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Paracord Supplies:

  • Rothco Paracord: The top selling paracord, Rothco is a
    certified US Government contractor of paracord and the
    premier and preferred supplier of paracord for the Happy
    Prepper. It's readily available on Amazon in a variety of
    colors.  Pictured at the top of the page in green, Rothco's
    Type III 550 lb. Paracord is 100% nylon, 5/32" in diameter
    and has a 7 strand core. Rothco is a certified U.S.
    Government contractor. This paracord withstands 550-lbs. in

  • Glow-in-the-dark Paracord. Glow-in-the-dark paracord is
    useful for flashlight cordage, camping and more. After
    charging in the sunlight, this unusual paracord will glow at
    night. Pair it with a glow in the dark compass.

  • Ready-Made Paracord bracelets: The craft of braiding the
    paracord into bracelets is very addicting, but you can also
    purchase ready-made paracord bracelets. Clever
    manufacturers pack useful tools into the bracelets. Above
    left is a paracord bracelet made with a compass. There are a
    variety of survival bracelets made to include other key items,
    such as flints or knives, and watches. Lower right is a
    standard paracord bracelet that looks good and will help in
    survival situations.

  • Paracord Manuals: Learn how to make your own Paracord
    bracelets. You'll need paracord, buckles, an instruction
    manual and some tools to weave into your bracelet, keychain
    or watch.

  • Adventures in Paracord. Heavy on pictures,
    Adventures in Paracord will guide you through the basics
    of paracord weaving and its uses every step of the way.

  • Paracord Fusion Ties. For the advanced paracord
    enthusiast,  you'll learn 35 different paracord fusion
    ties. Discover beautiful and useful fusion knotting

  • Paracord buckles: See the link upper right. To make
    paracord bracelet or watch, you'll need a buckle and they are
    also available on Amazon in a variety of colors.

  • Heat shrink tubing. Pictured at the top left of the page,
    you'll find heat shrink tubing. With it you can shrink these
    tubes around the ends of paracord to make zipper bulls or
    shoe lace ends.

  • Paracord kits: The following paracord kits are U.S. Made and
    come complete with paracord and buckles.

  • Rainbow paracord kit: Includes Burgundy, Colonial Blue,
    Electric Blue, Emerald Green, Imperial Red, International
    Orange, Kelly Green, Purple, Rose Pink and Yellow.

  • Neon paracord kit: Includes Acid Purple, Neon Green, Neon
    Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Turquoise and Neon Yellow.

  • Patriotic kit: Includes Blue Camo, Candy Cane, Colonial Blue,
    Electric Blue, Imperial Red, Patriotic, Patriotic Camo, Royal
    Mountain, Strawberry Fields and White.

  • Pretty in Pink paracord kit: This kit is perfect of October's
    Breast Cancer Awareness. The kit includes Cotton Candy,
    Neon Pink, Pink Camo, Rose Pink, Salmon and Sneaky Pink.

  • Fire Paracord Kit: Inspired by the popular Hunger Games
    series this one has Goldenrod, Imperial Red, Mustard Yellow,
    Neon Orange, Solar Orange and, of course, Fireball.

  • Scouting around paracord kit: We put together our most
    rugged camo colors to come up with a kit that is ideal for
    any scout troop. The kit includes ACU, Brown Camo Blend,
    Camo Pattern, Copperhead, Dark Forest Camo, Desert
    Foliage, Desert Foliage Dark, Fall Camo, Hidden Camo,
    Leopard, M Camo, Multi Camo, Multi Camo Dark and
    Woodland Camo.

  • Ninja Paracord kit: This kit includes 2 strands of Black, 2
    strands of White, Harmony, and Urban Camo.

  • Patterns paracord kit: This is a colorful kit that includes
    Black Widow, Kelly Camo, Strawberry Fields, Grapevine,
    Royal Mountain, Creamsicle, Purple Camo, Dayglow, Tiger
    Tail and Stryper.

  • Citrus paracord kit: Inspired during the middle of a long,
    snowy winter, our thoughts turned to somewhere sunny. This
    kit includes Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange,
    Dayglow, Explode, Gecko, Creamsicle, Dragonfly.

  • Whistle buckle: Get a high-pitched whistle buckle for your
    paracord projects. Pictured immediate right, this buckle can
    be used for collars, belts, harnesses, backpacks, etc. Side
    release buckles are the best choice of webbing buckles
    because of easy one-handed release and no accidental
    release. The smooth design of the plastic side release
    buckles disguise its strength and durability.

Discover the fun of paracord, the general purpose utility cord used
by military personnel and survival enthusiasts to aid in an
emergencies. Paracord has a variety of applications for survival as
the cordage is extremely strong. Now you can craft your own
paracord bracelets, paracord sandals,
paracord flip flops, and

Bookmark this page because we have all the supplies you'll need
on this page, along with an
easy tutorial on how to make a cobra
braid from Paracord.

Happy endings...
The great thing about knowing how to paracord is that you'll find
yourself gifting belts, dog leashes, and survival bracelets to
friends, family, neighbors, and teachers. They're sure to be
impressed with your talents. Show off your skill! Teach the kids.
Volunteer for a scout meeting or craft day at school. You'll be
happy you shared the joy with others.

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#12: Paracord Belt.
Pictured below, a paracord belt provides an immense satisfaction.
With more paracord you'll have more possibilities for building
survival shelter, so what better way to store the cordage than on
your hip.
#9: Paracord Dog Collar and Leash.
Your dog won't notice a thing different, but friends and family will
certainly take note of a handmade paracord dog collar and leash.
It just may come in handy while walking your pooch in the woods.

#10: Paracord knife sheath.
In seven easy steps you could make a sheath for your favorite
knife! Instructibles shows
how to make a paracord knife sheath.

#11: Paracord Hammock.

#8: Paracord Escape Ladder.
Become an escape artist with paracard and craft your own escape
ladder! With a two extra long strands of paracord and PVC pipe
rungs, you're good to go. Well, you'll need to learn the art of
lashing it all together, but the
Paracord Fire Escape Ladder plans
are available on Instructibles (pictured immediate right). Have fun
with paracord in a glow in the dark version. Of course, we
recommend a
fire escape ladder that doesn't burn!
#7 Survival Bracelet Compass or watch.
Creating a bracelet from paracord is a classic prepper project;
however adding a compass or watch turns the ordinary into
something extraordinary.
#6: Paracord Drawstring Pouch.
Certainly if you were a challenger on Naked and Afraid, your skills
in paracord could come in handy for making shelter, a raft, and
more, including the making of a drawstring pouch with which to
carry stuff or catch some fish! You'll need 48-meters of paracord
to make the drawsting pouch, pictured below.
#4. Paracord Monkey Fist.
A monkey fist is a weighted paracord knot intended as a weapon
in hand-to-hand fights. Pirates and sailors of the past used them
for hurling lines (tossing them to the pier). Inside the knots,
pictured left are marbles, but you could use ball bearings.

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Looking for some brilliant paracord project ideas?
Paracord is the general purpose utility cord used by military
personnel and survival enthusiasts to aid in an emergencies.
Paracord is specially braided sheath made of a durable,
lightweight nylon kern-mantle rope (the same material found in a
parachute chord). It's strong enough to use as a saw! Below are
some brilliant paracord projects for preppers

Paracord Projects for preppers
This general purpose utility cord used by military personnel and
survival enthusiasts will aid in an emergency in a variety of ways.
Paracord provides the survivalist with possibilities, including
shelter building, fire starting, rappelling, trapping for food,
weaponry, medical emergencies and more.

You'll need paracord for an emergency, so you may as well weave
it into your everyday life and here are some practical and fun
ways to make paracord part of your everyday life...
Paracord has a variety of applications for survival as the cordage
is extremely strong. Craft your own paracord bracelets, paracord
sandals,  paracord flip fops and more.Here are some brilliant ways
to take advantage of this useful material:

Brilliant Idea #1: Paracord Shoe Laces.
Who needs shoe laces or boot laces when you have paracord!? An
easy prep is to replace your shoe laces with paracord. Left are
paracord boot laces, but you can fuse the ends together yourself
to craft your own pair.

Sometimes it's the most obvious things you should do with
paracord that get overlooked, like the idea of using paracord for
shoe laces! You'll need paracord in an emergency, so you may as
well make it readily available and have it at your feet. It's an
easy enough prep to make paracord shoe laces. Replace your
ordinary shoe laces with beautiful color of your choice. Just
measure and cut to size, then use the heat shrink tubing to
define the edges. Lace up and you're ready to use your cordage in
an emergency.

Brilliant Idea # 2: Paracord Flip Flops.
We flipped when we saw the flip flop paracord idea, pictured at
the top left-hand of the page. Michael's Art supply has the full
instructions. Making sandals from paracord could come in handy
for times of economic hardship.

Brilliant Idea #3: Paracord Survival Knot Grenade.
A survival grenade, is paracord with secret survival tools wrapped
inside. The contents you'll find in the "Eye Knife" survival
grenade, pictured right, includes tinder, tin foil, an eye knife, a
needle, wire, a fire starter, an alcohol pad, fishing weights,
swivels, fishing hooks and fishing line rolled up into a grenade
like knot. It has a carabiner to affix to your bugout bag, or you
can carry it on a keychain in urban environments and affix other
tiny tools, like lock picks and water purifying tablets.

Either way, in case of a zombie attack <wink, wink> you're set!
What will you tuck inside your grenade? How will you make a
monkey fist?

There are a lots of different versions of this idea and here's a
do-it-yourself survival knot grenade: