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How to stop procrastination and start prepping
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Prepper's Procrastination List
Don't procrastinate longer, get started prepping

"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."
John F. Kennedy.

Stop procrastinating and start prepping for the things still missing
from your list. Know how to stop procrastinating and start
prepping. Begin with asking yourself why you are procrastinating:
  • Are you low on money?
  • Is a spouse not on board with your prepping?
  • Don't know how to spend your time prepping?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the list of things to do?
  • Don't know what foods to stockpile in your prepper's pantry?

The solutions are below...

Stop Procrastinating and Start Prepping!

Don't know where to start prepping?
Get to the basics first: stockpile a few beans, bandaids, bullets,
and of course water. In fact,
water should be your first prep. You
can live only three days with out it! You'll feel better spending
$10 on ten gallons of water more than anything else you could

No money to get started prepping? No worries!
Find free preps to get your prepping started. You may be
procrastinating because you don't have the funds. Well we've
gathered a list of ten preps to that won't cost you a dime! (We
promise!) Know that prepping isn't always about having stuff.

Don't know how to spend your time prepping?
Develop your prepper skills. Many preppers emphasize having
skills over things, when it seems in the beginning that prepping is
all about stockpiling. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Preppers have a variety of skills, hobbies and interests related to
prepping and survival. Learning is a daily task, so go to the library
and pick up a prepping book. Enhance your homesteading skills.
Learn how to bake your own bread, pies and jams; learn to sew or
knit, take up gardening. Your preparations also include your hard
work, like building a fence, chopping wood, gathering free wood or
picking apples or blackberries. It's also about enjoy prepper
hobbies! So go ahead and grab your fishing pole or gun and head
out to get a free dinner this weekend! Start new hobbies, like
brewing beer, which is a prepper skill that will also save you
money once you set up the initial supplies. Have fun prepping
with the kids too and take them camping.

Feeling overwhelmed about prepping?
Read the Prepper's TO DO list and you'll soon realize that
prepping is more about doing one task at a time. Doing anything
is better than nothing. You may be feeling overwhelmed, which is
why you've been procrastinating in the first place, but you'll feel
better knowing you may have already done quite a few things on
our list. Know that a prepper's work is never done. There's always
something you could be doing. Every little prep you do today, will
make tomorrow better.

Want food for your pantry?
Discover the 37 Foods to Hoard in Crisis. Then, make your own
prepper's list because only you know what to store for your family.
Not sure how much food to store? Create a journal and document
a week's worth of your favorite family foods that are shelf-stable.  
Find substitutions! If you eat a meal with ground beef, see how
you can make it with canned hamburger. Eat a meal with chicken?
Get some canned chicken to see how you can make a meal your
family likes.

Prepper's procrastination list:
Looking for prepper things to buy? There's always something you
could buy or something you forgot to buy. Check out these
survival tools.

Ten Preps You've Been Meaning to Buy:
Stop procrastinating and start prepping for the things still missing
from your list!

Here's a list of the things you've been meaning to buy. Don't wait
longer. Get them now before it's too late:

#1 Hand Crank Emergency Radio.
Having a hand-crank device handy for communications is key. Try
the Ambient Weather WR-089 Weather Band Radio, pictured right,
it provides assured access to news, weather information and
illumination whenever and wherever you need it. The rubberized
finish makes the WR-089 splash-proof. This robust and
dependable radio, with integrated LED flashlight, offers a choice
of self-charge, solar and external recharge power options. A must
for any emergency toolkit or your everyday portable radio, the
compact WR-089 is an AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio and a
powerful 3 LED flashlight.

#2: Eton Flashlight cell phone charger.
The Eton American Red Cross Clipray Flashlight and cell phone
charger will see you through any extreme weather that comes
your way, and keeps you prepared every day. This ultra light,
compact and powerful light clips easily to your pack, shirt or
jacket. It includes a USB port and hand crank to restore power to
charge your cell phone and communicate with the outside world
when you need it the most. Add to your emergency kit or

#3: Tow strap.
The Neiko tow strap, pictured right in yellow can help you tow
10,000 lbs, which is more than strong enough to extract any
vehicle from a ditch or rough spot. A best seller on Amazon, the
Neiko tow Strap has two safety hooks on both ends, allows for
easy and fast hook ups and releases.

#4: Rechargeable LED light.
The Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED light,
pictured immediate left, is compact, stows out of the way in a
light socket, and automatically turns on when the power goes out.
It has a two-hour run time on high, and 15 hours on low. Its NiMH
battery can be recharged hundreds of times, keeping you prepared
for power outages and other weather-related issues.

#5: Non-GMO Organic Sprouting Kit.
The Food for Health Kit, pictured immediate right includes a
stackable sprouting tray system, instruction booklet and 10
pounds of certified organic seeds. You get 1-lbs each of alfalfa 3-
part salad mix, bean salad, green pea, crunchy lentil fest, protein
powerhouse garbanzo, mung bean, green lentil, and Wheat.

#6: EMT scissors.
Pictured right is combo pack of EMT scissors with holster tactical
in all black. Choice cuts include: holster, shears, bandage
scissors, forceps, pen light and hemostat.

#7: Rain barrel.
Harvest the precious rain resource with a rain barrel! Right, Rain
Wizard Rain Barrel is a 50-gallon oak rain barrel for under $89 and
this includes shipping. Not only will having a rain barrel help you
in preparing your survival garden for the future, but you'll save
money in water for your garden so you can buy more preps. It's
resistant to rust, mold and rotting. This one is made in the U.S.A.!

#8: Freeze Dried Meals.
If you're like most preppers, you have under a six month supply of
food* and you mostly have canned goods, beans and rice.
Preppers who have a one-month supply of food per person, often
have amassed enough guns and ammo to protect them for 25
years, but don't have enough food to last 25-years. The answer is
freeze dried food! Freeze dried food keeps 25-years, which means
you don't have to rotate it as often.
Buckets of emergency food in
pouches will be useful for camping. Think of it as buying in
advance for your vacation!

#9: Biffy Bag.
Sanitation is important. With a Biffy bag, pictured right, you tie
the 2 straps around your waist, pull the bag up between your
legs, bend knees slightly and let gravity do the rest, no bucket,
no odor, no mess. You get a triple layer odor proof protection,
with effervescent Biffy powder, which is bio-degradable. Biffy Bag
comes with a heavy duty mylar zip top transport bag, ample toilet
paper, and over size wet wipe. Great for your bugout vehicle, the
Biffy Bag fits in your glove box, tackle box, tool box, back pack, or

#10 Cammenga "417 Official l U.S. Military Compass.
The Commenga official U.S. Military Tritium Lensatic Compass
Model 3H, pictured right, is equipped with a magnifying lens, sight
wire, and dial graduations in both degrees and mils. Around $60,
this is the best compass money can buy. The copper induction
dampening system slows the rotation for the magnet without the
use of liquids. This carries the 3H stamp. It is GSA compliant and
made in the U.S.A.

BONUS Night Vision Goggles. Okay this one is a bit of a luxury.
Night-vision goggles are the ultimate prepper luxury gadget!
Imagine the defense possibilities to track intruders or picture
yourself hunting at night to gain the advantage. The Yukon
Tracker head-mounted night vision binoculars, pictured above,
provide remarkably detailed downrange observation under the
darkness of night.  These goggles have a built-in pulse infrared
illuminator, which expands viewing range while minimizing battery
drainage. This pulsing is invisible to the human eye and yet gives
you a maximum possible infrared visibility. Wear them with your
glasses, but they're more effective if you wear contacts.

When it comes to these vital preps, your prepper procrastination
can stop here and now. Take just one step towards your goals so
you can survive.

Learn how to get free food on Amazon. This is not a gimmick,
but a legitimate way to get the food you need at a discount and
some of it for free! Learn to get more from your money on Amazon
using your American Express Card, Visa Card and Subscribe and
save programs. Do it now!

Happy endings...
Stop Procrastinating and Start Prepping! Anything you do today
will make you that more prepared for tomorrow.

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