10 habits of happy preppers

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Habit #3: Hoarding food.
Preppers stash food to ensure their future survival. It's hoarding
with a purpose!

Stashing canned goods and shelf stable foods.
Happy Preppers, on their regular shopping routine, look for canned
goods with the longest shelf life. In addition to the staple of
canned tuna, Happy Preppers stockpile canned salmon, crab,
sardines (even shrimp is available) for essential Omega 3 oils.
They stock canned oils. They have a system of rotation in place.

Using a Sharpie marker, they mark cans with the date for easy
storage and retrieval of pantry items, and they stock comfort
foods their family enjoys.

Starting a pantry of freeze dried goods.
Happy Preppers order freeze dried foods online in #10 cans, which
have a 25-year shelf life. They know freeze dried foods in plastics
may last only up to five years each. Their pantry includes stashes
of ready made meals in combination with long term essentials,
such as freeze dried ground beef, powdered milk, butter and
eggs; dried herbs and spices including extra measures of iodized
salt for preservation; sprouting beans and seeds for enzyme
nutrition, as well as non-HMO seeds for planting; and even raw

Habit #4. De-cluttering.
Happy Preppers are organized people who make room for new
prepping supplies. Sooner than later, they start cleaning up
closets and de-cluttering the household. Knick-knacks and brick-a-
brack are not useful to Happy Preppers who realize it will bring a
new source of revenue for them.

Happy Preppers may hold a garage sale, which can help them with
funds to stock up the pantry with food, water, fuel and other
critical supplies. Every conceivable shelf space or attic crevice
becomes a potential hiding place for food stashes or new items
such as a grinding mill for the stash of raw wheat. Extreme
Preppers may set up a secret safe room for storage of food or
even set up a secure bunker under ground.

Habit #5. Fueling up with options for fire and light.
Fire provides fuel for cooking, plus warmth and the comfort of
light. Yet Happy Preppers also know that
fire and light can be a
dangerous signal in a world where the "have nots" will be on the
hunt for who to loot. They know that it may be better to eat
silently food that's cold than to alert the "have not" zombies of
their stockpile.

Happy Preppers never let their gas tanks go below the half way
mark, and they are prepared with emergency candles, fuel for
cooking and more. Alternative sources of fuel and transportation
are a constant thought whether it's solar power to human power,
a Happy Prepper analyzes every need. Some Happy Preppers may
create a
Faraday cage to prepare their electronic equipment to
survive a geomagnetic storm.

Habit #6. Keeping silent.
The first rule of prep club is to not talk about prep club! Silence is
a virtue and among the first lessons of the prepping life. Happy
Preppers never reveal the full extent to which they are prepping.
Partially, this is because it advertises to the masses of
unprepared "zombies" about where to go in the event the
unthinkable happens.

Confiscation and looting would be very real threats. And while
Happy Preppers want to let the world know of the threat
geomagnetic storms and other scenarios, they also know this
information will fall on deaf ears to the "zombies" who don't see
the very real need to prep. Why advertise?  At some point the
stockpiling becomes defensible in the quest for sustaining life.
Why risk it all? Aside from that, and more importantly, keeping
silent defends the Happy Preppers heart. You see, Happy
Preppers often feel alone in their quest.

As the passion grows, Happy Preppers may eventually make
headway with spouses, family or friends to secretly join the
quest. This is what Happy Preppers call "seeing the light."
Extreme Happy Preppers may stockpile goods for charitable
giving, ensuring some provisions for the unprepared.

Habit #7. Setting up a sanitation station.
Happy Preppers prepare for their sanitation needs. At minimum
they buy a toilet bucket with a seat and bags for sanitation
disposal. Stock the bucket with hand sanitizers, a first aid kit,
bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and enzyme products. Extreme
Preppers may have a complete toilet sanitation system in their

Habit #8. Becoming your own convenience store.
Happy Preppers stash antibiotic medications, fever reducers and
emergency electrolyte products in addition to their first aid kit.
Individual plans may vary.

Happy Preppers stash luxury comforts ranging from candy to
comfort foods, cosmetics to condoms. Happy Preppers think about
what they simply couldn't live without and use that list to start
their own convenience store. Toilet paper and sanitary napkins
may not seem luxurious, but if you don't have them, then you'll
understand the luxury. Sanitary napkins can also double up as a
sterile pad for deep wounds, should the unfortunate happen. A lip
balm cosmetic or lotion could be an essential comfort.

Habit #9. Preparing to filter and collect water.
It's one thing to store water, it's another to know where to find
new sources of water. Happy Preppers learn about hidden water
sources available in their region and
study more about water and
hydration. Happy Preppers know of various ways to prepare, filter
and collect water. They know about water purification tablets,
water filters, water pasteurization indicator, Berkey filter, calcium
hypochlorite, and SteriPENs.

Habit #10. Learning new skills and hobbies.
Happy Preppers enjoy the full time activity of prepping. There is
always something more to do.

They are happy to
hone a Prepper skill or learn a new one! And
practice makes perfect, as with Marksmanship or Horsemanship
for example.

Among the first of
prepper skills to learn is firestarting and basic
camping skills. Perhaps they start one week to learn how to tie
knots, make bread from scratch, or can their own wholesome
foods. Maybe next, they take on first aid, attend a Martial Arts
class, or register for firearms instruction. Perhaps they learn the
Amish way of life and order a washboard.  Maybe they get a
license for Amateur radio. Happy Prepper men may learn how to
mend clothes or knit new ones. Happy Prepper women may learn
how to hunt or fish or just go camping.

Sign language can be an essential skill for the Happy Prepper
family in a hostile situation to communicate a defensible
strategy. Learning to identify edible plants might be another
survival essential.

For those skills they don't want to learn, they
create a library of
books on subjects such as plant identification, first aid, farming,
disease control, food preservation, saving seeds.

The list is endless, but Happy Preppers take it all on, one skill or
book at a time.

Happy endings...
Don't worry, be happy! Prepping is having the habit to set time
and supplies aside  to learn skills and build for tomorrow. Be a
warrior and not a worrier. Prepping is a fun activity that just
might save your life.

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Ten Habits of Happy Preppers
Become the happiest of emergency preparedness planners

Ten habits of happy preppers.
Seven habits of highly effective preppers? Surely this has the
makings of a proper
prepper's book. If Steven Covey were a
prepper, he might eventually write such a book, but until then we
have 10 habits to share, not just seven. This article is  about the
ten habits of happy preppers, but...

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    military trick is to wear pantyhose underneath socks to
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Ten Habits of Happy Preppers
Here are the 10 habits of highly effective Happy Preppers...

Habit #1: Being happy and grateful.
Preppers are happy and grateful for the lifestyle they have today.

  • Take a moment to be grateful for your current life of
    abundance. Be grateful for the toilet paper! Be grateful for a
    cup of coffee or chocolate or bacon. Be grateful as you take
    a shower. Explore every good thing in your relationships,
    your health, and your finances, and be grateful you have
    them now. Practice gratitude daily and more good things will
    grow and come your way. Rejoice in planning for abundance
    in an apocalyptic world because you are making preparations
    to have things for survival. This is #1 on the Prepper's TO
    DO list.

Habit #2: Hoarding water.
Happy Preppers stash as much water as possible in the event the
unthinkable should happen. Given that humans can only live a
few days without water, this concept is of foremost importance.
Did you know that water can last indefinitely in commercially
sealed bottles? Newbie? Learn how much to stash for each family
member and more. Advanced Prepper? Consider new ideas about
filtering and storing your water. Never be without water.

  • How much water should you store? A family of three or
    four must have 270 gallons of water for a three month
    supply for drinking and basic cooking. The 260 gallon tank,
    pictured below, will store 260 gallons, the other 10 gallons
    is up to you.'''
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