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Oregano Essential Oil
How to use oregano essential oil

Spice up your prepping with oregano essential oil.
The familiar spice of Italian cooking, oregano essential oil
is useful to preppers as a digestive aid, which would be
significantly important when there are no doctors. As well,
oregano essential oil has benefits and uses to preppers
medicinally as an
antifungal, antibacterial and antibiotic.

Anyone can appreciate oregano essential oil as it can bring
improved health, immune support, improved respiratory and joint
health and much more. There are many benefits and uses of
oregano essential oil!

Benefits and Uses of Oregano Oil
Using oregano oil around the homestead is invigorating! Here are
some of the many benefits and uses of oregano oil:

#1: Oregano Essential Oil is a digestive aid.
One of the primary uses of oregano essential oil is as a digestive
aid. Oregano oil is an antifungal that treats fungus, candida, and
even parasites.

  • Candida: If you have a white coat on your tongue, you likely
    have candida albicans and essential oil of oregano can help
    kill it! Candida Albicans is a kind of yeast infection, or fungi,
    found in the mouth, intestinal tract and vaginal area. If you
    have candida, you can look to oregano oil as well as clove
    oil, myrrh oil and lavender essential oil help to kill parasites
    and fungi in the body. Take a food grade supplement of
    oregano oil, ensuring it is Italian oregano (Origanum
    vulgare). Again, be sure it's a food grade oregano oil!

  • E. Coli (Escherichia Coli). Oregano essential oil may help
    with E. Coli! In an abstract on oregano essential oil
    published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National
    Institutes of Health, it's documented that the oral
    application of oregano essential oil inhibits E. Coli. In
    another report, the some pathogenic bacteria, including
    Salmonella choleraesuis, Salmonella enteritidis, S.
    typhimurium, and E. coli) were studied and proven to be
    inhibited by the essential oils of thyme and oregano. The
    study of antimicrobial properties of oregano essential oil
    (and thyme essential oil), concluded "strong antimicrobial
    activity against various bacterial, fungal, and viral
    pathogens." Carvacrol, in the composition of oregano oil is
    effecive against many kinds of bacterial infections, including
    also salmonella, giardia, listeria and more.

  • Parasites. Oregano essential oil can help with parasites.
    The nasty problem of parasites has many natural remedies.
    Generally, parasites come from an imbalanced gut flora and
    they can take over if you have a weakened immune system,
    but oregano essential oil

    Other antiparasitic essential oils include:

#2: Oregano Essential Oil is an antifungal.
One of the ancient uses of oregano oil is as an antifungal. There
are many published scientific medical studies on the properties
and effectiveness of Carvacrol, ingredient found in maximum
content in Oregano Oil. With very strong antifungal properties, it
can kill the fungus at a rate of nearly 100% and in a short time.

Right is Fungus Stop, made with the power of Oregano Oil! This
best seller treats nail fungus and claims to be 99.9% effective
treatment as an antifungal for toenails and fingernails. The main
active ingredient of Fungus Stop is Carvacrol.

  • Toenail fungus. If you have a thickening of the nail bed on
    your toes, you may have toenail fungus. You can treat the
    condition with daily drops of oregano essential oil applied to
    the nails, allowing full saturation. The toenail fungus will
    disappear after a couple of months. It's a slow, but
    extremely effective natural solution to this ugly, sometimes
    painful, and pesky condition. The composition of oregano oi;
    inlcudes Thymol, a natural fungicide.

#3: Oregano essential oil is an antibacterial.
Oregano essential oil is an effective germicide, bactericide.An
active ingredient of oregano essential oil is carvacrol a substance
that inhibits the growth of bacteria and can help the immune
system take action against viruses, fungi and parasites.
Carvacrol, which is effective against a variety of bacterial
infections, notably:
  • candida albicans (yeast infection)
  • Escherichia coli(E. coli)) ~ In a study of oregano essential oil
    published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National
    Institutes of Health, oregano essential oil was found to heal
    bacterial infections and was proven to be an alternative
    antibacterial remedy for Escherichia coli (E. coli).
  • salmonella
  • giardia
  • listeria

Whereas an antibacterial is an agent active against bacteria, an
antiseptic specifically prevents growth.

#4: Oregano Essential Oil is an antiseptic.
The active ingredient of oregano essential, thymol, has antiseptic
properties. Dr. Joseph Mercola says it's thymol that is also a
natural fungicide, and it even "
helps boost your immune system,
works as a shield against toxins, and even helps prevent tissue
damage and encourages healing."

Aside from the health benefits, another way to use oregano
essential oil in prepping, is to ward off insects and even relief
bug bites and rashes.

To use this powerful antimicrobial to help fight off infections, you
can apply to the skin neat without
carrier oils; however, applying
"neat" is not for everyone and oregano essential oil is strong.

#5: Oregano oil is a natural antibiotic.
Oregano oil is a natural antibiotic. An antibiotic, whether natural
or man made, is a medicine that inhibits the growth of or
destroys microorganisms. Generally it can be taken as a topical
solution or taken internally. With oregano oil you can diffuse it as

  • Use oregano oil topically. Apply neat or preferably with a
    carrier oil. Right, is organic food grade oregano oil that can
    be used topically and orally. Apply to area, several times a
    day. Reapply before bed. Wait several minutes before
    wearing clothes, to allow the essential oil to absorb into
    skin. Heat sensation is normal.

  • Take internally. Take a dietary supplement of oregano oil,
    ensuring it is food grade only. Right Oregano oil is available
    in soft gels.

  • Diffuse oregano oil: It's great to diffuse oregano oil when
    seasonal illness comes. Oregano is a traditional Italian folk
    medicine for treating colds, indigestion and stomach upset.
    There is science to back up the home remedy.

Again, the active ingredient in Oil of Oregano is carvacrol, which
may provide support to the immune system and it also inhibits
the growth of bacteria. According to Dr. Oz, "Oil of oregano, which
is distilled from the flowers and leaves of the oregano plant,
could be one of
nature's most powerful antibiotics."

#6: Oregano essential oil offers immune support.
Oregano oil is an antioxidant and can kill bad bacteria. Oregano
essential oil is well-regarded as one of the best oils to support
the immune system!

  • Cancer: Oregano essential oil can help inhibit the growth of
    cancer, thanks in part to Naringin, a healthy compound found
    in oregano oil. Rosmarinic acid also is in the composition of
    oregano oil, and this compound helps prevent free radical

  • Colds: Did you know that about a quarter of people who have
    a cold virus don't feel the down effects? There are more than
    200 viruses that can cause a cold and your immune system
    responds differently from other people in your life. Bad
    bacteria can infect your sinuses or your ears.

#7: Improve joint health with oregano oil.
Spicy and invigorating, Oil of Oregano has been used to support
digestive, respiratory and joint health. Beware that oil of Oregano
is very pungent and for some taking it in capsule form is the best
alternative! Oregano, a gel capsule, is made of Oil of Wild
Oregano and does not contain any additives or chemicals.

#8: Ward off insects with the scent of oregano oil.
Bugs don't like the strong smell of oregano oil, especially ticks,
so go ahead and wear a little oregano oil mixed with a carrier to
detract and repel insects while outdoors. You can also add the oil
directly to your outdoor wood furniture.

#9: Relieve bug bites with oil of oregano.
In case you forgot to wear your oregano oil to get rid of the bugs,
you can at least use the oregano oil to relieve the bug bites. Use
olive oil as a carrier oil with oregano oil to dilute.

Learn how to grow oregano! Oregano is an ideal drought resistant
plant. A sideline benefit is that it will help you repel the pests
that want to nibble at your broccoli.

#10: Cure tooth infections with Oil of Oregano.
Oregano oil can also help with tooth infections.


  • Start with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a drop of oregano
    essential oil and mix. Swish the mixture by mouth for 10
    minutes before spitting. Do this twice daily until you can
    seek dental care or until the pain goes away!

  • Alternatively, you can use cotton or an ear swab to dab a
    few drops of oregano oil and then rub directly onto the
    inflamed gum area. To help prevent new bacteria from
    aggravating the inflammation, it's important not to use your
    fingers as you may reinfect the already sensitive area.

Cooking with Oregano
Using oregano oil in prepping doesn't need to stop with essential
oils. Knowing the benefits and uses of oregano oil, you may like
to start an herb garden to include oregano, or stock dried oregano.

Incidentally, the Italian spice in your cupboard, spaghetti sauce
and pizza sauce that you think is oregano is actually marjoram,
not oregano. It's an oregano-like product that's actually Mexican
sage. Be sure to use real oregano in your cooking.

Just starting out prepping with essential oils?
Beginning preppers who use essential oils and practice
aromatherapy will note that oregano essential oil blends well

Have you been prepping and using essential oils for
some time?
Advanced preppers who use essential oils and practice
aromatherapy will note that oregano essential oil blends well with
many other essential oils including:
  • bergamot oil
  • Cajeput
  • Chamomile Roman oil
  • Dill Weed
  • Geranium essential oil
  • Niaouli
  • Pine

You'll find many healthful benefits of oregano:
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Niaicin
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc

These are just some of the many benefits and uses of oregano
Above,  Dr. Josh Axe, discusses the four overall benefits of Oregano essential
oil, namely that it is an antifungal, antibacterial anti-parasite/antiviral, and
it's an antioxidant

Happy endings...
Oregano is a plant native to higher altitudes. It grows in the
mountains. “Oregano” means “Delight of the Mountains” and you
will find delight in the healing powers of oregano essential oil.

Spicy and invigorating, oil of oregano has been used to support
digestive, respiratory and joint health. Its anti-viral properties
enter the bloodstream to attack viruses too, making it an ideal
immune booster.

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  • NOTE: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does
    NOT recommend that essential oils be taken internally,
    unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also
    qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.

* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any
health or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended for your
general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for
specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available.
As a reminder, these statements about extracts have not been evaluated by the United States
Food and Drug Administration.

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