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Tips to becoming a prepper and to surviving doomsday

What's on your prepper's TO DO list?
Do you have a preppers list of essential pantry items and critical
supplies to hoard? How about a list of ways to improve the
security of your home? Take inventory of the skills you have and
make a list of prepper skills to add. Once you have a list, you'll
know where to spend your energy and money on emergency

Lists for preppers
Build your prepper knowledge base, one list at a time. Get
started prepping with these tips to becoming a prepper and
surviving doomsday:

  • 9 Prepper uses for tarps. Seize the prepper day and get
    some tarps. Skip the blue ones, though, and opt for
    camouflage tarps. Tarp diem!

  • 10 reasons zombies don't prep. There are people who
    prep, and then there are the zombies. The difference is one
    believes in self reliance and the other believes in fairies.
    Discover the 10 reasons zombies don't bother preparing for
    the unexpected.

  • 14 Prepper uses for Vinegar. Aside from its nutritive value,
    preppers stock up on vinegar for many reasons from
    medicinal to food preservation to caring for chickens! Learn
    the many uses of vinegar for your survival.

  • 21+ things $10 or less. Have a ten spot to spend? Want to
    add an extra item to your Amazon purchase to ensure free
    shipping? If you've got even a few bucks to spend, well ten
    bucks to be exact, then check out these totally useful items
    for preppers.

  • 32 ways to use a bandanna. In addition to learning 32
    ways to use a bandanna,  find out the most useful
    bandannas to own during a crisis.

  • 37 foods to hoard before crisis. Patriots, why buy the
    costly eBook when we are happy to give you good
    information for free? Discover the essential foods available
    at the grocery stores today.

Monthly list for preppers

  • It's time to make New Year's resolutions: make it yourrs to
    build a prepper skill.
  • Plant tomatoes and peppers indoors to get ready for
    February outdoor planing
  • Wait until late January to plant onions.
  • Consider planting basil, chives, oregano, parsley and thyme.

  • February and March is an especially good time to curb pesky
  • Plant broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers.



  • Plant herbs: basil, oregano, thyme and sage are excellent
    herbs to plant in May.

  • Harvest Zucchini! Two things about harvesting zucchini: pick
    'em young, and pick 'em often! (It's how to avoid bitter or
    tasteless squashes.)


  • August is a great time to get started gardening by planting
    radishes: they mature in as little as 18-21 days!
  • August begins apple picking season! Get ready for the
    harvest by getting an apple peeler! It's on the list of manual
    tools for preppers.


  • Plant blueberries or garlic!



Happy endings...
One of our most popular preppers lists is our
Prepper's TO DO list.

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