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Above, the KingofRandom  shares how to make the business bucket for
when nature calls.  In addition to the five-gallon bucket it requires a pool
noodle, a five-quart big mouth bucket and a 2-gallon pail.

#3: Portable toilet set or emergency camping toilet.
You can make a bucket toilet, but there are many ready-made
bucket toilet systems, like the
Luggable Loo, right.  Here's our
full list of
5-gallon bucket toilets.

  • Luggable Loo portable toilet. The Luggable Loo is the most
    economically priced portable toilet bucket system with a
    traditional snap-on, hinged seat and cover. It's compatible
    with standard Double Doodie bag from Reliance Products,
    which means virtually no clean-up. Waste disposal is a snap
    when used together. The bucket system is ideal because you
    can store toilet paper and waste disposal bags in the toilet
    so you're ready for an emergency. Luggable Loo also makes a
    seat so you can transform an empty five-gallon bucket that
    you may have in your food storage.

  • Reliance Toilet. When space is your concern, rely on the
    Reliance Fold-To-Go. This collapsible portable toilet folds
    down to just 5 inches and weighs only 4.5 lbs. Pictured
    immediate right, the Reliance Toilet has an integrated
    handle, making it easy to carry. It's one of the sturdiest
    portable toilets around. Ideally suited for the Double Doodie
    bag bagging system, it even comes with a free Double
    Doodie bag.

  • Dometic portable potty. The 2.5 Gallon High-density
    polyethylene construction of the Dometic Portable Potty,
    pictured right, withstands demanding conditions. It's a
    compact solution for your bugout vehicle or throw it in the
    back of the truck for hunting trips.

  • Camco camping toilets. The Camco Portable Toilet is a
    durable, comfortable option for camping, hunting, road trips
    and boat trips. Camco features a larger seat size than most
    competitors. Think of this toilet for your RV or boat. The
    fresh water holding tank utilizes a pump flush action to
    effectively rinse the bowl of the toilet. The 5.3 gallon
    detachable holding tank seals firmly to prevent escaping
    leaks and odors. The interior of the holding tank has a slick
    surface to make waste removal easier and more efficient.
    Remove the flush tank one handed by toggling a single
    locking latch. The latch is spring-loaded for automatic re-
    attachment. The Camco Camping Toilet features a lid that
    can be latched closed for easier transport or completely
    removed for cleaning. It is made of durable ABS resin and
    will seal in unpleasant odors for an overall better camping
    toilet experience.

#4: Composting toilets.
A composting toilet is a simple waterless toilet system of mixing
human manure with a carbon material, such as sawdust, coconut
husks or coffee grounds, to encourage decomposition. It make a
compost material.

Thanks to the carbon, it doesn't smell. You can make a portable
composting toilet, following the directions above for the business
bucket and turn human waste into compositing material with
carbon. The list of
weird composting material you can use is
almost endless. For an off-grid bugout location, or if you have an
R.V., consider a
composting toilet.

Here's a list of great composting toilets:

  • Sun Mar off-grid Composting Toilet.  At the high end of off-
    grid toilets is a self composting toilet. If you're looking for  
    Sun-Mar Excel NE, which is a non-electric, self-contained
    composting toilet. It  converts human waste into safe
    fertilizing soil. This model is designed for medium to high
    capacity use, ideal for a 2-3 people in a residential setting or
    5-7 people at a cabin for a weekend.

  • Nature's Head Composting Toilet. When SHTF, you can do
    something with it! The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is a
    reliable choice for portable, self contained, urine separating
    dry toilets on the water, on the land, or on the road. This
    toilet or "head," (the marine term for toilet) was designed by
    two long time sailors who sought to create a more user
    friendly version than anything else on the market. While we
    designed our product to withstand the harsh marine
    environment, it can be used anywhere you need a toilet,
    especially anywhere that plumbing or electricity is difficult or
    non-existent  ~ on RVs or campers, in vacation cabins,
    workshops, barns, yurts, even trucks.

#5: Kid's potty and urinals.
The list of prepper toilets wouldn't be complete without a
discussion on the kid's potty

The options you have for adults may not be suitable for the little
ones in your life. Besides, any parent knows that on outings kids
don't give much warning when it's time "to go" and things can
escalate rather quickly without a plan, including the messy
clothes problem. Take care of #1 and #2 for the kiddos with
these ideas:

  • Tron's Paper Potty for kids. The Tron Paper Potty is a
    portable, biodegradable, disposable toilet that's perfect for
    toddlers in training, but strong enough to seat a six year old.
    Created in Poland, it folds nicely so that it's ready for use. It
    has plastic bags of polyethylene, which includes a coagulant
    of polymeric water absorbent polymer, which you dispose.
    Pictured right, you can store in the car or the stroller so
    you're ready at a moment's notice.

  • OneDone kids potty. Onedone Kids camping potty, pictured
    in pink, but also available in blue/yellow, is a lightweight
    and easy to carry potty and urinal, ideal for travel or home
    use. The fun, colorful design is proven to encourage
    successful potty training on children.

#6: Porta-Potty and Outhouses.
More luxurious accommodations, could include an outhouse, a
compositing toilet
system, or a built in septic tank.

  • Dealing with outhouse stink. Outhouses don't stink in
    Alaska and here's the simple truth: it's colder in Alaska.
    Stinky outhouses come mostly from the festering heat. It's
    quite normal to have several outhouses in Alaska. Typically
    in Alaska people have two or three outhouses. They have a
    backup outhouse or an outhouse reserved for composting.

  • Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Total System. If bathroom
    facilities are out of reach, unsafe or unsanitary, reach for
    Cleanwaste Complete GO Anywhere Toilet System ~ it's the
    safe, private, portable, easy and green solution for your
    sanitation problem. Ideal for outside work or play, military
    deployment, camping, an extra bathroom, tailgate parties -
    and don't forget to include one in your emergency supplies.
    It's much more comfortable than using an outhouse or porta-
    potty. Each system includes
    1 Go Anywhere Portable Toilet, also sold separately
    1 Go Anywhere Privacy Shelter
    15 Go Anywhere Toilet Kits
    1 large transport bag for used kits
    1 backpack that stores everything
Prepper toilets
Set up a simple toilet and a sanitation station

Prepper toilets and how to set up a sanitation station:
Do you have a plan when the stuff hits the fan? If your #1 place
to go #2 isn't available in a long-term emergency because the
toilets won't flush, you must have an alternative sanitation plan.

Did you know that if the power grid goes down for an extended
period the toilets will stop flushing? Proper sanitation is
important in the aftermath of a large scale catastrophe, because
without it disease can easily set into a community. Diseases
caused by improper sanitation include
cholera, hepatitis, polio
and typhoid.

Prepper Toilet Options
The power grid could go down for an extended period and after
some time toilets just won't work anymore. While it's true you
can flush the toilet even when the electricity is off, eventually the
sewers will backup and you won't be able to flush. That's because
the sanitation plants run on power. While they have backups for
short emergencies, they are not equipped for month-long power
failures. In an
electromagnetic pulse (EMP) where there is no
more power, or a
severe pandemic where workers are unable to
keep the plant operating, sanitation may not immediately be on
your mind, but eventually it will.

Below are your off-grid toilet options starting from the smallest
and most portable options, to the most sturdy emergency toilets
a prepper can have in off-grid living...

#1: Car toilets and portable urinals.
What's a car toilet? It's a creative new idea in preparedness. If
you're the driver, you can pull over and hygienically solve your
problem with a car toilet. If you're a passenger, you can do your
business even while stuck in a traffic jam with a car toilet.

When you've got to go, and you're on the go, a car toilet can help
relieve your needs. In the simplest terms, you can make your own
mini car toilet from a #10 can and plastic bag ~ add kitty litter to
contain the smell and you've created a car toilet. It may not be
pretty, but it can do the job. There are many kinds of commercial
car toilets available to help you contain mess and help you do
your business.

If you've got to go, you've got to go and these products can help:

  • Biffy Bag. With a Biffy bag, pictured right, you tie the 2
    straps around your waist, pull the bag up between your legs,
    bend knees slightly and let gravity do the rest, no bucket, no
    odor, no mess. Consider it a car toilet. You get a triple layer
    odor proof protection, with effervescent Biffy powder, which
    is bio-degradable. Biffy Bag comes with a heavy duty mylar
    zip top transport bag, ample toilet paper, and over size wet
    wipe. Great for your bugout vehicle, the Biffy Bag fits in your
    glove box, tackle box, tool box, back pack, or purse.

  • Clean waste Toilet in a Bag. Toilet in a Bag is for when a
    bag is all you need to answer "nature's call." Cleanwaste's
    Toilet in a Bag is a car toilet you can depend on! The Toilet
    in a Bag is a plastic bag with handles so you can do your
    business anywhere. It's not just a bag. The system turns 32-
    oz of waste to solid in seconds; includes odor neutralizing
    agent and decay catalyst. You get 15 handled bags, plus 15
    treatments of Poo Powder and a scoop. What's more, you
    can use Toilet in a bag with the Go Anywhere Portable Toilet
    as well as by itself for maximum portability and economy.
    Eco-friendly, the Toilet in a Bag toilet kits will break down in
    the landfill over time.

  • Female Urinal. With a Female Urinal you can pee like a man!
    A female urinal is convenient for outdoors and camping. Have
    it in your purse for the non-hygienic toilet when you don't
    want to sit on it, when it's not convenient to squat or to
    take off your pants when using it. On the flip side, it's not
    for men or kids and it's not for #2.

  • Travel John Disposable Urinal. When you've got to pee, the
    TravelJohn is your solution. This disposable urinal is for men,
    women and children gets a nearly perfect 5-star rating from
    hundreds of satisfied customers, but its for #1 and not #2.
    It solves half your problem. Non-toxic, odorless, spill proof
    gel, it instantly gels after absorption of liquid thus making it
    leak-proof. You don't need a closure ~ this thing is designed
    so well that it's reusable until it is full. Waste disposal is
    safe, you simply throw away. See the video of how it works
    here: TravelJohn.

#2: Do-it-yourself Business Bucket.
When you're on a budget you can use your pool noodle and make
your own portable toilet. It just takes a bit of inginuity! You can
start with a #10 can or you can start with a five gallon bucket.

  • Emergency car toilet from a bucket. Many other prepper
    sites show you how to make a toilet from a bucket as a
    prepper project, but the best is from the KingofRandom!
    Grant Thompson shows you how to make a business bucket
    with a few hacks to improve upon the basic design of a
    bucket toilet:
Kids camping potty
Sun Mar Composting Off-grid Toilet
Camco toilet
Serene Life Outdoor toilet
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Above is the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Total System, which is the ultimate
camping toilet system, or off-grid starter set.  

Why the need for an emergency toilet?
Why not just dig a hole and cover it with dirt? Poor sanitation will
cause people to die of cholera, hepatitis, typhoid,
polio, dysentery
and a host of other illnesses. Unsafe water also may cause worm
infestations, and pneumonia.

Happy endings...
Don't overlook getting a prepper toilet set up, as well as a
handwashing station and method of disposing waste. Hygiene is of
ultimate importance as infections can arise from simple mishaps.

The answer is to set up a sanitation station. In the simplest form,
a complete sanitation system includes:
  • a sanitation bucket and seat
  • bags to collect and contain waste
  • a supply of toilet paper and baby wipes
  • wet towels or soap and water or hand sanitizer for
    handwashing; and
  • a way to treat sewage with a bacteria enzyme treatment to
    contain the smell. Kitty litter is a simple solution as well.

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