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Lower your Blood Pressure
Learn how to lower blood pressure with essential oils

How to lower your blood pressure with essential oils...
It's easy to lower your blood pressure with essential oils ~ and as
a prepper you should give it a try! If you're not controlling your
blood pressure, then you're risking diabetes, heart disease, kidney
disease, stroke or other health problems. A simple solution is to
learn about essential oils that lower blood pressure naturally.

Which essential oils lower blood pressure? Several essential oils
in the preppers medicine cabinet can have an effect to lower
blood pressure , including bergamot, cedarwood, citronella, clary
sage, frankincense, lavender and ylang-ylang. Learn which
essential oils lower blood pressure and how to use these
essential oils as a natural, alternative method...

Lower Blood Pressure with Essential Oils
Are you prepared to lower your blood pressure? In addition to
eating a high fiber diet and having an exercise regime to reduce
hypertension (high blood pressure), add these essential oils to
your preppers medicine cabinet...

Essential Oils that lower blood pressure include:

#1: Bergamot essential oil.
One way to lower blood pressure is with Bergamot essential oil.
Bergamot lowers both blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Bergamot essential oil does what? Bergamot can reduce stress
and lower your blood pressure. One of the causes of high-blood
pressure is stress. Research shows bergamot lowers cholesterol:
researchers in Italy Found Bergamot lowered blood cholesterol.

Here's how bergamot essential oil helps lower your blood pressure:

  • Bergamot essential oil calms. Some essential oils have a
    sedative effect to calm and relax ~ bergamot essential oil is
    one such oil. With a sweet citrus fragrance, bergamot can
    help you lower high blood pressure by relieving stress and
    calming agitation through diffusion, but it's perhaps more
    effective as application to your skin.

  • Bergamot helps improve blood vessel function! Bergamot
    is one of the most recommended herbs for cardiovascular
    health as it's known to promote healthy cholesterol levels,
    support balanced blood sugar and trigylceride levels. You can
    take bergamot as a dietary supplement. Maintaining proper
    weight is another component of blood vessel function. The
    Bergamot  extract, right, is clinically proven to help maintain
    healthy cholesterol levels, healthy blood glucose level,
    increase HDL-cholesterol, and promote healthy weight
    management. Use bergamot essential in combination with
    exercise and a healthy diet to help lower your blood pressure.

  • Bergamot relieves emotional stress.  Bergamot essential
    oils can penetrate to help dilate your arteries, decrease and
    release emotional stress. In addition to releasing
    accumulated stress, bergamot essential oil is uplifting and
    rejuvenating as a mood enhancer.

  • How to use Bergamot to lower blood pressure and blood
    cholesterol: Take charge to lower blood pressure with a
    couple of drops of bergamot oil to your temples or diffuse it.

#2: Cedarwood essential oil.
One of the best essential oils for lowering blood pressure through
inhalation is
Cedarwood essential oil. It's best known for calming
nerves, but you'll find cedarwood also has a respiratory effect and
skin benefits. As an astringent, cedarwood effectively treats acne,
eczema and psoriasis by reducing inflammation. Try cedarwood
also as hair tonic against scalp problems, too

  • How to use clary sage to lower blood pressure: To use
    cedarwood essential oil for lowering your blood pressure, use
    a diffuser or add a drop of clary sage essential oil to the
    palm of your hands and cup your nose and mouth to inhale.
    Essential oil that's diffused will enter receptors in the
    olfactory bulb and impact your brain’s emotional center, that
    according to a study of aromathery with essential oils
    published in the National Institutes of Health. Inhale anxiety
    and stress away with herbaceous cedarwood essential oil.
    The warm, sweet and woodsy scent will have a positive
    respiratory effect to promote a calm environment.

#3: Clary sage.
The sweet and nutty smelling Clary sage essential oil is effective
at lowering blood pressure, so says a study published in the
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The study of
female patients found that inhaling clary sage oil significantly
lowers blood pressure. Known as a hormone balancer, clary sage
is useful during menopause and may regulate scanty periods as

This relaxing, warming oil eases nervous tension, which may make
it especially
beneficial essential oil for dealing with diabetes.
Stress compounds the problems of diabetes, which also presents
issues of high blood pressure.

Clary Sage is well known for its euphoric action and is an
extremely valuable oil for treating nervousness, fear, paranoia
and depression. It's great for menopause too!  A food-grade oil
from clary sage is used as a flavoring agent, so it's relatively safe
women pregnant or breast feeding, thoguht not in large

  • How to use clary sage essential oil to lower blood pressure:

Studies have found Clary Sage to be beneficial for its analgesic
and relaxing effects too. Clary sage offers a host of benefits:

  • Clary sage also soothes digestive problems.
  • Clary sage is also useful for dealing with hair loss.
  • Clary sage helps heal cuts, wounds, such as staph infections,
    and burns.

#4: Citronella.
What lowers blood pressure may surprise you ~ the same stuff
you use to ger rid of mosquitoes! Citronella lowers your blood
pressure when diffused. It helps eliminate hypertension and
improve heart health.

Most people recognize citronella for its ability to get rid of
mosquitoes, but to preppers Citronella essential oil is so much
Citronella is an important essential oil for preppers because
it has many properties. Citronella is an
analgesic, antifungal,
antiseptic and it can help lower your blood pressure.

A sideline benefit of Citronella? One study showed that inhaling
citronella decreased body weight by decreasing appetite. Consider
using citronella if you have a family history of high blood
pressure, coronary heart disease or diabetes, but check with your

#5: Frankincense.
Another essential oil that's great for lowering blood pressure is
frankincense. As a gift from the magi to baby Jesus, frankincense
is an enigma to many who believe it only to be a religious
anointing oil or gift of incense. True, it is an incense, hence the
name, frank-incense, but it is now thought to have been given to
Jesus for its medicinal powers.

Frankincense is also the
top essential oil for helping fight brain

Because it is a mood enhancer,
frankincense is also effective at
lowering blood pressure. According to Dr. Josh Axe, Doctor of
Functional Medicine, "
The most effective essential oils for
lowering blood pressure are lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage and

Frankincense is the miraculous oil written in the bible. Its true
significance is just now coming to light with many scientific
abstracts published in the U.S. National Library National
Institutes of Health.

much to know about frankincense if you're a prepper.

#6: Lavender Essential Oil.
A study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine,
National Institutes of Health proves that
lavender essential oil
reduces blood pressure. In the study on the effects of lavender oil
inhalation on emotional states, autonomic nervous system, and
brain electrical activity they found a relaxing effect of inhaling
lavender oil. Specifically, the results of the study revealed that
lavender oil caused significant decreases of blood pressure, heart
rate, and skin temperature, which indicated a decrease of
autonomic arousal.

Among the most treasured of essential oils for peace and
lavender essential oil brings peace as it eliminates
tension, relieves pain, disinfects, enhances blood circulation and
treats respiratory problems.  A cleansing and refreshing essential
oil, "Lavare" means “to wash.”

  • How to use lavender essential oil for lowering blood
    pressure. At bedtime dab a drop of lavender essential oil on
    your chest so that you inhale during the night. You'll sleep
    like a baby (it's an essential oil that helps with insomnia).

#7: Sweet orange essential oil.
Anyone who's ever been to the dentist for a procedure is almost
ensured to get an elevated blood pressure (some more than
others). To reduce tension, you can try
sweet orange essential oil
~ it's a scientifically proven stress buster!  

In a clinical abstract published by the U.S. National Library of
Medicine National Institutes of Health, researchers confirmed that
sweet orange essential oil helped children undergoing dental care.
Researchers measured anxiety using salivary cortisol and pulse
rate as the indicators. The study underscores how you can use

sweet orange essential oil
to reduce anxiety. Think of this next
time you need to go to the dentist: your pulse rate will go down
with the aromatic goodness.

#8: Ylang-ylang.
Ylang-ylang controls cardiac palpitations and hypertension,
according to a study published by the U.S. National Library of
Medicine, National Institutes of Health.
For controlling blood pressure and preventing an irregular
heartbeat (heart arrhythmia), give ylang ylang a tryThe herb with
a funny name is also an effective antidepressant,
antispasmodic. Ylang-Ylang is an ideal essential oil for people
with high blood sugar and

Ylang-ylang is among the
essential oils for diabetics because it
can help calm your mind and body. With a sweet, heady floral
aroma, you can diffuse ylang-ylang and drift to tropical paradise
in your mind. This amazing essential oil has the power to reduce
anger-induced stress. You'll feel an immediate sense of calm and
peace, which makes it an important essential oil for people with
diabetes. It's an important essential oil for dealing with diabetes
also because it can have a positive impact on your blood
circulation. This can lower your overall blood pressure!

Ylang ylang has a positive effect on blood pressure and on heart
rate vitality. A heart that beats too quickly can benefit from ylang
ylang according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National
Institutes of Health.

How can essential oils lower your blood pressure?
By osmosis essential oils applied to your skin penetrate your
system to lower cortisol levels, which regulate blood pressure.
Cortisol is a "fight or flight" hormone that comes about as a result
of stress.

Essential oils can lower cortisol levels and. Your skin cells have a
semipermeable membrane and a certain amount of absorption
takes place into the bloodstream at the subcutaneous level. You
can take advantage of essential oils also through diffusion.
Inhalation is another way to uplift or soothe someone who needs
to lower blood pressure.

According to Dr. Josh Axe, "
Essential oils can lower blood pressure
by dilating arteries, acting as antioxidants to reduce oxidative
stress and by decreasing emotional stress." In his article on the
five natural ways to lower blood pressure, he outlines a healthy
high-fiber diet and highlights essential dietary supplements, such
as taking a fish oil supplement and taking Coenzyme Q10.

More ways to lower blood pressure naturally:

  • Epsom salt. Epsom salt baths also have been linked with the
    ability of lowering blood pressure. Doctors are quick to
    prescribe patented drugs, when they could prescribe Epsom
    salts! As a low-cost nutrient, magnesium remains overlooked
    by most, but now that you are wise, you can talk to your
    physician or health practitioner to see if Epsom salt is right
    for you. Your bones and organs store much of your
    magnesium, ready for many biological functions. Helping to
    regulate blood pressure is just one of them.

  • Vinegar. Vinegar is great for your heart health! Specifically
    Apple cider vinegar has been medically shown to lower your
    blood pressure, according to Dr. Axe.
Above,  Dr. Josh Axe, discusses how to manage high blood pressure naturally.

Essential oils offer an aromatic and therapeutic approach to
controlling your blood pressure. Now you have some natural
remedies to help ensure you stay healthy. Stock up on top
essential oils for lowering blood pressure including bergamot,
cedarwood, citronella, clary sage, frankincense, lavender and ylang-

Free Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure
Get your free guide to lowering blood pressure available from the
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services, pictured right.

Happy endings...
With virtually no side effects and with no prescription necessary,
you'll find it's really easy to get into essential oils to lower your
blood pressure and improve vitality. Get yourself some
carrier oils,
a diffuser or necklace and get started using essential oils today.'

A study published in the National Institutes of Health on blood
pressure and inhalation of essential oils concluded that a
relaxation therapy using essential oils for BP control to prevent the
progression of hypertension is strongly recommended, in particular,
in the simple and convenient form of a necklace."

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  • NOTE: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does
    NOT recommend that essential oils be taken internally, unless
    under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified
    in clinical Aromatherapy.

Consult your physician about using rosemary, hyssop, sage or

thyme essential oil
if you have high blood pressure as these oils
may either conflict with your medication or cause your blood
pressure to soar.

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at happypreppers.com - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-sufficiency.
* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For
any health or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended
for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or
treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical
advice when available.
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