The Party Switch ~ a timeline of how it never happened

Above Dr. Carol Swain, former professor of Political Science from Vanderbilt
University explains the inconvenient truth about the democratic party.

The parties never magically switched.
How did the Democratic party change over time? If you have
believed in the party switch myth then you've succumbed to
propaganda fabricated by Democrats, because they were
embarrassed that their party supported slavery. They were the
party of physical slavery and today they are keeping the chains of
mental slavery. They haven't changed.

The closest thing to the big switch was a "new deal" and it was a
"big lie." You see, after the
Great Depression, the Democrats lured
poor and hungry African Americans to their party by offering them
the "New Deal" and this strategy effectively kept blacks on the
figurative plantation. It trapped them into government dependency.

How did the Republican party change over time? The GOP hasn't
changed much since its inception on March 20, 1854 as the anti-
slave party. Follow the facts and follow the time-line and you will
see it is true. Republicans are the Civil rights champions ~ they
always have been.

So there you have it ― the parties never switched. Be sure to see
timeline for more. The parties never switched. The "parties
switched myth" is a result of Democratic propaganda. A timeline is
necessary to the understand the truth ~ namely. that the parties
never switched. History reveals that there was. never a reversal of
Democratic and Republican party ideals

Happy endings...
America values debate. Without it we do not have our treasured
First Amendment rights of free speech. One thing that shouldn't be
a debate is about the party switch. It never happened. Follow the
drinking gourd ~ follow the timeline. Get of the plantation. Run or
walk away.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana

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Republican John D. Rockefeller
Republican philantropist
John D. Rockefeller donated
millions to black colleges.
Above, the Ku Klux Klan marches as part of the Democratic National
Convention 1924.

  • 1924. Democratic segregationist William Jennings Bryan,
    who was soft on the Ku Klux Klan, spoke at the 1924
    Democratic National Convention against an amendment
    denouncing the KKK. Byran accepted the political support of
    the KKK particularly in regards to evolution. Bryan's opposed
    evolution being taught in schools (the KKK also opposed
    evolution). Moreover, when he died the KKK burned crosses
    in Bryan's memory, and eulogized him as "the greatest
    Klansman of our time."

The 1930s

  • 1930 The New Deal exploited African Americans by luring
    them into the Democratic party with economic benefits.
    The Great Depression of the 1930s was disproportionately
    disastrous for African Americans over causasions. Democratic
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the Democrats
    New Deal plan in which he offered all sorts of free stuff for
    African Americans. With the help of a few key activists, they
    successfully converted voters to become Democrats.  While
    the New Deal initially helped African Americans get jobs from
    the government when there were no jobs, it also
    discriminated against them. The Democrats  National
    Recovery Administration promised new jobs to African
    Americans, but gave jobs first to whites and also paid blacks
    less. The administration also segregated the conservation
    corps! Ultimately, this created a dependency of votes for
    economic relief. What's worse is that the New Deal likely
    also extended the Great Depression into a decade long deal.

  • 1934-1960: Democrat resists the American Civil Rights
    Movement. Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor was an icon of
    racial intolerance. "Bull" as he was known, entered the
    Democratic Primary race for a seat in the Alabama House of
    Representatives in 1934. He defended segregation as he
    served four Democrat National Conventions. By 1956 he
    feared integration and became known as the "sheriff." The
    inconvenient truth is that this Democrat forced the raid of
    the home Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, a prominent African
    American, and had three of his minister colleagues arrested
    for the false charge of vagrancy. Shuttleworth was a target
    because he had led civil rights activities ~ he had vowed “to
    kill segregation or be killed by it.”


  • 1942 Internment of Japanese Americans in World War
    Two. The Democrats would prefer to gloss over the fact that
    it was the Democrat Party who interned the Japanese
    Americans in World War II, specifically Democratic President
    Franklin D. Roosevelt.


  • 1954 Republicans Strike Down Segregation artificially
    enforced by a by disobedient Democratic Governor of
    Arkansas. Infamous for his 1957 stand on segregation,
    Democratic Governor of Arkansas Orval E. Faubus ordered the
    Arkansas National Guard to prevent African American
    students from attending Little Rock Central High School. In
    so doing, he defied a unanimous decision of the U.S.
    Supreme Court and the decision made in the 1954 case of
    Brown v. Board of Education (written by Republican Chief
    Justice Earl Warren). Republican President Dwight D.
    Eisenhower removed the National Guard from Democratic
    state control then sent in Federal Troops ~ the 101st
    Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Ultimately, Eisenhower
    stopped Faubus from the obstruction of justice and restored
    civil rights previously established by Warren!

  • 1956 Republican President Nixon helps desegregate. In
    1956, as vice president, Richard Nixon made an important
    speech in Harlem to declare, “America can’t afford the cost of
    segregation.” Later Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. thanked Nixon
    for helping to persuade the Senate to pass the Civil Rights
    Act of 1957. Indeed Nixon supported the civil rights acts of
    1964, 1965, and 1968!

  • 1957 Civil Rights Act: On Sept. 9 1957 Republican President
    Dwight Eisenhower signs the 1957 Civil Rights Act.

The 1960s
Why did black voters flee the Republican party in the 1960s? The
answer is they didn't.

  • 1963 Martin Luther King Shot dead by a Democrat. Martin
    Luther King famously said in 1963 "I have a dream that my
    four little children will one day live in a nation where they
    will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the
    content of their character." Such is the Republican mantra.
    He was shot dead by James Earl Ray (a Democrat) at a time
    when the party flourished in racism.

  • 1964 “War on Poverty” created a welfare system. This is
    the modern day welfare system.

  • 1964 Civil Rights Act. Indeed Lyndon B. Johnson was the
    Democrat President who signed the Civil Rights act; however
    while Democratic pundits pretend that the Civil Rights Act
    was the creation of the Kennedy or Johnson administrations,
    it was really an extension of the Republican Party’s 1957 and
    1960 Civil Rights Acts.

    Dixiecrats who remained Democrats after 1964:
  • Robert Byrd
  • Bull Connor
  • James Eastland
  • Allen Ellender
  • Orval Fabus
  • Al Gore, Sr.
  • Benjamin Travis Laney
  • Russell Long
  • Lester Maddox
  • John Rarick
  • Richard Russell
  • John McClellan
  • John Sparkman
  • John Stennis
  • Herman Talmadge
  • George Wallace

    Dixiecrats who became Republicans after 1964:
  • Miles Godwin
  • Strom Thurmond

  • 1965 Voting Rights Act. The Voting Rights Act of 1965.


  • 2015 National Association for the Advancement of Colored
    People (NAACP) suffers embarrassment: It's shocking to
    some that the National Association for the Advancement of
    Colored People got its start in 1909 mostly through support
    of white Democrats (and not African Americans).
    Interestingly, a man by the name of W.E.B. Du Bois was the
    only African American among the organization’s original
    executives ~ and he was a Socialist accused of communism!
    The NAACP nation's oldest, largest and most widely
    recognized grassroots-based civil rights organization;
    however it has had some controversy:

  • In 2015 Rachel Doležal, a former NAACP official, on her
    application, she said her ethnic origins included white,
    black and American Indian. She resigned amid suspicion
    that she had lied about hate crimes against her. In
    further public scrutiny, her white parents publicly stated
    that Doležal was a white woman passing as black! The
    final blow, this "fake black Democrat" was charged in
    felony theft of food stamps. The organization today is
    seeking to be more outspoken on political issues
    against president Trump and can do so only by seeking
    a change in its tax status and organizing fundraising

  • Republican conservative Alveda C. King, who is the
    niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and is an NAACP
    member, has turned her support from the NAACP
    because of the organization's political endorsement of
    same sex marriage (a Democratic agenda point), stating
    that her Grandfather Dr. Martin Luther King senior did
    not embrace homeosexuality as a civil rights agenda.
    She has also referenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his
    "I have a dream speech."

  • 2016. Harriet Tubman $20 bill erased from memory. Do
    black historical lives matter? What ever happened to the
    proposed Harriet Tubman $20 bill? Proposing to replace the
    slaveholding Democrat President Andrew Jackson on the $20
    bill with Harriet Tubman, the former slave and abolitionist,
    Harriet Tubman was a gun-toting Republican. Okay, she
    wasn't an official Republican because she died in 1913 before
    women had the right to vote, but she represents the
    Republican ideals and she was to have her likenss on a $20
    bill. Interestingly, it was a Democrat, the 76th United States
    Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Joseph Lew, who both
    announced plans for the bill and then discretely rejected it.
    One might surmise he was underhandedly racist.

  • 2017 Dinesh D'Souza releases his book on Fascism and
    Nazism. What is "the big lie" of the Democratic Party? It's
    that conservatives and President Donald Trump in particular
    are fascist and Nazis. This is the audacious lie ~ and it's a
    complete inversion of the truth. The fascist threat in America
    is from Democratic Party. Dinesh D'Souza explains in his
    book, The Big Lie how the Democratic left has an ideology
    virtually identical with fascism and routinely borrows tactics
    of intimidation and political terror from the Nazis. The #1
    New York Tiems Best Seller gets 4.8 of 5 stars from
    thousands of reviewers. The premise of the book is that to
    cover up their insidious fascist agenda, Democrats loudly
    accuse President Trump and other Republicans of being Nazis
    ~ an obvious lie, considering the GOP has been fighting the
    Democrats over slavery, genocide, racism and fascism from
    the beginning.

  • 2016-2017 Rise of Antifa. The Antifa movement is a
    conglomeration of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist
    militant groups in the United States. They wear masks like
    KKK and are anti-capitalists. These militant leftists commit
    to acts of violence against those on the right side of the
    political spectrum.

  • 2017. Confederate statues torn down. Are you still on the
    plantation? The Democrat party has become a master of
    manipulation, but when you follow the facts you can clearly
    see the manipulation. Through conflation, the Democrats
    encouraged protesters to tear down Confederate Soldier
    statues. The statues were erected as historic symbols and
    did not glorify slavery.

The Southern Strategy was fiction.
No discussion would be complete without a look at the supposed
"Southern Strategy" where Republican President Richard Nixon
was alleged to have made racist appeals to Southern Democrats
to become Republicans. Nixon was the first to implement
affirmative action, favored at the time by African Americans.

So now you know the truth. The inconvenient truth is that the
Democrat Party wanted to keep slavery and started the Civil War
because of it. They founded the KKK, and fought against every
major civil rights act in U.S. history! Watch as Dr. Carol Swain
explains the Inconvenient Truth about the Democratic Party:
KKK Marches at the Democratic National Convention 1924
Pictured above are the first African American Senator and Representatives:
Sen. Hiram Revels (R-MS), Rep. Benjamin S. Turner (R-AL), Robert DeLarge
(R-SC), Josiah Walls (R-FL), Jefferson Long (R-GA), Joseph Rainey and
Robert B. Elliott (R-SC), 1872 ~ all Republicans!

  • 1876-1965  ~ Jim Crow Laws (segregation by the Dems).
    The Democrats defended Jim Crow laws where state and
    local laws mandated segregation. It gave African Americans
    "separate but equal" status for African Americans, but
    actually created inferior conditions and disadvantages for
    them. The segregation enabled Democrats to control black
    communities for decades. The Democrats then were able to
    segregate public schools, drinking fountains and public
    transportation ~ even the military was segregated.

  • 1896: Women's Voting rights supported by Republicans.
    Republicans were the first major party to favor women’s
    suffrage, and by 1896 three states had full suffrage for
    women, though it wasn't until 1919 that women got the right
    to vote nationwide.

The 1900 -1920s

  • 1918 Democratic Ku Klux Klan rises. After World War I, the
    Ku Klux Klan, founded and populated by Democrats gets re-
    energized. In addition to targeting African-Americans, the
    KKK now also targeted Jews, Catholics, Radicals, and
    Immigrants. They continued their domestic terrorism for
    more than 30 years.

  • 1919-1920: Republican Congress passes 19th
    Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote.
    Republicans had the leading role in helping women attain the
    right to vote during the sufferage, though Democrats take
    credit because Democratic President Woodrow Wilson was in
    office. In August of 1920, Tennessee's became the 36th
    state to ratify women's suffrage, and it became our nation's
    19th amendment.

  • 1921: Democratic Lynching Laws. Lynchings were the
    whipping or killing by a mob of people by means of an
    informal court, and were common in the South to terrorize
    African Americans and to intimidate them into submission
    economically as well as socially. The NACCP aimed at
    defining a lynching to set the size of a the mob to no fewer
    than five.

  • 1924: The Klanbake (KKK at the Democrats convention)!
    At the 1924 Democrat Party National Convention the Ku Klux
    Klan played a major role. The KKK paraded in the infamous
    white robes and the only objection came from the Catholics
    from the major cities of the Midwest and Northeast. They
    even implanted their burning cross and encouraged violence
    and intimidation to African Americans and Catholics!
Rachel Doležal, a white
Democrat who identifies as
black, resigned from the
NAACP amid controversy.
When did the south
switch from being
Democratic to being
Big Lie
The Modern Nazis are Antifa!
Conflation is rampant with
the Antifa Democrats who
use the Dixiecrat KKK
strategy of wearing masks
and harassing anyone they
identify as "fascists, racists
or extremists" (and it turns
out they are the fascists,
racists and extremists).
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Parties never switched
Dubunking the myth that the party lines switched

The parties never switched.
The "parties switched myth" is a result of Democratic propaganda.
time-line is necessary to the understand the truth ~ namely
that the parties never switched. History reveals that there was
never a reversal of Democratic and Republican party ideals:

  • Democrats (were founded as pro-slavery): Since 1828 the
    Democrats have worked hard to conceal their history of
    enslavement and bigotry. The Democrats were the pro-
    slavery party that started the Civil War! The Democrats
    founded the KKK, held the whip in lynchings, imposed
    segregation by enforcing Jim Crow laws, and obstructed all
    the major civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s. The
    history of discriminatory practices ensues today.

  • Republicans (were founded as anti-slavery): Since its
    founding in 1854 to stop slavery, the Republican party has
    been the champion of civil rights and of the U.S.
    Constitution! What's more, it stressed maintenance of gold
    standard and high protective tariffs to safeguard American
    jobs and wages, empowering Americans of all colors to keep
    more of their hard earned money. Republicans haven't
    changed a bit.

Take a look at the chronological and historical facts. The time line
below reveals the truth about the party switch that never

Big Lie: Parties switched
The parties never switched. The Democrats have always been the
party of big government and spending. The Republican party has
always been the party to limit the government and to hold to the
ideals of the U.S. Constitution. The philosophical lines have never
been blurred other than for the agenda of Democratic propaganda.

Here is a timeline to prove that the parties never switched:


  • Democratic party was founded in 1828, but got it's true
    start in 1829 with Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson, a
    slave owner, fervently fought Native Americans. He stole
    their land and then sold it to whites to win political favor.
    This Democratic tactic continues today. More on that later.
    Though they were founded in 1828 the Democrat party, on
    their Web site begins the public "Democrat history" in 1920
    with Women's suffrage. Why did they start their history 200
    year history 100 years after it's founding? The answer is
    because they are glossing over their racist past. The first
    100 years of the Democratic party are the most revealing,
    but their bigotry continues today.

  • 1833 The American Anti-Slavery Society was founded (an
    it was a Republican ideal). One of the founding members of
    the anti-slavery party was, Susan B Anthony, who had values
    consistent with the Republican Party. Though the GOP wasn't
    founded until 1854,they GOP shared consistent values and
    support of basic individual rights including the abolition of
    slavery, while the Democrat party would continue to support
    slavery. Susan B. Anthony died in 1909 well before women
    got the right to vote, but thanks to her and the Republicans
    women got the right to vote in 1920


  • 1854 Republican party was founded as the anti-slavery
    party. Founded on March 20, 1854 as the anti-slavery party
    the GOP's goal was to combat the Kansas Nebraska Act,
    which was a Democratic threat to extend slavery.
    Unfortunately, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, passed by congress
    on May 30, 1854, and it allowed people in the territories of
    Kansas and Nebraska to decide for themselves whether or
    not to allow slavery within their borders. A civil war ensued!

  • 1857 Ruling that slaves were not citizens (Dred Scott Vs
    Sandford). The U.S. Supreme Court, under Democratic
    President James Buchanan dealt a blow to civil rights stating
    in ruling slaves were not citizens, but property. Of the
    justices who voted on the ruling: 7 were Democrats! All the
    Republicans voted against the ruling. This bigotry was
    resolved ultimately by the Civil War.

  • 1861: Civil War. Virtually all Republicans wanted to end
    slavery. The Civil War was really a clash between Democrats
    in the North and South because virtually all Republicans were
    against slavery (the GOP was the anti-slavery party).  
    Ultimately, Republicans ended slavery by creating the 13th

  • 1863: Freedom of slaves by the Republicans. Abraham
    Lincoln, the first Republican U.S. President, signed the
    Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1 1863 and this freed the
    slaves. Lincoln was subsequently shot by a Democrat, John
    Wilkes Booth.

  • 1865: Republicans permanently outlawed slavery with
    the  13th Amendment. Through reconstruction, Republicans
    passed the 13 Amendment, which ended slavery.

  • 1865: Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan. Founded by
    Democrats, the KKK emerged as a response to the
    Republican Party during the Reconstruction era where the
    GOP helped blacks gain political and economic equality. The
    KKK was lead by Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest. Klan
    members wore robes to hide their identities.

  • 1866: Republicans fought for rights of former slaves. On
    Feb. 5, 1866, Republican Representative, Thaddeus Stevens
    introduced legislation to give former slaves “40 acres and a
    mule." Ultimately, it was rejected by the Democrats.

  • 1867: Howard University established by Republicans. The
    historically black college has had many ties with the
    Republicans: Republican John D. Rockefeller, pictured right,
    was the philanthropist who donated millions to Howard
    University and other black colleges. Howard University aided
    the election of Republican President Ulysses S. Grant who
    led the Union Armies to victory over the Confederacy in the
    American Civil War. The first sitting president to speak at
    Howard was Republican Calvin Coolidge in 1924.

  • 1870's 14th Amendment: Republicans passed the 14th
    Amendment on Feb. 13, 1870, which officially made black
    people citizens.

  • 1871: Republican President Ulysses S. Grant dismantles
    the KKK. Grant stabilized the post-war national economy,
    created the Department of Justice, and used the military to
    enforce laws to put an end to the Confederacy. Moreover,
    Grant prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). In 1871, he
    oversaw passage of the so-called “Ku Klux Klan Act,” which
    dismantled the KKK by use of martial law. Grant ran
    thousands of Klansmen out of the state of South Carolina.

  • 15th Amendment: Republicans passed the 15th
    Amendment, which gave black people the right to vote.

  • 1872: Republicans elect the first African American
    senators and representatives! In the year, not a Democrat
    of African American descent served the Senate or the House,
    but the Republican gentlemen below received the honors: