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Above, Brooke Buddemeier and Jessica S. Wieder  explore a scientifically
supported plan of action that could save thousands of lives.

Happy endings...
Nuke supplies provide a sense of security when preparing for a
nuclear attack, but the most important thing you can do is to
gather knowledge. Read what you can and put your notes into
your personal survival manual.

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Nuke Supplies
Nuclear attack preparedness

Supplies you'll need following nuclear attack.
There are 56 operating nuclear power plants in the United
States and 94 nuclear power reactors.If a nuclear bomb
explodes or an accident happens do you have the emergency
supplies necessary to survive? You'd be surprised what tools
you have at home that could help you survive. Ordinary tools,
such as bucket, a towel, rocks and clay can help you filter
nuclear fallout out if you have a guide to show you how.

As a prepper, you likely have many of the supplies necessary to
survive nuclear fallout. Aside from stocking your shelter with
food, water and a first aid kit, as you would for other
emergencies, below are the top ten nuke supplies to own...

Ten Nuke Supplies to Own
What are the most crucial products for radiation emergencies
include? Here are ten nuke supplies to own before catastrophe

#1: Radiation Detection.
At the top of the list of supplies necessary to survive nuclear
fallout, is a method for early detection. Radiation detection can
take many forms. At the simplest form is a card that can detect
radiation and in the more sophisticated spectrum you will find a
Geiger counter.

  • Radiation detector card (military grade). Many preppers
    don't realize you an carry a very lightweight radiation
    detection that's very inexpensive when compared to a
    Geiger counter, and with no batteries or calibration
    needed. Pictured right in yellow, the RADtriage50 radiation
    detection card is an acute dose monitor card about the size
    of credit card that you can keep in your wallet, as part of
    radiation supplies, in your bugout bag, or at the office ~
    just about anywhere! (Avoid prolonged exposure to heat.)
    Some people keep this card in Mylar in the refrigerator to
    make it last longer. I can be frozen for at least 10 years to
    extend shelf life. The sensor is always active and will
    develop color if exposed to gammaX-ray. Match the
    sensor's color with the adjacent bars under fluorescent
    light to estimate the does. Tested and approved by DHS,
    this credit card size personal radiation detector fits in a
    wallet or badge holder and instantly detects nuclear and
    “dirty bomb” type radiation. The beauty of this yellow card
    and sticker also is that they are impervious to an EMP
    Bomb (ElectroMagnetic pulse) because it requires no

  • RADSticker. Tuck the postage-stamp-sized RADSticker in
    your wallet or bugout bag as everyday carry. This postage
    stamp-sized dosimeter, pictured right, becomes darker as
    it is exposed to radiation. Stick it onto the back of your
    driver's license or anything you keep close, for any future
    radiation emergency. RADSticker provides wearers with
    timely personal radiation exposure information in an event
    of an accident at a nuclear power plant or a nuclear or dirty
    bomb explosion. Information is key: and the objective of
    this low-cost RADSticker is to quickly determine if you need
    to seek medical treatment and this knowledge will also
    minimize the panic.

  • Radex geiger counter. OSHA recommends monitoring
    devices as a means of ensuring first responders don't enter
    excessive areas of gamma radiation. Intended uses are for
    nuclear power plants, hospitals, mines and even ordinary
    households! A geiger counter will help you detect radiation
    and is relatively easy to use. The RADEX RD1212 Advanced
    Radiation Detector / Geiger Counter with Online Software,
    pictured immediate right in blue, is an affordable radiation
    detection solution in the $200 range, when compared to
    more expensive radiation detectors, running in the
    $500-$600 range.

#2: Potassium Iodide ~ iOSAT "Nukepills" (KI).
iOASAT is a package of potassium Iodide pills that can help
your thyroid so  you don't get thyroid cancer. The best time to
take "Nukepills" are 2-3 hours following a radioactive event.
You'll need at least one packet of iOSAT anti-radiation tablets
for every member of the family or group for which you are
prepping. These special pills protect your thyroid and your life.
They simply aren't available at the drugstore. Get them online
now well before you need them and
learn more about iOSAT.

Save 39% right now on
IOSAT Potassium iodide tablets ~ a
thyroid blocking medicine that is used in a nuclear radiation
emergency only. You can crush Tablets and mix in many liquids.
14 tablets is enough for one person for fourteen days. Each
iOSAT tablet provides 24 hours of protection.

That's enough to protect one adult for two weeks. Anyone
remaining in a contaminated area for more than two weeks
should use additional iOSAT tablets as directed by Public Health

New FDA guidelines call for the daily administration of one
iOSAT tablet (130 mg. of potassium iodide (KI)) for

  • Adults and children over 18 years old who weigh more that
    150 pounds, should get one tablet.
  • Children from age 3 to 18 years old who weigh less than
    150 pounds should take 1/2 tablet.
  • Children from age one month to 3 years should take 1/4
  • Infants less than one month old should take 1/4 tablet.

If necessary, children too young to take solid food or unable to
swallow a tablet can take iOSAT dissolved in a liquid (such as
chocolate milk) or in a soft food such as applesauce.

iOSAT Tablets are FDA approved for seven years and should be
stored unopened in a dry environment at room temperature.

Anbex was formed shortly after the Three Mile Island accident in
1979. The company received its NDA (the FDA approval to sell
the product) in 1982 after FDA review of the product and its
manufacturing process. The iOSAT package comes with a
Patient Product Inserted along with the tablets in a sealed
package. This was designed so that the instructions would not
become separated from the product in times of an emergency.
Meets all FDA requirements for potassium iodide as a radiation
protective, and is labeled and packaged in accordance with US
government guidelines. Has demonstrated all quality controls
and passed all FDA requirements for purity, quality, safety,
efficacy. Comes full strength (130 mg of potassium iodide per
tablet) in accordance with FDA demands for complete thyroid

#3: De-contamination wipes.
If you survive the initial blast of a nuclear event, radioactive
fallout will be your biggest danger. Your first step is in taking a
shower and a chelation regimen with
Radiac Wash towelettes.
Unfortunately, these were sold out, thanks to "Rocketman."
Keep searching availability.

  • Radiacwash towelettes. Radiacwash towelettes, pictured
    right, are in short supply. They will allow you to safely
    wipe away radioactive contamination. A CIA report on
    Terrorist Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear
    (CBRN) Materials and Effects says “Radiacwash works
    better than plain soap and water on metal isotopes and
    isotopes bound to metals.” Radiacwash Towelettes are
    individually packaged paper towels saturated in a special
    Radiacwash™ solution to help you combat the effects of a
    nuclear catastrophe. Just remove the towelette from the
    foil packet, scrub hands thoroughly and wash the
    contamination away with running water.

    Best of all, Radiacwash has a pH of 5, contains no
    phosphates, chromates, silicates, enzymes, borates,
    aluminates, carbonates, halids and inert fillers that can
    interfere with sensitive analytical procedures. Radiacwash
    is a non-alkaline, non-corrosive, and biodegradable
    germicidal. It's cheap and it keeps your family safe.

  • Epsom Salt: An Epsom salt bath is not the first step you
    should take to decontaminate, but it certainly is part of the
    decontamination process. Take an Epsom bath as a routine
    to detoxify in the weeks and months ahead. Like baking
    soda, an Epsom Salt bath is more than therapeutic bathing
    to detoxify. You'll need to bathe in about a pound of
    Epsom salt. Alternatively, you'll need about a pound of sea
    salt, rock salt, and a pound of baking soda in a hot bath as
    hot as you can tolerate. Allow the salt to stay on body for
    4-8 hours before taking a shower.

#4: Radiation water filter.
Tap water will run for some time following a nuclear catastrophe
and it will be okay to drink for a period of time, but you should
filter it or drink bottled water. Boiling tap water does not get rid
of radioactive materials, so you will need to get a radiological
water filtration system. The
Seychelle water pitcher, pictured
right, is the only water filter on the market that provides up to
100% reduction of known radiological contaminants.

  • Seychelle water filter (pitcher). The Seychelle water
    pitcher removes 100% of major nuclear contaminants from
    drinking water, including removing 100% of gross beta,
    radium 226, uranium, cesium 137, strontium, plutonium,
    radioactive iodine B1, and radon 222. Essential for a
    variety of emergencies, including earthquakes, floods, fires
    and radiological catastrophes! Protects your family with
    clean, safe drinking water in the event of a radiological

  • Seychelle personal water filter. For emergency
    preparedness, when survival is threatened by disaster, you
    can depend on the Seychelle personal water filter. It
    removes up to 99.99% of contaminants and pollutants
    found in fresh water supplies including Aesthetics such as
    chlorine, Sediment and dirt; Chemicals (VOC's) such as
    DDT, MTBE, Benzene, Chloroforms (THM's); Dissolved
    Solids (heavy metals) such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury,
    Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Chromium 6 and up to 99.9% of
    Biologicals (pathogens) such as Giardia and
    Cryptosporidium. BPA Free and Will Not Leach.

#5: NOAA weather radio.
Every prepper should own a survival radio ~ it is your lifeline to
the outside world. You'll need to know when it's safe to leave
and other important and life-saving information. Hopefully you
already have an
NOAA weather radio. If not, now's the time to
get one or to check the status of your radio. It's that important.
See if you can tune in for information.

#6: Duct tape, plastic sheeting, HEPA filter.
A radiation leak from any one of 100 Nuclear Power plants in
the United States could be carried downwind for hundreds of
miles, potentially poisoning thousands or even millions of
people in largely populated areas. Don't wait for a terrorist
attack to strike need a way to keep out the radioactive particle
dust. You will need some materials:

  • Plastic sheeting. With plastic sheeting and duct tape you
    can quickly seal up a room to help insulate it from nuclear
    fallout particles. Plastic sheeting is quite useful also for

  • HEPA filter. Some of the best HEPA filters on the market
    were developed out of the need for effective filtration of
    radioactive particulates. Most HEPA filters include anti-
    static electricity and radiation protection. A HEPA filter can
    help remove contaminants, including the radioactive
    fallout; however you may need an alternative power
    supply. Most HEPA filters will not filter out gases or vapors.
    They also have limited lifespans and are fragile, but they
    could help you in a radiation emergency.

#7: Personal Protective Gear.
Unfortunately, there is "no practical personal protective
equipment (PPE) to protect First Responders against externally
penetrating gamma radiation," according to OSHA. A chemical
suit, won't protection you from the radiation, but at least it can
protect you from the fall-out particles because you can take it
off your body. You can and should take off any clothing that has
nuclear fallout particles and leave them at the door before
entering your home to minimize contamination inside your home.

Go ahead and put away your tinfoil hats, but put on your anti-
radiation underwear! We found plenty of protective gear
available for the clever prepper, some expensive and some
entertaining ideas...

#8: Guide on Nuclear war survival skills.
Lifesaving nuclear facts and self-help instructions are available
from experts in civil defense.

  • How to survive a Nuclear Fallout, pictured at the top of the
    page, is a new guide by Dr. George J. Georgiou. In this
    valuable guide, Dr. Georgiou explains the top 7 Radiation
    myths that are hindering your survival plan. He also shows
    you how to set up and stock the best nuclear shelter that
    will keep you and your loved ones alive. He outlines the
    top twenty foods to stock your shelter with and how to
    store them effectively, and so much more.

  • Nuclear, Biological, and chemical Survival manual is
    everything you need to protect yourself and your family
    from the growing terrorist threat. If a dirty bomb explodes
    three miles from your home, will you know what to do? If a
    nerve agent is released into a train or building, can you be
    safe? The U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological and
    Chemical Survival Manual gives you the information you
    need to survive a terrorist attack. It contains the best
    practices of all the United States' military services,
    adopted for the first time for civilian use. With this
    manual, you will be able to take action to protect your
    family and loved

  • Nuclear War Survival Skills is a book written for the
    average person with the average items in a house or
    apartment. This is called expedient civil defense. You use
    what you have to protect and provide for yourself and
    family. The book explains how everything around you is a
    resource, you just have to understand how a bucket, a
    towel, rocks and clay can filter nuclear fallout out of water
    (it does!) and what everything else in your house or
    residence can do. That's why this book is good for any
    disaster, in any big disaster what is lost is the
    infrastructure that provides for us. Electricity, water,
    communications, sewage, transportation. This book show
    YOU HOW to cope and survive with what you have. This
    book can save your life!

#9: Dietary supplement.
It's not possible to instantly decontaminate following a nuclear
bomb or accident; however you can help your body remove the
toxins over the days, weeks, months and years following the
cataclysmic event with dietary supplements. Your home remedy
for radiation detoxification will take place in stages and you can
use any one of the radiation remedies below to help...

  • Activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is one of the most
    popular prepper medicines, which may already be in your
    cabinet. Activated Charcoal as adsorption qualities, is a
    detoxifier that physicians in the Emergency Room use for
    ingested poisons. Through the process of adsorption,
    activated charcoal binds to the drugs or poisons so it
    doesn't get into your system. This helps excrete them.
    According to activated charcoal is a remedy
    for radiation exposure. Results of studies show that
    activated charcoal helps with the reduction in the radon
    concentration level (up to 25%) according to the U.S.
    National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.
    Unfortunately there is no recipe for how to accomplish this,
    but it's encouraging nonetheless

  • Bee-Propolis. Bee Propolis is a gummy substance made by
    honeybees that helps keep intruders out of the hive.
    Propolis is another potent plant resin collected by bees for
    use in and around the hive. Bee Propolis is a gummy
    substance made by honeybees that helps keep intruders
    out of the hive. It makes entrances narrower to keep out
    anything other than a honey bee! It has anti-inflammatory
    properties and helps in wound healing. They combine it
    with beeswax to fortify and sterilize their hives. Propolis
    has been traditionally used for centuries as support for the
    immune system. Propolis provides protection against
    harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. What makes bee
    propolis interesting for use in a radiation emergency is
    because of the "therapeutic effect of propolis in
    radiotherapy induced mucositis in patients with head and
    neck cancer," according to a study published by the U.S.
    National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.
    The study concludes that bee propolice efficiently prevents
    and heals radiotherapy induced mucositis, which leads to
    ulcers and erosions. These ulcers are so painful and cause
    problems in eating and using bee propolist as a water-
    based mouthwash can significantly help.

  • Calcium gluconate: Calcium gluconate provides a blockade
    of radioactive strontium and calcium into the bone by
    increasing urinary excretion, according to,
    the leading online global destination for physicians and
    healthcare professionals worldwide.

  • Calcium chloride. also asserts that calcium
    chloride provides a blockade into the bone. This increases
    the patients urinary excretion of radioactive calcium and

  • Dietary pectin. Pectin is a fiber found in fruits that we
    preppers use as a thickening agent in cooking and baking.
    Dietary pectin can prevent poisoning caused by lead,
    strontium, as well as other heavy metals and even as a
    radioprotective agent. Pectin will bind substances in the
    intestine and add bulk to your stool in an effort to excrete
    the toxins. An apple a day may keep radiation away! Here
    is the abstract which proves that dietary pectin is a
    radioprotective agent.  It's good to know for a radiation
    emergency that your canning supplies come in handy. Look
    to dietary pectin as an effective means of protecting
    against radiation when the only food available to you is
    contaminated! Take 5 grams once or twice a day for a
    month and drink plenty of non-contaminated water.

  • Lidell Detox EMF Radiation Dietary supplement. As a
    homepathic choice for everyday radiation, right is a dietary
    supplement to detox. Lidell Laboratories Detox EMF
    detoxifies the body and temporarily relieves symptoms of
    electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. This homeopathic remedy
    detoxifies the body by stimulating the principal organs of
    elimination: the liver, kidneys, and bladder. It counteracts
    the ill effects of radiation from computers, cell phones,
    television sets, power lines, household appliances, etc.

  • Vitamin E. Did you know, Vitamin E is a chelating agent?
    Chelation is a natural process of preventing absorbed
    nutrients from getting into the bloodstream, such as
    removing heavy metals. To "chelate" means to attach onto
    something.  Some vitamins can decontaminate nuclear
    waste and help detoxify you from the effects of exposure.
    Chelation therapy is know to remove lead from the
    bloodstream in cases of lead toxicity, and it may also help
    control or even reverse arthritis, cancer, and stroke. Most
    people know Vitamin E for it's anti-aging qualities, but
    there's so much more that this little powerhouse does. As
    a diuretic, Vitamin E can protect against environmental
    toxins such as radiation by helping you excrete poisons.

#10: NBC gas mask.
Of course, no nuke supply list would be compete without a gas
mask ~ and not just any gas mask, you'll need an NBC gas
mask for nuclear, biological and chemical protection. Don't have
a gas mask?
Before you buy a gas mask, read this.

Can't afford a gas mask?
An N95 Particulate face mask can block inhalation of certain
alpha and low-energy beta particles, and certainly is better than
nothing at all. Such masks are intended for everyday protection
from contaminated or toxic air, particles, allergens, pollen, pet
hair and dander, mold spores, leaves, and grass clippings. They
are suitable for use with other personal protective equipment /
PPE such as safety helmets, hard hats, glasses, ear muffs,
goggles other eyewear.

Could you survive a nuclear fallout?
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