Super Immunity Boosters

Super Immunity Boosters
Infection protection and super immunity boosters

Boost your immunity now!
Supercharge your immune system with help from nature and from
dietary supplements. You can take charge of your health. Learn
how not to get the flu.

Give nature a go! Nature offers an array of infection protection
herbs to consider for boosting your immunity. Let food be thy
medicine and learn about these natural super immunity boosters...

How to Super charge your Immune System
Hippocrates famously said, "Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food."   Garlic, onion and leeks are the natural
favorite if you want to follow Hippocrates and let thy food by thy
medicine! Add herbs to the healthy foods you put on your table to
help build your immunity, but look also to stocking your medicine
cabinet with dietary supplements and essential oils.

Antibiotics have no effect on viruses, but thankfully there are
foods, dietary supplements and, and essential oils you can use to
improve your overall vitality. Stockpile the super immunity

Here's a list of super immunity boosters:

Immunity Booster #1: Thieves Oil.
When a prepper or homesteader thinks of germ fighters, the go to
in essential oils is
thieves oil. It's the top prepper essential oil to
own! Thieves oil is actually a blend of several immune-boosting
essential oils. It smells a bit like potpourri in that it combines
essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon and
Rosemary to boost the immune system and help fight oncoming

Well known for its dietary, aromatic, or topical use, Thieves Oil
by Young Living Essential Oils was
tested at Weber State
University, Ogden, Utah, and found to be effective against
airborne bacteria! During the 15th-century plague, thieves used
an oil of cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics to protect
themselves while robbing plague victims.

In the
Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not
on the Way
, by Joseph Alton M.D. and Amy Alton ARNP, they
recommend stocking Thieves Oil! (Page 78.) for upper respiratory

Essential oils are not a magical potion, but a tried and true
prescription for health! Knowledge of essential oils has been
passed on since antiquity, but only recently gaining popularity in
the mainstream. You'll find research on essential oils in pubmed.
So go ahead and diffuse essential oils, rub them in your feet and
on rare occasion take them internally under the advice of a
aromatherapy practioner. It's true that essential oils can do
wonders to boost immunity and regain vitality. Among the top
essentials oils for their immune boosting strength are eucalyptus,

peppermint essential oil
, tea tree, thyme, and lavender.

Immunity Booster #2: Black Elderberry Syrup.
Black elderberry is a well known antiviral and super immunity
booster. Black elderberries have, for centuries, been credited with
immune supportive properties and most recently with support for
the Swine Flu. Don't confuse elderberry with elderflower. The
berries and flowers are rich in flavonoids, which are believed to
provide its therapeutic effects and are bursting anthocyanins that
defend cells against the effects of oxidation.

What's more, elderberries contain heart healthy nutrients like
phosphorus and potassium, two essential nutrients for vascular
health and cardiovascular function. Black Elderberry Syrup,
pictured right,
Nature's Way Sambucus has been virologist tested
as a natural and effective way to fight viral infections.

Immunity Booster #3: Boiron Oscillococcinum.
Boiron Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic product for Flu-like
Symptoms, pictured right. Oscillococcinum works naturally with
your body to temporarily relieve flu-like symptoms, such as
fatigue, headache, body aches, chills and fever. Oscillo has been
shown in clinical studies to help reduce both the duration and the
severity of flu-like symptoms. It does not cause drowsiness or
interact with other medications.

Best of all, Oscillo’s sweet-tasting pellets dissolve quickly under
the tongue; no water, chewing or swallowing is required.
Recommended for everyone ages 2 and up, Oscillococcinum works
best when taken at the first sign of flu-like symptoms.

Immunity Booster #4: Celery seeds.
Celery is an unassuming super immunity booster in your kitchen
cupboard. It's loaded with antioxidants. You may want to sprinkle
some celery seeds into your tuna salad when you find out that
celery seeds are a natural immunity booster. The list of health
benefits of celery seeds is impressive:
  • Alleviates inflammation (arthritis)
  • Boosts digestion
  • Eases muscle cramps
  • Fights infections (it's a super immunity super hero)
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Inhibits cancer
  • Improves memory and learning
  • Manages diabetes
  • Prevents ulcers
  • Protects your liver
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Reduces uric acid
  • Regulates blood pressure,
  • Treats PMS and so much more

Celery seeds (apium graveolens) can be made into a tea to help
treat arthritis. The celery seed tea cleanses the body as a natural
antiseptic to kill germs and improve circulation. Do not eat celery
seeds intended for planting as they likely have chemically
treated. Right are organic whole celery seeds by Frontier.

  • Here's how to make celery seed tea:  Start with organic
    whole celery seeds found in the spice section of your grocery
    store, also pictured right. Crush seeds with a mortar and
    pestle. A mortar and pestle is pictured at the top right-hand
    of the page.

  • When using whole celery seeds, prepare a tea by
    pouring one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon (1 -
    3 g) of freshly crushed seeds. Soak the seeds for 10 -
    20 minutes before straining and drinking. You can drink
    celery seed tea three times per day.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Pregnant women should avoid celery
    seeds because of the blood-thinning capabilities of celery
    seed; as well people with kidney problems should avoid
    celery seed.

Immunity Booster #5: Colloidal silver.
Colloidal silver is a prepper favorite immune booster and some
preppers go to great lengths to make their own colloidal silver.
You don't need to make your own.
Sovereign Silver, pictured right,
is the best selling
colloidal silver and for good reason. It's loaded
with immune-boosting power! While one teaspoon per day is
perfect for daily immune support, there will be times you will
want to take silver up to 7x/day. Only 10 ppm can safely be taken
that often.

Rest assured that you get he right dose, concentration and
particle size for safe and effective absorption with Sovereign
Silver. Sovereign Silver has only two ingredients: 99.999% pure
silver & pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Only silver that is
postively charged is of use to the body.  Most colloidal silvers
contain only 10% of charged silver. Sovereign Silver contains
>98% positively charged silver ions and silver nanoclusters,
making it much more powerful, safer* and a better value than
other brands.

Immunity Booster #6: Dandelions.
You may want to rethink the weed in your garden ~ the humble
is a super immunity booster! Dandelions boast Vitamin
C to help prevent scurvy. Moreover, organic dandelion supports
healthy digestion, and aids in liver and kidney detox. Take that

Now you have a cancer-fighting super power in your arsenal. It
fights cancer by detoxifying and keeping your immune system
ready take on anything.

  • How to use dandelion to build your immune system: After
    three or four days of drinking dandelion root powder, you'll
    feel the difference as you build up your immune system.
    Continue for about three weeks. After that, the immune
    system will take control of cancer cells and will stop its
    spreading. You should not expect a miracle because this is
    not an overnight cure so it will take a time until the body
    removes the cancer. Learn more about how to build your
    immune system with dandelion.

Immunity Booster #7: Goldenseal.
Used as a treatment for irritations and inflammation of the
mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive and urinary
Goldenseal as a dietary supplement is ideal to for
preppers to stock. Because of its anti-microbial activity,
goldenseal has a long history of use during the winter season and
is often used in combination with Echinacea.  Read more about
GoldenSeal and other
botanical antibiotic alternatives.

Immunity Booster #8: Echinacea.
An easy pick for immunity boosting is Echinacea (an essential oil
from the Coneflower).
Echinacea has long been known to help
shorten colds, and help fight infections, but there are so many
other potent herbs, vitamins and foods, so keep reading! Best
known for boosting immune function, apparently works by helping
white blood cells and lymphocytes to protect the body against
invading organisms, unlike antibiotics, which are directly lethal to
bacteria, Echinacea makes immune cells more efficient in
attacking bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells. What's more, an
immunization is active only against a specific problem, while
Echinacea stimulates the overall activity of the cells responsible
for fighting all kinds of infection.

Immunity Booster #9: Honey.
There are Nine Reasons Preppers Hoard Honey.Honey is a prepper
favorite when it comes to natural healing. Honey can soothe a
sore throat as it works its magic super immunity boosting
properties. It's always a good idea tao get local honey to help
you better deal with allergies. For topical medicinal purposes
manuka honey is ideal as an antibiotic.

Immunity Booster #10: Lemons.
As far as immunity boosting powers, lemons are rich in flavinoids,
which work against infections to help you prevent cold and flu.
Lemons are another easy prep if you are lucky enough to have a
lemon tree. If not, there are still many other ways to ensure
lemons are part of your survival plan, such as
lemon essential oil.

Immunity Booster #11: Oil of Oregano.
Spicy and invigorating, Oil of Oregano is known to support
digestive, respiratory and joint health. Essential oils can provide
immune system protection to the body’s natural ability to combat
health challenges.

An active ingredient in Oil of Oregano is carvacro which inhibits
growth of bacteria and helps boost immunity. According to Dr. Oz,
"Killing bacteria and can help the immune system take action
against viruses, fungi and parasites."
Oil of Oregano is the
immune boosting essential oil! Spicy and invigorating, Oil of
Oregano has been used to support digestive, respiratory and joint
health. It has anti-viral properties known to enter the
bloodstream to attack viruses. An active ingredient in Oil of
Oregano is carvacrol, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Immunity Booster #12: Peppermint Oil.
Essential oils are a great way to boost your immunity and
Peppermint oil is a immunity boosting superhero.

Did you know that peppermint oil has minerals and nutrients in
it? Peppermint contains omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A and
Vitamin C.

Immunity Booster #13: White Peony Root.
White peony root enhances immune function; however the plant
itself (Paeonia officinalis) is poisonous and should be used only
with extreme caution. In therapeutic doses, peony is an effective
natural alternative to aspirin. It also can strengthens the body's
natural defenses during times of stress, giving your immune
system a natural boost. When stress puts your defenses to the
test, give your immune system a natural boost with white peony
root, but think of it also for migraines!

White peony root is also an herbal aspirin alternative. Use it to
deal with migraines, as well as  fissures, gout, and rheumatoid
arthritis. Peony is also useful for asthma, eclampsia and even
whooping cough.

Immune Boosting Dietary Supplements.
There are many dietary supplements on the market that can
enhance immunity, and some of our favorites include:

  • Infection Protection by Dr. Christopher. Infection Formula
    by Dr. Christopher is known for its ability to help combat
    infections. Infection Formula is a time-tested dietary
    supplement that reduces inflammation kills infection clears
    toxins form the lymph system and is a natural infection
    fighter. Ingredients include plantain leaves, black walnut,
    Golden Seal, root bugleweed herb, marshmallow root, and
    lobelia herb.

  • Quantum - Super Lysine+ Liquid Extract. The fast acting,
    natural, herbal protection of Elderberry, Echinacea, and
    Goldenseal is now available in a fast-acting 2 oz. liquid
    extract. Quantum has a powerful combination of ingredients.

    Note: Quantum - Super Lysine + Liquid Extract, does Not
    Contain: Sugar, yeast, wheat, corn, milk, rye, soy, oats,
    barley, starch, preservatives, artificial color and flavor.

  • Ultimate Immunity. Ultimate Immunity Tablets, pictured
    right, by SystemWell, is the multi-system defense formula
    for seven essential aspects of healthy immunity, including:
    1) Epidermal
    2) Respiratory
    3) Digestive
    4) Systemic
    5) Circulatory
    6) Cellular
    7) Lymphatic All natural formula.

What's more, Ultimate Immunity contains no yeast, egg, gluten,
soy or wheat.

More Medicinal Herbs to Boost your Immune System
Here is a list of medicinal herbs rich in antioxidants that may
boost your immune system:
  • tea (white, black or green): No matter the kind of tea (black,
    green or white), tea is full of flavonoids, which fight off
  • turmeric (heart and arthritis)
  • milk thistle (liver)
  • garlic (blood pressure and cholesterol)
  • grapefruit seed extract
  • saw palmetto (facilitates urination in men with prostate
  • Tea Tree oil can help to fight infectious organisms (bacteria,
    fungi, and viruses).
  • baking soda may also help relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Immunity Boosting Vitamins.
Vitamins themselves aren't a natural immunity booster, but you
can find vitamins with natural ingredients and you can look for
these vitamins to boost your health.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine!
Preventing cold and flu is about prevention. Most people know
about Vitamin C, the video below shares five lesser know foods
to keep your immune system strong:

  • Carotenoids: Carotenoids are a family of vitamins found in
    brightly colored vegtables, bell peppers, kale,  sweet
    potatoes, boost natural killer cells that emit toxins and
    destroy bad bacteria that make you sick. They also are great
    sources of vitamin C.

  • Probiotics:  Your bacteria influences your immune system
    and probiotics can help influence your immune system
    positively! Probiotics include, kefir, kimchi (fermented
    cabbage), miso paste, and tempe. Since 70-80% of your
    immune system lives in your gut, it's only natural that you  
    look to probiotics for boosting immunity.

  • Vitamin C. Vitamin C should be taken in divided doses
    throughout the day. When individual doses exceed 500 mg,
    more of the Vitamin is excreted in the urine and thus may be
    wasted. Vitamin C works by stimulating the immune system
    and protecting against damage from the free radicals.

  • Calcium with Vitamin D. "Deficiency in vitamin D is
    associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an
    increased susceptibility to infection," according to an
    abstract on Vitamin D and the Immune System, by Cynthia
    Aranow, MD, Investigator. Another supporter of the idea
    comes from the Harvard Health Publications, trusted advice
    for a healthier life, from the Harvard Medical School. Read
    more in How to Boost your Immune system.

  • Berberine Plus. Immune support in a capsule, you will find  
    herbs such as amaranth, chaparral, goldenseal, oregon
    grapefruit, and philodendron in Berberine Plus.

  • Vitamin D. Identify the bad bacteria and viruses. It helps to
    boost the immune system before you get sick. Unfortunately,
    there aren't many food options with Vitamin D, but the two
    easy foods that come to mind are eggs and salmon. Think
    canned salmon, sardines and powdered eggs for your food
    storage. Supplementation is also a good option.

  • Zinc. Zinc influences your immune cell function. Asparagus,
    mushrooms, red meat, and spinach. Dietary supplements are
    also helpful.
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Now get to it and use these super immunity boosters for preppers.
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