survival manual

Survival Manual
Set up a binder or notebook for your survival

Setting up a survival manual is a prepper priority! Head to the
store and buy a binder, plastic dividers, a notebook and a hole
punch. Inside the binder add your notebook and dividers just
like you did in your school days. Now you have one place to
store survival strategies. You'll find wonderful
survival ideas on
Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

This survival manual will be a collection of tips you will need to
survive. You may find off grid recipes, such as bannock bread;
design plans for the perfect hen house; techniques for building
structures from pallets;
lists of foods for storage, and so much
more. How you set up your personal survival manual is entirely
up to you. It's a culmination of recipes, ideas, design plans and

Ideas for Your Personal Survival Manual
Below we've gathered some interesting suggestions to get you
started on  your personal survival manual:

1. Craft a Zeer pot refrigeration.
Learn how to create a zeer pot (off grid refrigeration for your
food). This is just one way of dealing with refrigeration when
there is no electricity.'


Make your own insulin.

2. Build a Faraday cage.
Sooner or later all preppers want to learn how to build a
faraday cage. Perfect for a rainy day project, this is something
to get started on before it's too late. For now, take note of
these links for your personal survival manual.

3. Make homemade butter.
Roll up your sleeves and whip up some creamy butter with a bit
of butter flavoring and powdered milk.

4. Firestarter Manual.
Steel wool is an excellent supply to help you scrub pots, but
did you know that steel wool is an excellent fire starter? All you
need is a 9-volt battery and some steel wool. Here's
how to
make fire from steel wool.

5. How to Make a Burn Bowl.
A burn bowl is a useful instrument in your survival kitchen.
With it you'll be able to boil water and cook with stones. Below
is the bushcraft tutorial for how to make a burn bowl:
How to make butter from powdered mil
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