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Wondering how lead gets into your
drinking water?
Learn how to get lead-free water.

Lead can slip into your water in many ways...

#1: Environment.
Lead is natural in the environment, but man has increased the
toxicity in a variety of ways, including leaded gasoline.

#2: Older homes.
Sometimes lead gets into your drinking water from old pipes.
The old pipes leach lead, particularly with low pH water. Lead is
also present in old paint.
  • house paint (before 1978)
  • plumbling fixtures (1986)

#3: Private wells and cisterns.
You'll find a lead problem mostly in older homes, but even in a
private well or cistern you may find lead in your water.  

#4: Travelling.
Tap water and ice cubes are usually the culprits when traveling,
but even bottled water can be questionable. The World Health
Organization (WHO) attributes 80 percent of all travel diseases
to contaminated drinking water. Drinking water contains three
groups of pathogenic microorganisms:
  • viruses, such as hepatitis A, Norwalk virus, or poliovirus;
  • bacteria, like e-coli, salmonella, and cholera; and
  • protozoans, such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

#5: Bottled water.
Did you know that the U.S. Food Drug Administration (FDA) has
set the limit for lead in bottled water at 5 parts per billion?
Yes, it's in your water even if you drink only bottled.

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PUR Lead Reduction Filter
#6: Know the symptoms of lead poisoning!
Lead in your water can cause devastating health problems. It
may start with a rash, or hair loss, and more serious maladies
may result, including:

  • damage to nervous system and brain, which may result in
    learning disabilities, attention deficits, and behavioral

  • presentation of other neurological problems, including slow
    physical and mental development, difficulty concentrating
    and memory loss

  • poor hearing,  impaired vision and motor coordination

  • disruption of reproductive system, decreasing fertility in
    both sexes, and increasing birth defects and stillbirths

  • headaches, digestive issues, painful muscles and joints

  • high blood pressure, anemia and kidney problems.

  • convulsions, coma and death are also possible!

Lead also interferes with the metabolism of calcium and Vitamin
D ~ two important nutrients your child needs.

What happened in Flint, could happen in your
Even though Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act in
1974, and the law requires the EPA to determine safe levels of
chemicals in drinking water, lead and other contaminates
continue to slip into the water supply whether its through
oversight, negligence, accident or bioterrorism. Here are just a
few examples:

  • Misleading, inaccurate or false reports filed by officials.
    Residents of rural Sebring, Ohio learned of the high levels
    of lead detected in a survey of 20 homes months after the
    fact. The Plant manager denies falsifying reports; however
    the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is fingering the

What's worse is that most practicing physicians in the United
States receive little, if any, training of waterborne diseases
from natural causes or intentional ones! It means they're not
adequately trained to respond appropriately.

So how did Flint Michigan get so much lead in the water?
A class-action lawsuit claims that the state Department of
Environmental Quality wasn't treating water with an anti-
corrosive agent, so the water was turning brown with iron.
Unfortunately, because the water wasn't treated properly with
an anti-corrosive agent, the old pipes from nearly half the of
residents began to leach lead into the supply. People put up
with the bad tasting water problem for nearly two years. It
wasn't until researchers from Virginia Tech tested the water and
found the people were paying for poisoned waters!

The unthinkable, the undrinkable water in Flint, Michigan
While under state emergency management, Flint switched from
Detroit's water system and began drawing from the Flint River
to save money. In the process, the water wasn't properly
treated for corrosion. The water should have been treated with
orthophosphate, a chemical that coats pipes as water flows
without degrading the lead to leach in the water.

Here's the story of how untreated and corrosive water supply
travelling in the plumbing of old houses and buildings leached
lead poisoning from the pipes in Flint, Michigan...
Lead-free water
How to remove lead from your drinking water

Learn how to remove lead from your drinking water.
Lead-contaminated water affected the community of more than
100,000 people in Flint Michigan in 2014 ~ and it was all because
of combination of old pipes and an insufficient water treatment
system. More than three years after, some residents are still
unable to drink clean safe drinking water. A situation similar to
the Flint water crisis could happen to your community too.

If you're a parent, you know that no amount of lead in your water
is safe because lead poisoning affects children in particular. If
you're a prepper who has children or grand children, or you are
expecting, then now more than ever you need a plan to remove
lead from your family's tap water!  Below is more on how to make
sure your family has clean, safe drinking water...

How to get Lead Free Drinking Water
You deserve lead-free water! The lead-tainted water of Flint,
Michigan was not an isolated problem. Lead pipes in old houses
and buildings are a problem anywhere and all over the United
States. It's just that in Michigan, things got worse when a new
and highly corrosive water source wasn't treated properly, then it
flowed through old lead pipes. Without special treatment, the
water ate through the lead and carried high levels of toxicity to
the population. Levels of lead were high enough to be deemed
unsafe to eve bathe a baby!

What happened to the people in Michigan need to happen to your
family. Thankfully there are some easy solutions for ensuring your
family has safe drinking water.

Want to know how to get rid of lead in your tap water?
One of the easiest fixes to cleaning up your personal supply of
water is to
get a Big Berkey water filter, which is equipped with
filters for removing a variety of toxins from your water. Not only
will a Big Berkey (pictured top right) ensure your family doesn't
drink lead, but you'll have great tasting water that also is free of
many other contaminates. There are less expensive water filters
available to remove lead, such as the
PUR Lead Reduction Filter,
pictured immediate right, but if you're a prepper, you'll want
something to help you through emergencies of all kinds.

Big Berkey water filtration system removes pathogenic bacteria,
cysts and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such
as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and
trihalomethanes. It also reduces nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy
minerals such as mercury and lead. Best of all, this system is so
powerful it can remove food coloring from water without removing
the beneficial minerals your body needs.

Rarely is lead a problem in natural water sources; however it does
occasionally happen and if it does, a Berkey water filtration
system can protect against lead poisoning. And you can take a
Berkey with you, so you can have safe drinking water in your

Here's how to get lead-free drinking water
Ensure your family drinks clean water with these tips for getting
out the lead and other deadly toxins. Here's how to keep your
family's drinking water as pure as possible from the tap:

#1: Don't use warm tap water to fill up.
Never use the warm water from your tap as a way to get your
water boiling faster. It turns out that warm water from the tap
has the highest levels of lead! You see, the hot water removes
the toxic materials from old pipes and brings it along for the ride
into your pot, more so than the cold water does.

#2: Let your faucet run!
One of the best ways to reduce your exposure to lead in drinking
water is to
let your water run (the Minnesota Department of
Health confirms this). If you haven't used it for six hours or more,
then let your faucet run a few minutes before drinking the water
or using it in cooking.

#3: Install a lead filter on the tap and shower.
Look for an NSF-certified filter, which removes lead. The Berkey
shower filter, left filters 99.9% of lead as well as chlorine, algae,
dirt, fluoride, chloramine, bacteria, arsenic, chromium, zinc,
copper, selenium, mercury and heavy metals and many more

#4: Filter your water.
Because the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Center
for Disease Control and EPA have all stated no level of lead in
drinking water is safe for children, if you have kids you should
filter your water specifically for lead.

Use a Big Berkey water filter daily to ensure pure drinking water.
Install an NSF-compliant refrigerator water filter.

#5: Test your water.
The most important thing you can do is to get your water
tested!If you're a prepper from California, Washington,
Pennsylvania, Texas or New York, get water tested for lead from
a Certified laboratory with your state requirements. Right is the  
Lead in
Drinking Water Test Kit from RJ Lee Group certified for
those states.

Lead free water can be yours with water testing, special filters
and knowledge. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
provides a
list of Certifiied Laboratories for Drinking Water. You
can also test your own water with the First Alert Drinking Water
Test Kit, pictured right. For immediate results, choose Watersafe
or First Alert drinking water test kit. Get a clean drinking water
kit, right.

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