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What a Prepper Needs to Know About Ricin

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Above is an entertaining summary of Ricin poisoning.

Ricin can be made into a pellet, powder, mist or injection. It's
dangerous, but thankfully it's a rare threat. What makes ricin
interesting and unusual is that this bioweapon does not come from
bacteria or fungi or a virus as is the case with traditional
bioweapons. What makes ricin a threat and why preppers should
know about the ricin threat is that it's made from an ordinary and
ornamental plant. Someone with laboratory knowledge could misuse
their knowledge  in uncertain times.

Happy endings...
Ricin is dangerous, as it could be used as a bioweapon, but
thankfully it's rare. The more preppers know about such threats of

, like ricin, the more apt they are to survive exposure.
For example, get out of a job in the mailroom where you risk
exposure to toxins like anthrax and ricin in uncertain times.

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Understanding how ricin is used as a biological weapon

Ricin: a biological weapon and assassins toxin.
Ricin poisoning has been used in political assassinations and as a
biological weapon. You may have heard about the ricin poisoning
of anti-Communist Georgi Markov. Ricin is a toxic chemical also
found in a letter addressed to President Obama in 2013 and
Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker. Ricin is deadly if inhaled,
injected or swallowed. While researchers are attempting a ricin
vaccine, there's currently no known antidote.

Ricin is a biological weapon that made headlines in 2013 and
2018 and because it's a biological weapon, the substance will
make headlines again. Below is what a prepper needs to know
about ricin as a biological weapon...

What a Prepper Needs to Know About Ricin
Preppers love beans, but they're not going to like this one: Ricin.
It's bean, a very pretty bean and quite a poisonous one derived
from the caster bean plant. Just a few grains sized like table salt
could be all that's required to kill you. This toxin works by killing
cells after you've inhaled or swallowed the substance, and can
lead to organ failure and consequently death.

What's in the public domain about Ricin?
Poisoning is a popular method of getting rid of someone slowly
and methodically, quietly or abrubtly and dramatically and ricin
has been part of this miserable picture as a bioweapon.
Thankfully ricin is rare, but there have been instances of use:

  • Sadam Hussein attempted to weaponize ricin.

  • Ricin was mailed to President Obama and Mississippi Senator
    Roger Wicker.

  • Ricin was the agent suspected in two packages sent to the

What is Ricin?
Ricin is a political assassins best friend and found naturally  
castor beans. Ricin is a toxic protein derived from pressed seeds
of castor-oil ~ this poisonous substance causes nausea and
vomiting, respiratory failure and even death. Forensic evidence
reveals it's how assassins get away with murder.

This byproduct of castor bean processing can be harnessed to
create a mist, pellet or powder and from this substance can be
dissolved in a beverage or put into envelopes.

Ricin has been used in espionage and warfare because it's one of
the most toxic biological agents known! It's also a toxin which
can be stabilized to control precise spread. It's also fairly easy to
obtain and needs only knowledge. These things make it an ideal
terrorist weapon! This is also why preppers should understand
ricin and how opposing forces may use it.

Here are the top five things to know about Ricin:

#1: Understand the threat of Ricin.
Will you be aware of ricin poisoning? Ricin is extremely deadly if
injected, inhaled or swallowed. It doesn't take much ricin to kill a

  • Injection: In captivity you may be unable to avoid an
    injection and if so there's nothing you can do. There's no
    cure once it hits your bloodstream.

  • Inhalation: You may be caught unaware of inhalation for
    example if you work in a mail processing facility ~ whether
    it's a post office or your company's mailroom. An aerolization
    is quite deadly. It requires laboratory knowledge to purify
    the byproducts of ricin to make a powder form of the toxin.

  • Ingestion: You may ingest ricin, but you'd have to eat a lot
    of it to get extremely ill and then die. There haven't been
    any documented cases of people dying from it, but scientists
    know that you must ingest a large amount to die. You will
    get sick from eating it and the information is inconclusive of
    how much you need to eat to die from it.

#2: There's no antedote for ricin poisoning.
There's no known antidote for ricin poisoning. While you will likely
survive ingestion, because it takes quite a bit of this agent as
food poisoning, you may not survive an injection or inhalation.
Unquestionably, Ricin toxin, if left untreated, causes cell death
once it penetrates the cell membrane. Death may come in as
little as 48-72 hour after exposure.

While there is no cure, currently there is
Soligenix, a leading Ricin
toxin vaccine candidate. According to their Web site, therapies for
ricin intoxication may have a limited use of within four hours of

Symptoms of Ricin Poisoning:
Interestingly, the symptoms of ricin poisoning are very similar to
the effects of radiation or chemotherapy (all three methods kill
cells). You would immediately see organ dysfunction with an
inhalation of ricin. You'd have difficulty breathing and immediate
gastro intestinal distress (nausea and vomiting) and your liver
would start to disfunction.

Absorption by the cells of the toxic substance could inactivate
ribosomes, leading to cell death. It prevents your cells from
making proteins and this effectively shuts off everything the
human body needs to live. Ribosomes are minute particles found
in cytoplasim of living cells.

#3: Ricin is an ornamental plant.
While the deadly threat of ricin is out there, the caster plan is
also a substance used for herbal healing. The caster plant is a
popular ornamental plant that you should, obviously, keep away
from children and pets, but a very pretty plant, and caster oil is
used in herbal healing.

The eyelash and eyebrow kit allow simple application to eye
lashes and brow lines to promote eyelash and eyebrow growth. It
also comes with a free premium quality glass dropper for ease-of-
use allowing just a few drops of oil at a time for eyelash and for

#4: Ricin is used in caster oil.
An extract castor bean oil, ricin has many commercial uses in
foods and lubricants. Specifically, ricin is a byproduct of caster oil,
but caster oil is an amazing substance used it to grow hair, cure
eczema, and other fantastic medicinal healing purposes. As well,
caster oil has a  demonstrated use as lubricants in aviation and
high-performance cars. Caster oil has been used in ancient Egypt
and is a well-known African healing art.

As the book,
Caster Oil Uses, pictured right explains, "ultimately
if you use it to intentionally harm others or self it will boomerang
and fire back."

#5: Ricin is NOT a weapon of mass destruction.
Certainly Al Qaeda has recipe books on Ricin in their manuals, but
thankfully, ricin is an unlikely weapon of mass destruction
because the toxic substance offers opportunities for targeted
terrorism. It's used for targeted killings and not mass destruction.

Make note of the difference between "mass destruction" and
"mass disruption." Just because it won't harm the masses,
doesn't mean that ricin won't be used to disrupt. It definitely will!
Sometimes the enemy only wants to create chaos. In such cases,
ricin can help add to the level of hysteria and panic.
Ricin as a biological weapon
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