil is inexpensive, but as as prepper it's good to
know how to make it yourself.

Here's how to make lemon essential oil:
Lemon Essential Oil
Ways to use lemon essential oil prepping

How to use lemon essential oil in prepping:
Lemon essential oil is a popular essential oil in home remedies
and natural cleansers — as well it's a top essential oil in
preparedness. A classic anti-viral, lemon essential oil works also
as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and has many other medicinal
uses in prepping from improving oral health and boosting energy,
to disinfecting surfaces and getting rid of parasites.

A tiny bottle of
lemon essential oil that costs just $6.95 has the
power to invigorate the mind, cleanse your home and keep the
prepper family healthy and safe in crisis. It's nature's inexpensive
miracle! Below are some of the many benefits of lemon essential
oil and how to use lemon essential oil in prepping...

How to Use Lemon Essential Oil in Prepping
You'll find many surprising uses of lemon essential oil, such as for
treating cuts and boils. There's no question lemon essential oil is
a top essential oil to keep in storage. It's a powerhouse of a prep!

Here's how to use lemon essential oil in prepping:

#1: Create hand sanitizers from lemon essential oil.
Preppers love multi-purpose survival items and you can add lemon
essential oil to the list as a natural hand sanitizer.

Get ready for flu season by
making natural hand sanitizers from
lemon essential oil. In addition to being an anti-bacterial, lemon
essential oil is also an antiviral. You'll help get rid of cold and flu
viruses as well as other germs that make you sick with lemon
essential oil and you'll smell great.

  • How to make a hand sanitizer: Lemon essential oil has
    been historically recognized as a cleanser, antiseptic and
    aromatic, but it has refreshing and cooling properties making
    it ideal for skin use as a hand sanitizer. With just a few
    natural ingredients you can make your own hand sanitizer in
    just five easy steps.

#2: Clean cutting boards.
Even if you have a lemon tree, you may not have lemons year
round and that's when lemon essential oils comes into play for
preppers. With a few drops of lemon essential oil you can clean
cutting boards with or without baking soda.

How to clean cutting boards with lemon essential oil:

  • With baking soda: One natural way to clean cutting boards
    is to scrub with baking soda and a half a lemon. If you're
    short on lemons, use a scrub brush with baking soda and
    ample drops of lemon essential oil to clean (no soap or
    lemons are necessary).

  • Without baking soda: While the essential oil is made from
    the rind, it has exceptional antibacterial qualities all on its
    own. You don't need a lemon or baking soda but you do need
    to wash your board. Afterwards add three or four drops of
    essential oil directly to the surface of the cutting board and
    spread it around with a slightly damp paper towel to ensure
    a bacteria-free cutting board.

#3: Diffuse lemon essential oil to combat a cold.
Lemon oil is both an anti-viral, antiseptic and antibiotic. While
you can use lemon oil as a spray or gel hand sanitizer you can
look to the antiviral properties beyond hand sanitizing. Lemon
essential oil is also a classic antiviral that you can use on
surfaces to get rid of viruses during cold and flu season and
germs that may cause other kinds of illnesses.

  • How to use lemon essential oil as an antiviral: The best
    way to use lemon essential oil as an antiviral is to diffuse it,
    but you can also use lemon essential oil "neat" without the
    use of a carrier oil and massage directly into the skin. As
    there are skin sensitivities, this method isn't for everyone.

#4: Get rid of ants with lemon essential oil.
An unexpected use of lemon essential oil is as a pesticide for
ants. Why let ants get into your food storage and ruin your
apocalyptic picnic? Many essential oils bother ants and among
them is lemon essential oil.

You can get fancy and create an "
Ant Away Spray" (an idea given
by, but you don't need to do anything fancy
to use lemon oil to get rid of ants. Ants just naturally hate
essential oils likely because they interfere with their
communications. Ants us pheromones, an airborne chemical
scent, to communicate. Not only does essential oil disrupt their
communications, but it's powerful enough to wipe them out.

You need only spray the essential oil on the ant trail to get them
to skedaddle. Read
more about how to get rid of ants naturally.

#5: Make dryer sheets with lemon essential oil.
Want fresh smelling laundry? Lemon essential oil has a "laundry
list of benefits," including helping you with the laundry! Lemon
essential oil is a natural laundry enhancer that also combines well
with another laundry enhancer: lavender essential oil.

  • How to make dryer sheets with essential oils. Home made
    dryer sheets are healthier to use than the chemical laden
    kind. Cut a few pieces of fabric and dip them in a mixture of
    white vinegar and 25-30 drops of lemon essential oil. Here's
    how to make homemade dryer sheets.

#6: Refresh sponges with lemon essential oil.
Sponges help you clean, but they also help smear around germs if
you're not careful. Some people put a sponge in a microwave with
water for a minute to "nuke" away the germs, but microwaves are
not prepper tools! Throw this dangerous radiation device away!

  • How to clean a sponge without a microwave: You don't
    need a microwave to sanitize your sponge! You can clean
    sponges effectively with essential oil and here's how. You'll
    need a teaspoon of castille soap, a tablespoon of hydrogen
    peroxide, white vinegar, to make a sponge spray. Remember
    to label your home made cleaning product.
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