Survival uses of Epsom salt

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Epsom salt is an invigorating mineral useful to preppers because
has dozens of applications in the household and garden, plus it has
some unexpected uses, such as relieving mosquito bites and bee
stings. It can even help regulate your blood pressure, give you
tastier tomatoes or remove a splinter!

Homesteading is hard work and soaking in a bath with Epsom salt
added can soothe muscle aches and pains from a long day working
the fields for other parts of your body (not just the feet). An Epsom
salt bath or soak has been a trusted natural remedy for minor
aches, and sprains for centuries. Epsom Salt can help relieve tired,
achy muscles by providing magnesium to help reduce swelling, and
sulfate which helps flush toxins and form proteins in joints.  

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WARNING: Consult your physician before using Epsom Salt:
There are potential serious toxic effects of overdosing on Epsom
salt, including cardiac arrest, so please consult a physician,
especially if you have a known medical condition. Limb weakness,
vomiting and confusion, are warning signs.
  • Use only as directed and keep out of the reach of children!
  • Pregnant or nursing woman should also consult a health
    professional before use.
  • If irritation occurs or there is evidence of infection, discontinue
    use and consult a physician.
  • In case of overdose, get medical attention or contact poison
    control immediately.
  • If you fail to have a bowel movement after use, it could mean
    you have a serious medical condition.

* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any health
or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended for your general
knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific
medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available. As a
reminder, these statements about extracts have not been evaluated by the United States Food and
Drug Administration.

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#11: Remove a splinter with Epsom salt.
A weird use of Epsom salt is to help you remove a splinter. This
is an amazing tip to remember, because you can remove a
splinter with Epsom salt and not have any pain doing it. shows you how to remove a

Epsom salt has a variety of medicinal applications applied
topically, you can use Epsom salt as
first aid for:
  • removing calluses;
  • reducing swelling of sprains and bruises;
  • easing gout;
  • treating fungus in fingernails and toenails;
  • relieving constipation (as saline laxative Epsom salt can
    relieve occasional constipation and irregularity); and
  • healing cuts and drawing out infections.
  • brushing teeth (it will help against periodontal disease).

  • Want better hair? Epsom salt can help you there, too. As a
    hair volumizer you can look your best in an off-grid world.
    Hey, we're just kidding, but since you're curious, here's  how
    to use Epsom salt as a hair volumizer) in absence of
    shampoo. Emjoy your Epsom salt and live happily ever after.

In short, Epsom salt draws toxins from the body, sedates the
nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, is a natural
emollient, exfoliator, and much more. The ultimate authority is
Epsom Salt Council.

#12: Take Epsom salt as a laxative.
Constipation is an overlooked prepper problem, thanks to a
steady diet of beans, constipating MREs and gut clogging freeze
dried foods. Epsom salt can help relieve constipation as a
laxative if you don't have enough fiber in your diet. A food grade
dietary supplement can help. A good Epsom salt to take as a
laxative is from Tranquility, pictured right.

About 50% of the population is magnesium deficient, according to
an article published by
CNN on Magnesium: the invisible
deficiency that could be harming your health. You can be part of
the healthy group of Americans by soaking up Epsom salt.

Use of Epsom salts adds magnesium through absorption. As
mentioned above, stress robs you of magnesium, but even
without stress many Americans are magnesium deficient. Around
50% of Americans are magnesium deficient, and could benefit
from Epsom Salt, Epsom salt can help to flush out toxins from the
body, and thereby improve absorption of nutrients.  Specifically,
through a foot soak absorption, Epsom salt can boost your
magnesium levels!

  • Directions for using Epsom salt for foot soak absorption:
    Soak aching feet in a basin of warm water with a handful of
    Epsom Salt until the water cools. Finish with a rinse of cool

An abstract, published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine,
National Institutes of public health, says "
Low magnesium
intakes and blood levels have been associated with type 2
diabetes, metabolic syndrome, elevated C-reactive protein,
hypertension, atherosclerotic vascular disease, sudden cardiac
death, osteoporosis, migraine headache, asthma, and colon

Consuming a food-grade Epsom salt as a natural saline laxative
for occasional relief is something to remember. The U.S. Food and
Drug Administration has approved
Epsom salts for use as a
laxative, preppers should use caution and talk with a physician
before using, as Epsom salt may interact with other medications.*

Looking for a food grade Epsom salt?
The best food grade Epsom salt is from Tranquility, pictured
immediate right. Tranquility Epsom Salt is food grade and heat
sealed in FDA and USDA Food Grade bags to ensure safe arrival
and storage. This product can be consumed as it is food grade
and is one of the only companies with dependable certifications,
through bar coding, professional labeling, and packaging. Before
ordering from a merchant who throws your item in a zip lock bag,
ask yourself, is their product FCC or USP Grade? Is the packaging
of their product safe for food storage, does it instill confidence in
terms of proper handling of your product before it arrives on your
door step? Rest assured with Tranquility if you plan on consuming
Epsom salt.

Other companies may sell "food grade" Epsom salts because it is
permitted by the USDA to come into contact with foods, many
other companies do not recommend use of their product for
ingestion, but rather various beauty regiments, relief for sore
muscles, gardening applications, and assistance with mild
bruising. Tranquility stands behind their product. Even so, please
consult your physician.*

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is trending with
the cross-fit community and is gaining attention with preppers,
homesteaders and survivalists alike for its many wellness
properties and survival uses. This naturally occurring pure mineral
compound is a mixture of magnesium and sulfate, so it's actually
a mineral and not a salt.

  • Have Kidney Disease? Are you on a magnesium restricted
    diet? Consult your doctor before using Epsom salt.

  • Have Diabetes? Do not use Epsom Salt if you have
    diabetes. Individuals with diabetes should not soak in
    Epsom salt (hot or warm), except on express advice of

  • Don't drink Epsom Salt without consulting your physician!
    Epsom salt may not be right for you. Some people suffer
    allergic reactions or have medical conditions or medication,
    which could have adverse effects.

With a history of easing headaches, alleviating stress, soothe
aches and pains, and even energize, remedy heart problems, and
more, you'll want to stock up on Epsom salt.
Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate)
Consider adding Epsom Salt to your stockpiles

Survival uses of Epsom Salt.
Epsom salt has earned its place in the prepper's medicine cabinet
(and for good reason). Epsom salt can help relieve muscle aches
and pains. It's also useful for growing tastier tomatoes, deterring
slugs, warding off raccoons, and getting rid of splinters. Some
other unexpected survival uses of Epsom salts include itch relief
of mosquito bites, bee stings and poison ivy ~ even the pain and
itch of the Shingles.

An old medicinal friend, Epsom salt, is making a comeback to help
people who have magnesium deficiency, people who have heart
problems and so much more. From stinky feet to dealing with
pesky ants, Epsom salt is a miraculous substance. Get the scoop
and use a scoop of Epsom salt with the prepping tips below...

How to use Epsom Salt in Prepping
Epsom salt is a magnesium-rich mineral that you can feel good
about in more ways than one as a prepper. With a history of
helping to ease headaches, Epsom salt also can help alleviate
stress, and even energize you. Epsom salt is so much more than
a foot soak.

Here are some of the many uses of Epsom salt:

#1: Care for your feet with Epsom salt.
The obvious and primary use of Epsom salt is as a foot soak. Your
feet will take a beating in an off grid life, and Epsom salt can
help keep your feet ready for whatever emergency or
homesteading task comes your way ~ it can even keep your feet
ready to bug out and hit the trails. Epsom salt provides relief for
tired feet from too much standing or over-exertion, yes, but it
does so much more.

Epsom salt rejuvenates tired and achy feet but also can help
medicinally on such things as:

  • Alleviating Athlete's foot. A side effect of walking with bare
    feet in public gyms, showers or pools is Athletes feet. Mix
    Epsom salt with a few drops of tea tree oil to soak away
    fungus and bacteria from the skin surface.

  • Treating toenail fungus. Get rid of nasty toenail fungus also
    with the aid of an Epsom salt foot soak with tea tree oil. A
    daily foot soak is important as is you keeping your feet out
    of shoes and socks as much as possible. Wear sandals and
    enjoy a soak until the toenail fungus disappears. Soaking in
    Epsom salt will also make nail cutting easier. Use it to help
    manage brittle nails. You can add drops of Tea Tree Oil to
    regular Epsom salt or buy one formulated with tea tree oil.

  • Fixing funky foot smells. The medical term for bad smelling
    feet is "Bromodosis" ~ and it's a common medical condition
    that comes from the buildup of sweat and bacteria. A soak in
    Epsom salt will get rid of foul-smelling feet. Epsom salt can
    eliminate the odor, as well as itching, burning and
    inflammation of your feet ~ and for the stinky foot smell
    that collects in your footwear you can sprinkle a little Epsom
    salt in your shoes and scrub away the localized stench.

  • Softening calluses. Don't be callou to your feet! Calluses
    happen when the outermost layer of skin on hands or feet
    suffer from repeated friction. You can soften calluses with a
    warm Epsom salt soak, but remember that your body
    thickens the skin to help protect it. To prevent your skin from
    thickening again after an Epsom salt soak, be sure to use
    moleskin, get a new pair of shoes or otherwise find a way to
    stop the friction that's causing the problem. One way to stop
    the friction is by wearing pantyhose underneath socks. (Yes,
    you read that right: pantyhose can help reduce friction.)

  • Healing your heel fissures. "Heel fissures" are the cracks in
    the rough part of your heel, which are sometimes painful and
    may bleed. Cracks deep enough can become infected. To
    avoid heel fissures, soak in Epsom salt and use a pumice
    stone to smooth out the layers of skin, then top off your
    treatment with a moisturizer. Causes of heal fissures include
    diabetes, obesity or living in an arid climate. People who
    have compromised immune systems will especially want to
    treat fissures to avoid infections. In addition to an Epsom
    salt routine, be sure to moisturize feet twice daily. You can
    jam in the moisture at night by wearing socks over the
    moisturizer as you sleep.

#2: Epsom salt can help regulate blood pressure.
According to the Epsom Salt Council, Americans are suffering from
growing problem of Magnesium deficiency, which can cause
hypertension (also known as high blood pressure). Many people
don't know that they have a magnesium deficiency until it's too
late and they suffer a stroke, blood clots or find they have
diabetes or other health problems. Magnesium is a powerful
means to helping lower blood pressure.

Blood pressure that's high causes stress on the body. It can
cause a host of medical problems surrounding your brain, eyes,
heart and kidney. High blood pressure can cause vision problems
and severe headaches ~ even stroke.Thankfully, Epsom salt
offers powerful detox as well as pain relief for your head, heart
and kidney. It's the combination of magnesium and sulfate in
Epsom salt that help detoxify and help you relax.

Magnesium is nature's secret medicine and Epsom salt will help
you get more of it. Magnesium is one of the nutritional keys to
regulating blood pressure that might surprise you.

#3: Use Epsom salt to relieve a headache.
Epsom salt offers detoxifying pain relief for your feet, but did you
know that Epsom salt can also help you get rid of tension and
migraine headaches?  Epsom salt delivers a potent source of
magnesium. According to the National Center for Biotechnology
magnesium is a cheap option for migraine prevention
that's also safe and effective.

Whether or not you take magnesium supplements, soaking in
Epsom salt will help you relieve migraine headaches by allowing
you to absorb more of that magnesium and simultaneously it will
help flush toxins from your body.

Learn more about
Epsom salt as a relief for migraines. The recipe
for using Epsom salts to treat migraine headaches is at the
bottom of the page of the Wikihow article that explains how
magnesium sulfate can provide relief.

#4: Relieve itchy skin with Epsom Salt.
Another reason preppers should stockpile Epsom Salt is that it's a
cure-all for a variety of skin ailments. The miraculous magnesium-
rich minerals of Epsom salt will provide a relaxing soak to soothe
dry and itchy skin, control blemishes and even help patients with
the Shingles.

  • Shingles. Epsom salts can relieve pain from Shingles and
    also can increase circulation. Epsom salt will be a welcome
    relief to the painful, blistering skin rash of Shingles from the
    varicella-zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes
    chickenpox ~ especially when the stuff hits the fan and there
    are no doctors around. Epsom salt delivers a healthy dose of
    magnesium to help relax the patient as well as well as
    relieve the itch and pain. To use Epsom salt for the Shingles,
    add two cups of Epsom salt to a soothing warm bath. If a
    bath isn't possible, you can make a paste and apply it
    directly to the skin.

  • Eczema and psoriasis. Alcohols and fragrances in the
    product you use can aggravate Eczema, but thankfully Epsom
    salt can provide relief. Flare-ups of psoriasis may be
    incurable, but you can get relief with Epsom Salt as well!
    According to Epsom salt can help 85-90% of

  • Mosquito bites and bee stings. Epsom salt has anti-
    inflammatory properties to alleviate swelling from bites and
    stings. To help relieve the itch of a mosquito bite or the pain
    of a bee sting, make an Epsom salt compress.

  • Sunburn and first degree burns. Another reason to make a
    compress is to soothe burned and damaged skin. A cool or
    lukewarm water soak of Epsom salt will help irrigate the
    wounds and the compress will extend the relief. You can
    make a small batch with a 1/4 cup of Epsom salt to a cup of
    water, then soak the soft cloth, wring and apply to the

  • Poison ivy and poison oak. A warm Epsom salt bath will
    provide immediate relief of poison ivy or poison oak. Follow
    up treatment with an Epsom salt compress to reduce

  • Acne. As a facial scrub or skin exfoliant, Epsom salt will help
    you treat acne to reduce inflammation and scarring. Read
    Wikihow on how to use Epsom Salts.

#5: Reduce bruising with Epsom salts.
Epsom salt not only helps relieve minor sprains, sore muscle and
backaches, it makes bruises go away faster. Bruising that appears
on the surface of your skin actually goes much deeper into muscle
tissues than you may think. It's the damaged blood cells deep
beneath the skin that collects near the surface of the skin and
changes the color of your skin. Epsom salt relaxes muscles and
reduces inflammation to reduce the appearance of bruising.

Epsom salt is famous for its effect on soothing inflammation and
bruising ~ and it can help a blood-blister heal faster too. If you
find a painful blood blister, soak your feet in two cups of Epsom
salt in warm water.

#6: Alleviate leg cramps with Epsom salts.
Epsom salt works wonders for leg cramps. A leg or muscle cramp
is an often painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that
comes on suddenly. It's the magnesium in the Epsom salts that
promotes relaxation in part be restoring the deficiency. Leg
cramps are caused by lack of calcium potassium and other
minerals, including magnesium. You can get relief from an Epsom
salt soak or compress. Other minerals to help a leg cramp include
potassium and calcium. Be sure also to hydrate!

#7: Relax body and mind with an Epsom salt bath.
In times of crisis, think of Epsom salt to provide a sense of calm.
You see, stress robs your body of magnesium and Epsom salt can
help restore and balance this deficiency. That's because Epsom
salt is a mineral of magnesium sulfate, which acts not only to
calm inflammation, but also as a sedative for the nervous
system. Epsom salt does wonders to relax your body and mind.
Soaking your feet in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt will
help restore vitality and get you back on your feet in no time so
you and defend your preps. Epsom salt has an anesthetic effect
to reduce stress, and some even say it can cure depression.

Provided water is abundantly available, preppers can enjoy
relaxing in a tub of water and Epsom salt to relieve the work day,
and in so doing the Epsom salts provide magnesium ions to give
a happier outlook for mind and soul. Here's how:

  • Directions for Epsom salt body soak: Add two cups of
    Epsom salt to a warm bath (for a standard-sized bathtub)
    and soak for at least 12 minutes. You'll have the added
    benefit of sleeping better!

#8: Use Epsom salt in the garden.
Did you know you can use Epsom salt as plant food supplement,
fertilizer and pest control agent?

Epsom salt is great for potted plants and garden plants because
it allows more sulphur into the soil. For generations, gardeners
have used Epsom salt, and now preppers are taking notice
because Epsom salt:

  • Remedies magnesium deficiencies in plants. Just like
    humans, plants are often magnesium deficient. Learn how to
    make soil more acidic by adding Epsom salts.

  • Keeps slugs at bay. Get rid of pesky garden slugs because
    they hate salt, and using Epsom salt to deter slugs is
    organic gardening technique that will simultaneously
    enhance the pH of your soil.

  • Here's how to make a plant food supplement from Epsom
    salt: Simply Right Epsom Salt, pictured immediate right,
    includes directions for use of its product as plant food
    Supplement. Add 2 tablespoons Epsom salts to a gallon of
    water for monthly health of household plants.

#9: Household Uses of Epsom salt.
Epsom salt has uses beyond the garden. Try using Epsom salt to
clean the tiles of your bathroom and kitchen.

  • Bathroom: The salts are a mild abrasive to get into the
    grout when you mix with dish washing liquid. Cleaning your
    home with Epsom will help reduce your dependency on
    harmful chemicals.

  • Kitchen: Try using Epsom salts on pots, pans and dishes
    where you burned the food. Epsom salt helps you scrub away
    to get them clean.

  • Garage: Raccoons apparently don't like Epsom salt. Keep
    them out of the garage where they like to find your dog food
    and preps that you really should store inside your home.
    McGill University Natural Resource Sciences says to "Spread
    [Epsom salts] around the area where you see the most

#10: Use Epsom salt to help with diabetes.*
Preppers with diabetes must take caution when using Epsom salt.
Taking Epsom salt is not without risks for diabetics. Talk to your
physician to see whether Epsom salt is right for you.

What makes Epsom salt promising is that it can help heal foot
sores associated with diabetes, and also help improve insulin
levels. Unfortunately Epsom salt can also dry skin on the toes
and feet; add to uncontrolled fluctuations in blood sugar levels;
and lower blood pressure too much. For most diabetics, frequent
use is out of the question; however for those in good control of
glucose levels, and in good contact with a physician, occasional
use is a healthy option.

  • NOTE: It is important to make extra note of the warning
    given below: "Individuals with diabetes should not soak in
    Epsom salt (hot or warm), except on express advice of
Warm Vanilla Epsom Salt
Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak
Tea Tree oil
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