Gamma Seal Lids

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Gamma Seal Lids
How to install and use gamma lids for food grade buckets

Get an airtight seal on your buckets with a gamma seal lid.
Food grade buckets with gamma seal lids are a prepper's best
friend in long term food storage. The combo makes it perfect for
holding your bulk food storage for food in your pantry you use
often, like rice. You see, ordinary bulk food storage bucket lids
are hard to open. Gamma seal lids make it much easier.

Don't break your fingernails getting into your food storage with
regular bucket lids when you can seal the deal with Gamma
Seal, the plastic screw on bucket lid.

  • What is a Gamma seal lid? A Gamma Seal lid converts a
    pail into an air-tight waterproof storage container. Pictured
    right, Gamma seal lids are the airtight and easy-to-open
    lids for your food grade buckets. You won't hurt yourself
    opening your food storage trying to unpry standard lids, nd
    you don't need a bucket wrench. Gamma seal lids are as
    easy to close as they are to open. It takes just a twist of
    the wrist once installed. The groove design makes it easy
    to stack your buckets, too.

  • NOTE: Be sure to use food grade buckets as there is a
    difference in the chemical compounds of plastic that can
    contaminate your food with toxins.

Installing a Gamma Seal lid is pretty easy. Turn your five-gallon
food grade bucket into an proper airtight food storage with a
Gamma Seal lid and a rubber mallet. (Read below to find out
why you need a rubber mallet.)

How to Use Gamma Seal Lids
It's time to super-size your food storage to stockpile grains,
beans and legumes and much more . With Gamma Seal Lids you
can permanently transform your buckets into airtight and leak-
proof storage containers for bulk hard red wheat, pinto beans,
rice, sugar, popcorn, elbow noodles, frosted flakes, toasted O
cereals -- you name it.

The beauty of this lid is that you can open it anytime you need
to get to your food supply, then seal it up for the next time
without breaking a fingernail. You'll keep your food fresh and
pest-free and your fingers chip-free. They stack easily, too.

Why do you need a rubber mallet?
A mallet is necessary to affix the lid to the bucket. You'll notice
once you remove the packaging, Gamma Seal lids come in two
parts. The screw top lid and then the bottom part, which affixes
to the bucket are the two parts. The combination once installed
enables an airtight seal.

A mallet (and not a hammer*)  is necessary to get the bottom
part of the lid to affix to the bucket. You need a solid rubber
head to deliver a softened, positive strike and help absorb
vibrations without damaging the plastic. It's really not that
difficult, but you do want to use a rubber mallet and not a
hammer. A hammer would destroy the integrity of your seal.

    * NOTE: Do NOT use hammer to save money. You will ruin
    your Gamma seal. Besides, a rubber mallet is good to have
    around the homestead.

How to get the sealing ring onto the bucket
Assembly is easy, just push down on the outer threaded rim to
attach to the bucket (use rubber mallet), then just screw on the
removable lid to transform  12-inch ring buckets into leak proof
storage. It works for five-gallon buckets and buckets that are
(3.5 to 7 gallons, too).

How to install / assemble gamma seal lids
  • Remove the center ring from the lid.
  • Remove the sticker which has the instructions you need!
  • Unscrew the lid from the adapter ring.
  • Tuck the lid all the way around the lid before you start with
    the mallet.
  • Carefully apply pressure around the lid by clicking in place
    with the mallet all around the bucket.
  • Now you can spin the gasketed lid
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Happy endings...
Don't break a nail! Get an easy to open gamma seal lid and
ensure your food storage is sealed tightly. Gamma Seal lids are
perfect for paint dry goods, food storage, and more. Store
anything from first aid supplies, ammunition, and even clothes,
and use the different colors to help you organize what's in them.

Best of all this resin meets FDA standards, so it's food grade and
approved for your prepping needs. Just tap on the adapter ring
(includes rubber gasket) and screw inner cover on. Fits 3.5 to 7
gallon plastic pails, so look beyond the five-gallon bucket!

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What is a gamma seal lid?
Gamma Seal lids are made of a heavy-duty, high-density
polyethylene construction, which creates a leak-proof and
airtight seal for anything you store inside the bucket. After
you've installed your Gamma Seal Lids you won't need to use a
bucket opener!

These 12" diameter Gamma Seal lids will fit most buckets 3.5
to 7 gallons in volume and the contents you secure inside will
be air tight and free from moisture and oxygen. Gamma seal
lids are easy to open and to close.

How to use Gamma Seal Lids
Gamma seal lids are not just food. Gamma Seal lids are perfect
for paint dry goods, food storage, and more! Use Gamma Seal
lids for anything that needs an airtight or waterproof seal.

Gamma seal lids have a variety of applications:
  • boating and camping supplies
  • charcoal storage
  • dry goods
  • dog food or birdseeds
  • fishing gear
  • food storage (the list is endless grains, beans and
  • paint
  • Read the full article on the 27 uses for a five-gallon bucket.

Made with durable, heavy-duty plastic, this patented lid creates
an air-tight seal once screwed on, making an excellent option
for food or dry storage. Specially engineered gaskets ensure
that the lid seals properly to guarantee airtight and water-tight
protection for your food, but there are many other household
uses for the lid.

Now you know how to install and use gamma lids for food grade
buckets to seal the deal on your food storage. A gamma seal lid
for use with a food grade bucket will provide  proper airtight
food storage.

A prepping and homesteading favorite, you'll want to stock up
on enough gamma seal lids separately for the buckets you
have, but you can also buy food-grade buckets paired with
colorful lids to help you identify your food storage. As an
example to help you identify food storage and prepping bucket:

  • Black for storage of charcoal (one of the 27 projects for a
    five-gallon bucket)
  • Blue for the beans
  • Green for dried veggies and fruits
  • Yellow for cornmeal, popcorn, dehydrated potatoes or pasta
  • Red for hard red wheat or for dog food
  • Orange for oats, breakfast cereals
  • White lids for rice, white flour, powdered milk, sugar or salt

How to open and close Gamma Seal Lids
Save your fingers with this lid that will give you frustration-free
food storage. Once installed, Gamma Seal lids are easy to spin
on and off. This double gasket design turns your five-gallon
buckets into air-tight, leak-proof storage. The video above
demonstrates how easy it is.

Gamma seal is easy to open and close:
  • To open: Spin left
  • To seal: Spin right

Gamma seal lids are ideal for storage of you favorite bulk
foods. Think about buying in bulk at Costco for such this as your
favorite organic sugar, which is among the easiest foods to
store because it does not require
oxygen absorbers.

What kind of food will you store for your everyday

Now you know, how to turn buckets into reusable containers.

Rubber mallet uses
You'll need a rubber mallet to open and close ordinary buckets
(but not with a gamma seal lid). What can you do with you old
rubber mallet? Here are some rubber mallet uses:

  1. assembling woodworking projects when you want to avoid
    damaging the surface. For wood, you may need to use a
    cloth between the mallet and the surface you're working
    with. A very easy way to do is to put a sock on the mallet!
  2. evening out dents in metal (mallets generally won't leave
    any marks). They are ideal for sheet metal.
  3. working with plasterboard.
  4. crafting with leather.
  5. gardening and installing edging material, stakes and
  6. securing upholstery in place.
  7. changing a tire (they help prevent tire damage)

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