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Happy endings...
Make a culinary connection with your ancestors and stockpile foods
with ancient wisdom, incredible nutrition and a naturally long shelf

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Foods of our ancestors

The ancients were preppers!
Our ancient ancestors had to set food aside to survive the winter
and survive lean times. Take a hint from the past from them!
Following are some ancient prepper foods you should consider

Ancient Prepper Foods
Our ancient ancestors knew how to survive the harsh winter and
lean times. Our ancestors in ancient Egypt built silos for grain
and even imported foods. Archaeological digs revealed
peppercorns preserved in clay pots, which were still edible,
centuries later!

For the afterlife the people of ancient Eygpt included preserved
meats, grain, dried fruits, honey, and even wine and beer. Food
preservation consisted mostly of drying and salting. Modern day
homesteaders do much of the same and they also have livestock.

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Ancient Prepper Food: Cheese.
The oldest food manufactured by man and an important part of
prepping, cheese from sheep is the earliest form of cheese
making known. Even the Egyptians made cheese, as evidenced by
the pictorials in tombs!

Ancient Prepper Food: Preserved Fruits.

  • Date Palm fruit (dates). Dates have been a staple food of
    the Middle East for thousands of years. The date palm the
    oldest viable seed. Incredibly, after 2000 years in storage,
    one sprouted! They grow well in California. Left, you'll find
    Gourmet Reserves date pieces thoughtfully packaged for food
    storage. ates! Better than energy gels, you'll find dates are a
    quick-digesting carbohydrate . It's a whole food to take with
    you on your bugout because it will provide quick energy too!

  • Raisins. Ancient Eygptians ate raisins. They area an easy
    and long-lasting prep for your food storage system.

  • Olives. The olive is versatile as it is useful for light, heat,
    food, and medicine. Olive trees are the oldest cultivated tree
    known to mankind, dating back 6,000 years for use in food
    and ceremony. Olives have been found in Egyptian tombs
    and as an annointment for the dead. Ancient Greeks grew
    olives because they could grow many trees in a small space.
    They preserve well in red wine vinegar, making them an
    interesting choice for preppers. Olives grow well in California
    and would make a wise choice for preppers there to farm.
    Olives are probiotic!

Ancient Prepper Food: Seeds.

  • Acorns. Dining on acorns is not easy. There is a bitter tannic
    acid that ancients had to process out before making a meal.
    Need a recipe with acorns? Here's how to make acorn bread.
    Another good resource for acorns is Acorns and Eat'em: A
    How-To Vegetarian Acorn Cookbook  by Suellen Ocean,
    pictured immediate right which offers the complete directions
    for harvesting, preparing and cooking acorns. Try her Acorn
    Cheesecake or her Acorn Enchiladas and rediscover what
    shouldn't have been lost!

  • Apricot seeds! Apricots are tasty and the seeds are useful
    as well. Grind them up into a paste and you'll have a nutty
    marzipan-like flavor, much like almonds. Apricots grow well
    as a wall tree, and are good options for the Upper Mid West
    of the United States.

  • Halva (sweet sesame paste). Halva is a sweet and nutty
    paste that's slightly chalky. Made of sesame seeds, honey or
    sugar, and palm oil, halva is a dense and high-energy food of
    ancient preppers. Dating back more than 3,000 years, halva
    is a hearty and long-lasting food that endures today in
    tradition. Sometimes consumed as a dessert, halva is also
    eaten as part of an energizing breakfast or a mid day snack.
    As a candy, halva can take on many flavors as it is mixed
    with other ingredients (seeds, nuts, fruits and extracts) such
    as pistachio, dates, coconut, vanilla or coffee. Though halva
    has high levels of fat and carbohydrates, this ancient food is
    indeed healthy! Sesame seeds are packed with nutritious
    minerals, including calcium, magnesium, manganese and
    copper, and halva is high in protein as well. Halva is a
    nourishing food consumed by princes and kings, titans and

  • Tahini (savory sesame paste): A savory paste of sesame
    seeds, Tahini recipes may include adding cinnamon. Tahini
    may also be an ingredient of Babaganoush, Halva, Hummus
    and other recipes.

Ancient Prepper food: Beans and Legumes.

  • Cocoa. Cacao powder is increasingly being consumed for its
    nutritive and health enhancing properties as it has been in
    many cultures for thousands of years. Cocao is a food of the
    ancient Mayans. Mexican tradition is to pound the seeds into
    powder. Cocoa, or theobroma cacao is raw chocolate.
    Theobroma literally means food of the gods! According to the
    manufacturer of Frontier cocoa powder, pictured immediate
    right, "The tropical cacoa tree produces this food of the
    gods."It's no wonder as cocoa is rich in flavor and color, and
    it's a healthy way to stock up on antioxidants and important
    minerals like calcium magnesium and iron, copper and
    potassium. Cacao also contains more antioxidant flavonoids
    than red wine, green tea and blueberries! This cocoa powder
    is the source for all chocolate and cocoa products. Cocao is
    an awesome ancient superfood of the Mayans!

  • Hummus. Hummus, made of Chickpea Flour (dried garbanzo
    beans ground into flour), and also often mixed with Tahini
    (Sesame Paste). Pictured at the top of a page in a can,
    hummus is an easy prepper recipe.

  • Lentils. Lentils are a prepping super food and have sustained
    man since biblical times! Highly nutritious, lentils are an
    excellent source of protein and fiber and require no soaking,
    making them an ideal prepper food. These legumes are
    available in hundreds of varieties, including the spicy version
    of India known as Dahl. Rich also in folate, manganese,
    copper, potassium, and Vitamin B1, lentils energize and
    stabilize blood sugars, making them ideal for people with
    diabetes. Traditionally, lentils are combined with barley and
    wheat. Look for high quality lentils that are whole and not

  • Natto: Natto is a traditional Japanese probiotic fermented
    soyfood. It contains  nattokinase, a fybrinolytic enzyme, and
    is a rich source of Vitmain K2. As well, Natto is high in
    protein. Natto isn't for everyone ~ it's a stringy, sticky
    fermented food with a distinct flavor.

Ancient Prepper Food: Ancient Grains.
Healthful recipes with organically grown, freshly ground, low-
gluten and gluten-free ancient grains is the topic of
Cooking With
Ancient Grains
, the book by Laura B. McBride, pictured left. With
139, easy-to-follow, bread, snack, dessert and main course
recipes, you will find recipes to make low-cost, nutritious meals
for yourself and your family right at your finger tips! "

  • Ancient Grains (seeds). Ancient Grain Seeds are non-hybrid,
    non-GMO seeds which are not chemically treated. Because
    they are non-hybrid, seeds may be harvested at the end of
    the growing season and then used for the next year's
    planting! Varieties include barley, Waxy Hulless, spelt,
    quinoa, amarnth, Kanta,Rye oats, Monida Kamut, Korasan
    Millet, white Proso corn, and Hopi Blue Flax. You get 10 large
    seed packets sealed in a #10 can.

  • Chia. Chia seeds are a densely rich food, and a versatile
    addition to cereals, yogurts, drinks and baked goods. Chia
    seeds are a prebiotic food, meaning that they are healthy in
    conjunction with probiotics because they feed the healthy
    bacteria in your gut.

  • Kamut (Khorasan wheat). The sweet flavor of Kamut
    descends from Pharaoh's time, and it would serve well on the
    modern day food pyramid! Kamut is rich in protein, iron and
    fiber. Try them in stews and salads. Kamut is the traditional
    grain of Egypt.

  • Quinoa.  

  • Spirulina.

  • Mead. An ancient fermented product, much like beer, mead
    is an ancient grain to reconsider.

  • Pasta (semolina or purified durum wheat). Our ancestors
    ate pasta! It has a long connection with our past because it
    is a shelf-stable food enjoyed by many cultures.

The ancients had wisdom that we've lost as a society. They
stocked foods to last the long winters or to keep them healthy
through drought and famine. Preppers are helping the population
to grow foods locally and to support local farmers. They can also
enjoy ancestral foods, which are healthy alternatives to modern
day diets of too much sugar and junk foods.

Here are more ancient food ideas:

  • Never look at the humble dandelion as a mere weed.  It is
    a lifesaver, it is easy to find and it is free food. The Dandy
    dandelion is an ancient prepper food.

  • Cayenne is a hot addition to your preps. When you read
    this, you may want to put the cayenne pepper in your
    medicine cabinet in addition to your spice rack! Spice up your
    preps with cayenne.
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