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Steramine Disinfectant Tablets
Above is how to use Steramine in a commercial setting.

Making a Steramine sanitizing solution is extremely easy. Just mix
one or two tablets in water to activate and create a sanitizing
solution, then apply to a clean cloth or sponge and wipe away
cutting boards, equipment, toilets or whatever to remove deadly
infectious materials. You can also dip plates and cups into the
solution. It's that easy.

How long do you let Steramine sit?
Steramine quaternary sanitizing tablets activate in water. You mix
it fresh, so it's more powerful, and it costs just pennies to make.
Use one tablet for one gallon of water. When the water turns blue
you've activated Steramne, and the colortells everyone that the
this is a sanitizer solution, not just regular water.

Make sure to let the Steramine sit on your equipment

Happy endings...
Rest assured that Steramine is a highly rated with 95% 4.5 star

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Steramine is easy to use! Above are the Steramine instructions as they
apply to commercial use, but you can use Steramine at home.

Steramine Instructions:
Drop one or two Steramine tablets into a gallon of clean water
until dissolved. Mix the solution to distribute and release the
sanitizing power. It's that easy. Steramine is clear rinsing and
fast drying. It won't leave any odor or taste. Steramine won't
bleach your clothes, but again the tablets turn blue so you need
to be mindful of your clothing in the same way you are when
using bleach.

One thing Steramine
can't do is water purification. Instead, filter
your water or use water purification tablets.

  • Don't use Steramine for water purification. It's not like
    bleach in that respect. Steramine turns the water blue
    indicating that it's not for consumption. While you could use
    bleach for water purification, there are products better for
    making water potable, namely Potable Aqua, pictured right.
    Proven effective against Giardia Lamblia when used as
    directed, Potable Aqua is better than bleach for ensuring you
    get safe drinking water.

  • Don't combine with bleach or other cleaning products.
    Like other cleaning products, it's not wise to mix Steramine
    with bleach or with any other household cleaner.

  • Other precautions. Keep out of reach of young children. The
    tablets turn blue in water and are bitter to reduce the
    chance of accidental ingestion. If tablets are crushed, the
    dust could be irritating to the nose, eyes or skin. You don't
    need to wear goggles or a mask, but avoid breathing in the
    solution as a spray or getting it into your eyes. Here is the
    safety data sheet for Steramine tablets.

#3: Kills infectious materials on contact.
Steramine is for sanitizing food contact surfaces, like a cutting
board, a meat grinder or a hard to clean water bottle or a coffee
pot, but you can use it in your bathroom, too. Drop a Steramine
tab in the toilet bowl and allow to dissolve before scrubbing to
remove hard water stains. It works on all sorts of non-porous
articles and surfaces.

Sanitizing is important to get rid of microbial contamination.
Steramine kills infectious materials on contact, including:

#4: Steramine is safe and effective.
There's no guessing with Steramine. Drop a tablet into a gallon of
water and you're ready to sanitize.

When the bleach runs out, consider Steramine. This multipurpose
household cleaning solution is strong enough for commercial use
and yet gentle enough for household applications to sanitize your
cutlery, cutting boards, dishes and more. Just be careful not to
breathe in the solution if you make a spray, and don't get any of
the solution into your eyes. Steramine sanitizing tablets do not
irritate the skin and it's fine to use on food equipment.

The tablets turn the water blue so that everyone knows it's not
drinking water. Mix one tablet with a gallon of water and use in
the bathroom or kitchen. Spray on knives and butchering
equipment, and cutting boards, sinks, counter tops, and all other
non-porous articles and surfaces. In commercial settings
employees dip utensils and dishes as a final rinse. They dip the
items in the solution for a minute, and dry. It's for this reason
that scouts love Steramine for camping.

#5: Steramine is an easy camping solution.
When you're outdoors hiking or camping, it's not very convenient
to bring a bottle of bleach (and many preppers don't realize that
bleach expires). With Steramine tablets you can wash dishes
effectively by dropping them into your final rinse.

Use Steramine for cleaning your camp kitchen using the scouting
method. To clean dishes the way scouts do, have three tubs of

  • Tub 1 (soapy warm water). Get out your rubber gloves.
    First scrape off all excess food, then use the first tub of
    warm soapy water to wash and make your dishes clean.
    Campsuds washes can help you stay clean while camping or
    bugging out. Campsuds is concentrated to wash dishes,
    hands, face hair clothing for camping / bugging out. It's eco-
    friendly too (vegetable-derived ingredients with natural
    essential oils).

  • Tub 2 (warm water rinse). In this phase of dishwashing
    the goal is to get rid of the excess soap.

  • Tub 3 (water with one or two tablets of Steramine). This
    is the final rinse of your dishes and ideal for a Steramine
    solution instead of bleach. You can use cold water in the
    final rinse. Some scouts put their mess kit into a mesh bag
    after the warm water rinse, then dip the whole bag into the
    Steramine solution and hang it out on the line to dry. Go to on how to wash dishes when camping.

#6: Made in America.
In the age of trade wars it's nice to rely on American made
products. Steramine is made in the U.S.A., so you don't need to
worry about toxic stuff from China. See our full list of
prepping and survival gear that's made in America.

Here's how to use Steramine tablets:
One bottle makes 150 gallons of sanitizing solution!

How to use Stermamine Prepping.
Steramine is an economical household sanitizer for preppers
that's great for emergencies. One tablet effectively kills
microorganisms and infectious bacteria found on non-porous
surfaces to help keep you and your family from falling ill. This
powerful tablet mixed in water cleans surfaces as it kills HIV-
AIDS Virus,
E-coli, Staph Infection (S. Aureus), and Listeria

Steramine tablets in water  ~ one tablet makes a gallon
of sanitizing solution, and one bottle of Steramine quaternary
sanitizing tablets makes up to 150 gallons of cleaning solution.
You mix it fresh so it's more powerful, and it costs just pennies
to make. Steramine quaternary sanitizing tablets activate in
water and then turn the water blue when they're ready to help
you sanitize surfaces.

Steramine Sanitizing Tablets Are for Household Use
Of all your prepping supplies, Steramine tablets are something
you can use everyday for your household needs to save money.
Stockpile bottles of this cleaning solution for bartering purposes.
Save money and enhance your preps at the same time with
Steramine. Rest assured that this quaternary ammonium
compound is safe for use in any situation, and contains NO

There are so many reasons to stock Steramine:

#1: Steramine is economical.
Steramine is extremely economical. At just pennies a gallon it
would certainly help if money is tight and you can use it for
everyday to save money to buy more preps. One bottle of
Steramine Quaternary Tablets packs the power to make 150
gallons of sanitizing solution. You just mix one or two tablets in
water to activate and create a sanitizing solution, then apply to a
clean cloth or sponge to remove deadly infectious materials. It's
easy to use and easy on your budget.

  • Use Steramine to clean everything including your kitchen
    sink. Your sink is one of the most germ-filled places. Start
    by using Steramine to clean your sink. Then use Steramine
    as a spray sanitizer for your cutting boards and kitchen
    surfaces. Finally, be sure to use it as a third-sanitizing rinse
    for your glasses. It's designed for every kind of food service.
    Use it on your food processor, dishes, silverware, flatware,
    glasses, cooking utensils

#2: Steramine is better than bleach!
One of the basic prepper supplies is a sanitizing agent and while
many preppers turn to bleach, Steramine is much better.
Steramine is superior to bleach in many ways...

Steramine versus bleach:

  • Steramine is a space saver! One way that Steramine is
    better than bleach is that it's a space saver. One bottle of
    Steramine contains the power to make 150 gallons of
    cleaning solution. Can you imagine storing that much
    bleach? If you buy six bottles of Steramine you can make
    900 gallons of santitizing solution and it will take only as
    much space as a jug of bleach.

  • Steramine has a longer shelf life than bleach. While
    popular with preppers, bleach as an expiration date of just
    six months. You'll find a bottle of Steramine could last 10 or
    more years.

  • Steramine has a more powerful sanitizing action.
    Steramine has more sanitizing strength than bleach because
    you mix it to activate. From the day bleach is made and
    bottled it starts to deteriorate, but you mix Steramine fresh
    so it's highly effective after you disintegrate the tablet.
    Steramine is good for use on the day you mix it with water.
    You must prepare a fresh sanitizing solution daily or more
    often if the solution becomes diluted or soiled. That's
    because the water activates the sanitizing power. Because
    Steramine is activated by water it also means it has a long
    shelf life. Just remember that it's most effective right when
    you mix it.
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